TxtEditor is completely free to use, and can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article. As I mentioned earlier, TXTEdit has got an interface which is similar to the Notepad app we have on Windows. Apart from that, TxtEditor lets you insert date, day, and time anywhere within the text with just one click.
TxtEditor takes care of the word wrap and detecting URLs by default, but if you want to disable these, you can open the Options menu and uncheck these options. Universal File Editor is a free multi-format file viewer and editor, which you can use to open a whole range of file formats from text documents like TXT, DOC, and PDFs to multimedia including audio, video, and images. This free multi-format file viewer has a simple interface, with just the one top left corner menu. Universal File Editor is still in development, so you can expect more features to be added to it in the future. If you select a song for example, you will see an audio player, instead of a text editor down below.
Universal File Editor might be a bit simplistic, but it offers quite an interesting blend of features that you can use.
Scriptable Bulk File Editor is a free batch text editor which you can use in order to edit multiple text documents automatically using scripts. Text documents that you’d like to edit have to be open up all the way at the top, using the Source open file dialog. Example code above removes all the lines from a text document except the first one, and then adds a new line where it writes ILoveFreeSoftware three times.
The first thing that you need to do is open the text documents that you’d like to see edited by clicking on the Browse button all the way at the top.
Scriptable Bulk File Editor is very powerful and effective once you get familiar with how it works. LE (text editor), and check out LE (text editor) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines for products and services. Snoop Photo Editor software allows to enhance images with frames, stickers, text, share images online on Flickr, and lets you save enhanced image to PC in *.bmp. In below screenshot, you can see all the available tools in Snoop Photo Editor’s interface, which you can use to enhance images. Snoop photo editor is a portable software and you can download it using the link present at the end of this article.
Drag n drop support is not available in Snoop Photo Editor, so you have to click on Image option to add an image.
One of the disappointing part about this free photo editor software is that there is no undo facility available neither you can adjust the position of frame or sticker, after inserting it on an image. Once an image is ready, you can save it, and can share it (sharing is possible only after saving the image).
Plenty number of stickers are available in different categories, like music, weather, animals, emoticons, Christmas, etc. Pixlr Express is a free online image editor which you can use in order to quickly and easily make corrections to photos, add text, frames, various different effects and lots of other image manipulations. This is the first step of this free online image editor, where you need to select the source from where the images are loaded.
Main advantage of using online image editing tools would be that you don’t need to have any kind of programs installed on your computer, apart from a web browser with Flash, which is what Pixlr Express requires.
Adding text is very easy, when the image is opened you should see down below option for adding text. Lumia TextPad is a free text editor for Windows which comes with a very unique, media player type of interface design. Notice how the text area in the middle of the interface can be compared to video box of a video player, and where you would normally see playback controls down below in Lumia TextPad we have text formating options.

