The king of all world astrologer BY Molana Soyab Khan All world open chellnge YOURS LIFE PROBLEMS. Filled with immense joy at the news of your arrival here in India and to Kolkata, we are anxiously waiting to see you and your teammates play a game of football in the country.
In Kolkata there are tourist destinations to visit and places that might not be so popular to avoid. People in India can be seen wearing it to work, for shopping and even while playing football. Whilst it might a great treat for us Indian’s, we do not know how your Argentinean stomach might hold out!
Kolkata is the top ranked state for football and the support you’ll receive is astonishing!
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Although you are a huge superstar and Kolkata does have a huge following for football, do not expect much favourable treatment.
Visit the hospitals and local treatment area’s to see how practise runs and get to know how things work in Kolkata.
Expect a lot of talent, because even thought it’s not highly publicized, there is no scarcity in skill!
Pick up some words in Hindi, so you can impress the ladies back in Spain or Argentina, and please do come back again. With in astrology systematic call to +91 8968184419 and get advice from him 1.Any problems. Minibuses are a huge mistake if you aren’t a fan of stuntmen who can put those of Fast and Furious at shame.
Burping, farting, spitting is alright, but eats with a fork or spoon and you could be looked down upon!

If your going to risk tap water, then you might as well go out and buy some food from a vendor near the roadside anyway.
With so many football and cricket clubs being popular here, it is undeniable that the treatment available will be top notch. All in all, avoid it, we do not want to be held responsible for Argentina’s star playing getting damaged on public transport! If you see six people on a small scooter, do not freak out or try to take a video, this is very normal in India! Kolkata produces some of the best food in India, from their rolls to the best seafood you’ll ever taste.

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