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Passionate Penny Pincher™ name and blog content, including images and writings, are protected since first use, October 2009. Now she's 20 and has a hit of her own, the body-confidence anthem "All About That Bass," which you've surely gotten stuck in your head at least once since the video debuted (it now has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube). Like fairy tales.Have you always had such a good attitude about your body?No, no, not at all.
And I think it would be cute if you're like a little innocent-looking girl doing, like, booty-bumping dance moves and just shaking it up." And I said, "Yes, let's do it.
His name is Kevin Kadish [cowriter of Jason Mraz's "Wordplay" and Stacie Orrico's "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life"]. I was just in LA for a week, writing for all these other artists, and I walked in and I said, "Man, it's hard to picture yourself as Rihanna and try to write for her. But then you'll definitely hear me rapping on it and then you'll hear the reggae-influence. My publisher and everyone said, "It's a great song but there's not a lot of artists who can sing this." And that's when LA Reid heard it and was like, "You are the artist.

I didn't have Instagram, but I'm pretty sure I [would have been] more confused about everything if I did at that age. And it has helped me because people have been complimenting me like, "Man, you look good in that video!" and I'm like, "Yeah I do!" If I help other people that's just another dream come true.What was hard about high school?I think about it and still can't believe I was always uncomfortable.
Like in my outfits, I tried to dress up and I tried to look good, but at the end of the day I was still sitting there uncomfortable, like, "I hope guys will still like me." All my friends were cheerleaders and I was the girl who hung out at home. I just worked on my music all the time.Were you ever bullied?It was more in my head, I think. It was so bad that I wouldn't go to the beach, and I'm from Cape Cod and Nantucket where I'm surrounded by beaches but I refused to go to the beach with my friends one day because, like, I didn't want to not be the girl in the bikini.

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