You can open up documents by switching to the Review tab down below or using the folder icon from the top left corner menu. Insert tab which can be seen in the middle allows you to insert time and date, images and shapes.
In the last Review tab you can start up the Find tool, open up text to speech module and of course save the document.
It’s fundamentally essential to follow the rules of grammar in order for anything spoken or written to make proper sense. Orwell is a powerful online text editor that not only lets you write distraction free, but also better.
Once you install it in your system, you can use it to open, view, and edit text or rtf documents on your system.
By using this multi-format file editor you can, with the same application, open up your text documents, family vacation photos and videos, and also play music.
What kind of menu options are shown, depends on the type of file that you have opened in a tab down below. When it comes to text editing, all the features that Notepad has, can be found in Universal File Editor, like we mentioned, it’s still pretty simple. Notice that the menu in top left corner changes depending on the type of file that you’ve selected.
If you’re not very demanding when it comes to text editing, and would like your editor to play media file, then this is the tool for you.
These scripts can be written to do pretty much anything with text inside documents, delete lines, add lines of text, rearrange line ordering, insert line breaks and much more. This is just an example, there’s dozens more commands that you can use to edit text documents. Once you’ve done that, you can either click on the Locate option of the Control File section to open existing script or New to create a new one. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention. The application has a built-in table of key assignments for xterm, rxvt and some less familiar terminal types.
You can even take print of enhanced image or can send it to a friend via email directly using its interface.
Here, one good thing is that it lets you add an image either from PC or you can download an online image by providing the image url, and can edit that image. Multiple tools are available, like Stickers, text tool, some basic effects, and frames to add in an image can be used.
Use File option to save enhanced image to PC and Share option to upload it online on Flickr, image shack, or on Tiny Pic. To insert a sticker on image, just double-click on any area of that image, and that sticker will be added.
Unlike Pixlr Editor, which we talked about earlier, Express version is much more simpler and to the point, but of course it still offers a lot of different ways of how you can play around with your photos. You can access the online tool from anywhere, even if your not on your main computer and desktop. After clicking on it, you will be offered 6 fonts to choose from and after you select the one you want, text editor will open up.
It has basic text editing features, you can change formatting, font type, size, color, insert images, etc, and all that is wrapped in a very slick and modern looking interface. Top left corner holds the usual file management options, where you can open files that you want to edit, save changes and so on. It can save documents in its own native, TextPad, format or you can use RTF and TXT if you would like to open existing documents and continue to edit text documents created with TextPad in other text editors.
The easiest way to change text font style is with presets in the bottom right corner of the Home tab.
Text to speech opens up in a new window where you just have to click on Speak Text in the top right corner for the conversion to speech to start.

Those who need something a little bit more than what Notepad and Wordpad have to offer and at the same time don’t want to spend money on Office, should give Lumia TextPad a try. A fantastic online text editor with real-time grammar check, Orwell keeps a continuous check on the text you’re typing, and alerts you of everything from grammatical errors, to sentence structure mistakes.
As evinced by the above screenshot, Orwell’s interface can be roughly considered to be divided into three vertical panes. This free text editor looks like Notepad – the default text editor for Windows, but provides a few more features. Though it lacks some of the important Notepad features including Find and Replace and Go To.
Use the Content Type, top left corner option to change the type syntax that’s highlighted. Multimedia files can for now just be viewed, but text documents can be searched using a find tool, and you can manage text, duplicate lines, etc.
Scripts with instructions on how to edit opened text documents can be opened as files, they are called Control files, or you can create and edit them manually, notice the New, Edit and Save button next to Load.
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Over the next four years, he rewrote it into C++, and published it in 1997 with the GPL license. Based on your requirement, you can also use free hand tool to draw on image with any favorite color and can save the image.
After downloading it, open its interface where you need to add an image to enhance with image editing tools.
First three are pretty much self explanatory, but what’s more interesting would be the Collage and Mobile options, which allow you to open multiple images at once and then arrange them into collages or to download photo editing apps for your smartphone. With that being said, English is undeniably the most widely used language out there, especially when it comes to digital textual content (e.g.
The left pane consists of buttons to toggle between different modes (writing, editing, and preview), as well as to send the text via email. As you do that, Orwell will keep checking the text in real-time, highlighting different kinds of errors (grammatical, sentence structure etc.) in different colors. Original text files are not touched by this free batch text editor, they’re only edited and saved in a different location. Unique feature about this free photo editor software is that it comes with plenty number of stickers with different categories.
Such as it must provide undo option, ability to adjust the added frame or sticker by dragging and dropping, and option to save the enhanced image in more than a single image format. Then there are goodies like markdown formatting support, document stats, and the ability to email your text in one click. The big middle pane is where all the action takes place, and is used for composing the text. On the image above you can see text example code from above inside the script editor that we used to remove everything but the first line and to add ILoveFreeSoftware three time in a new line. Moreover, it can also be used, like a basic image converter software, as it allows to convert an image into jpeg, bmp, gif, and in png format. Now, there are a variety of tools and utilities that let you check the correctness of already written text, but what if you could check the stuff you’re writing on your computer, in real-time? Finally, the right pane lists detailed properties, such as readability score, correctness grade, as well as the document statistics (number of paragraphs, words, approximate reading time etc.).
With the command type in, save everything and from the main window click on the Start button.
Once you’ve perfected everything and gotten rid of all the errors, you can copy this text anywhere, and even email it via the option in the left pane.

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