To use this application simply paste the text you wish to hear into the text box then click the Speak button. ByteCool Easy Audio Converter is an audio format converter that can batch convert your audio files from one format to another.
A text to speech free tool can help you be more productive and do more than one thing at once. Unlike a natural reader, a text to speech free tool will be a synthetic voice kind of like a robot but nothing to worry, the quality of text to voice is pretty clear and comprehensible.

But sometimes, the book I want is not available in an audio version so go to my other alternative which is to use a text to speech free tool. If it would normally take me three hours to listen to an audiobook at regular play speed, going at 300% you can reduce that to one hour while doing something else.
The best way around this problem is to listen to the document or give it to a colleague for proof reading. It will read text or transfer the text to voice so you can listen to an audio version of the e-book you’re trying to read.

It’s apparent that I can listen and take in lots more information via audio than by reading hence why I much prefer getting audibooks through Audible.
Often times I’ll put my text reader play speed at 300% so I can get the information faster and to do that on my Kindle book, I used the Kindle for PC Accessibility Plugin.

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