A mom in London was horrified after an angry cyclist smashed her car window for giving him too little room to pass, leaving her 4-month-old baby covered in glass. A 4-month-old baby was left covered in glass after an angry cyclist smashed a car window to get back at the infant’s parents for leaving him too little room to pass them. Mom Rhiannon Gautama was stunned and horrified as she watched a crazed cyclist smash her car window with his bike lock before riding away. According to Gautama, when the cyclist caught up with their car once again, he immediately pulled out his bike lock and shattered their car window, without any hesitation. While the frightening incident just happened on Sunday morning, Gautama’s Facebook post has already been shared more than 8,000 times, mainly by angry parents.

After filing a police report, Gautama says the man who smashed her car window looked to be around 30-to-40-years-old, white, with long blonde hair; he was wearing a yellow jacket and cycling glasses. Actor Norman Reedus pulled an epic prank on his The Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln that involved a whole bunch of clucking chickens. Reedus began the fun feud by putting a license plate featuring a picture of his character Daryl Dixon on Lincoln’s car without him noticing. Lincoln has not been entirely unsuccessful in pranking Reedus – in 2014, he got the best of him when he set up an elaborate scheme involving a fan named Nick Santonastasso, who was born with one arm and no legs. The Brit asked Nick to crawl out from under a table in full living dead makeup during a press interview in a hotel room in Japan.

A couple of jealous self-described hicks taunt a "pretty city slicker" that's minding his business in his drop BMW with his chick. A hilarious table-turn ensues when the hicks' tough talk quickly dies down and it's all stutters and "Hey man, chill out" while Johnny BMW victoriously rides off with a proud chick, their keys and - second twist!

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