People will spend hundreds of pounds on a new TV and many thousands of pounds on the car of their dreams, but somehow always imagine that a witch should bring them the love of their lives, life long happiness by casting free love spells for them. Firstly we cannot, according to magic law, ask for anything that would harm financially or be too costly for the client. Magic decrees that if you ask for a wish, a favour from the universe to be granted, for a€?the powers that bea€™ to stir themselves on your behalf, then you must give something back in return that is of value to you, you are bound to pay a sacrifice, without which your wish will not be granted.
For this free love spell you will need: one piece of honeycomb, the best you can find, place it onto a dish, place beside it a piece of golden amber.
Incise into the candle with a needle, your name along with your lover's name and draw a heart around both names. Now light your candle and speaking clearly, say the qualities you would like your lover to have. For this free love spell you will need: the columbine flower, vanilla incense, one ruby or red garnet, one red candle and a photograph of you both. Now let the candle burn down safely and let the moonlight charge your crystals with its power.
For this free love spell you will need: one apple, a leaf of the herb bittersweet and one white candle.
Optional: Depending on your schedule, you can make one of two commitments before you do the spell.
We witches understand what people think, that we're just doing them a favour when we give up our time to cast them love spells, isn't it a shame that supermarkets and holiday companies, restaurants, hairdressers, electricians, plumbers and shops wont do us all favours too!
It is part of our creed that we 'harm none.' So most witches offer very reasonable prices and different tariffs according to how much preparation and time each love spell will need, so there is usually a price suited to every pocket.
Perhaps divine powers wish to know that we are sincere before they will grant our wishes, otherwise they might be troubled endlessly for half hearted requests.

Sometimes, in rare idle moments, we may smile to ourselves, remembering cases and clients we've helped on the road to fulfilment and happiness, jokes we've shared, watching them blossom as things work out for them, ita€™s heart warming and good to know we've been instrumental in soothing deep pain and replacing it with smiles. Light some jasmine incense, you will also need a sprig of the herb rosemary for this free love spell and one red candle. Let the candle burn down safely and then place all your ingredients inside a small cloth bag. Now light your red candle, and place your photographs in front of it, but so that it will not drip wax onto them.
Before morning take these ingredients, including your photographs and place them safely together in a box or bundle, do not let them be disturbed. Go out into the moonlight and leave a jug or ewer there filled with water, cover it with cling film for hygiene but which will still allow the moonlight to shine through. Then we witches would have no need of payment, in the ideal world none of us would need money to live, we'd just all help each other for free. We are professional people who work very hard indeed to help others, we use our energy, and our minds, we buy necessary expensive ingredients for the love spell casting, and out own lives often go hang while we slave away, trying to ensure everybodya€™s happiness but our own. Most of us care about our clients and want them to receive their wishes, but sometimes we have to think too of our families, our bills, our stomachs and be paid for all the long hours, time planning, thought, care and expenses not forgetting expensive ingredients that go into just one love spell. But witches shop, have garage bills, household bills and sadly are bound to pay them, if only they would supply us as a favour, then financially free love spells might be possible. We tend to have to put you, the client first because love spells require us to cast at strange hours of the night, and then answer letters all day, there is little time for our lives or for free love spells. A free love spell would need just the same preparation and ingredients, a very expensive thing to do. Keep it in your hand bag or a pocket, and under your pillow at night, but near you until you find your new love.

This is called lunar water and has been charged by the moonlight and taken on special magic properties.
Priests of most Christian churches ask for payment when conducting a ceremony, even a funeral.
As the Bible says, a€?The labourer is worthy of his reward,a€™ and as any Church of England priest will tell you, work, whether spiritual by nature or not, deserves payment of course but there is more to this question of free love spells too. Just one love spell may change your life, bring you all you desire, how much is that worth to you? Witches ask for relatively very little in return and magic decrees there must be a sacrifice, a payment, which seems only fair and right.
Witches are rarely rich, we ask for payment that is actually a great deal less then the return our work brings, what price happiness? Free love spells can never be truly free even if you cast them for yourself as ingredients are expensive. If out of the goodness of their hearts, witches worked only to help and not to feed themselves too, witches would starve.
If you are not paying a witch to cast a spell for you, then your sacrifice is the cost of the free love spell ingredients and your time in planning and casting your love spell.

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