Episode 02Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson - EastEnders, Adulthood) arrives at a cafe to meet Jamie (Sean Michael Verey - Skins, Casualty, The Bill) for the first time since the party.
Meanwhile, Janet (Anna Chancellor) and Alan (Angus Deayton) are in counselling trying to repair their marriage but their guidance counsellor doesn't really seem up to the job. Episode 02Laura is in shock, having discovered that Jamie is only 16 years old, and refuses to speak to him.

At The Movies, Opening Shot, Good Game, Julia Zemior's Home Delivery, Save Your Life Tonight. She instinctively walks towards an attractive man sitting by himself, but quickly goes into shock when Jamie pipes up that she's got the wrong table. Beth (Yasmin Paige - Ballet Shoes) gets advice from Jamie's mum on the art of war and marriage.

Jamie feels that Laura is not taking him seriously, so devises a daring plan to get her attention.

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