This entry was tagged ABUSE, ADULT, AWFUL, CHILD ABUSE, Death, gore, HOLY SHIT, horrible, murder, NSFL, nsfw, SAD, wtf. Though for the past years, the two had agreed that an open marriage was best for them because they were simply not getting along as before, Gwyneth still lives under the impression that she can still boss Chris around and even get him to come back, sources close to the Coldplay frontman reveal for Radar Online. Or, better said, Chris must be striving to do that because Gwyneth is all about playing her silly power games.
Mavin Records’ first lady obviously cares about her look, she never stops keeping fit. Tiwa Savage shared photo of herself in her workout gear, looking for her missing skinny butt while she says good morning to her fans. The model posted a photo on her Instagram account of the new ink showing her 2 million followers.

To mark Kim Kardashian's and Kanye West's firstBenefits Street's Julie Young Disabled Son Has Passed Away! The same report notes that he’s eager to get back on the road with his band and thus put some distance between him and Gwyneth for a while.
Officially, the decision to separate was mutual, taken after a long time of consideration to what’s best for all involved. Few months after giving birth to her baby boy, the singer has returned to the gym to get her look on. Now Lee, 87, is suing to get back the copyright to that famous book despite signing it away to a presumably nefarious literary agent. She might want to play games, but he’s determined to move on from a marriage in which, allegedly, he was always treated like a child who knew no better and had no mind of his own really.

Ita€™s believed likely that the agent, Samuel Pinkus, will just fight Lee in court until she dies after which no one will care who owns the rights, not one bit.
She is deliberately putting out a message that all she has to do is snap her fingers and Chris will come running back. But in reality, it is not true,” says the insider in reference to her behavior at the party.

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