There are ways in which you can significantly enrich and further your ability to get your boyfriend back. I can’t be more accurate than that, because I don’t know the details of your breakup; how bitter, messy or protracted it was.
Oh, sure, you could try sleeping with him one more time, catching him a weak moment, or using some manipulative tactics you’ve picked up on the internet, but even if any of these things work (they won’t), it will only be a temporary fix.
As you are the one who wants to get your ex boyfriend back, you are the one who will have to fight for it.
You will find a lot of useful advice on this page, and I strongly recommend that you read it to the end. Have you been calling or texting him, trying to get him to listen to you and talk things over?
These mistakes will hurt your chance to get your boyfriend back – in fact they will drive him further away.
Here is a whistle-stop tour of the most common mistakes that people just like you make after a breakup, when they let their basic instincts take over. If you still can’t stop yourself wanting to make some (or all!) of these mistakes, visit this page to understand why you will be sabotaging your chances of ever getting your boyfriend back. Without knowing the right things to do, you are much more likely to go on making the mistakes that are driving your boyfriend further away. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s a basic fact of male psychology, and if you really mean to get your ex boyfriend back then you will never forget it.
It’s true – the secret of how to get your ex boyfriend back IS to make him believe that breaking up with you was a mistake. Once you understand what REALLY went wrong, you will have a real chance of putting it right. Lots of people get back together after a breakup – it’s actually VERY COMMON, and it happens every day. OK, your breakup may have been protracted or bitter; and you may have done things since that were foolish, rash and downright stupid.
You’ll find a lot of really useful, pertinent advice on his page, but getting your ex back is a complex business, and it can’t be completely covered in a single post or article.
However this page is an unrivalled source of useful information, and I truly recommend you continue reading to the end.
Not many people can shut their feelings off like a tap, so it’s more than likely that your ex still has feelings for you. If your ex is refusing to talk to you and telling you he doesn’t want to see you again, this is actually a good sign. Is he putting on a big show of being fine about the break up, of moving on, and having fun now that he’s a free and single guy? Or maybe he’s throwing himself into his career or his hobbies, taking on a new project at work or devising a new and rigorous training program.
The truth is that the majority of guys think that ALL breakups are awful – no matter WHO did the dumping!
Men find it difficult to understand and handle their emotions, and their usual way of coping is to try to block them out. The rest of this page will take an in-depth look at where you go from here – the Plan to get your ex boyfriend back.
The problem is not with No Contact itself, which has some essential benefits for you right now. It’s important to understand when using No Contact can help you, and the times when you should ignore it. The main benefit of No Contact is to give you and your boyfriend an interval in which to get over the worst trauma of the breakup, a time to heal.
Even if he dumped you, your ex is bound to have suffered some doubt and pain, and the biggest problem for you is that his feelings towards you right now are probably negative.
The theory is that not contacting your boyfriend for a period of time (usually 30 days) will make him miss you enough to contact you. Even if he does miss you (and he probably will), it doesn’t automatically follow that he will want to get back together with you. The Rule is that not only do you not contact your boyfriend for 30 days; it also insists that you ignore any attempts he makes to contact you. If you have to see him, then keep your exchanges polite and friendly, without crossing over into any hint of intimacy. If he contacts you spontaneously, politely explain to him that you need to take some time alone right now, but you will call him later when you are feeling more sociable. It is the time you devote to yourself so that when you do see your ex again, you can knock him sideways with all the positive changes you have made since you broke up. As long as you are dependent on someone else for your happiness, you will never be a happy person. Meanwhile, you can’t ever consider leaving him, because if you do you will leave your happiness behind you, with the person who owns it. No Contact is your chance to prove to yourself – and your ex – and the whole world – that you don’t need him to be happy.
Getting yourself moving and participating in things you enjoy will rebuild your confidence and show you that you can have a satisfying and fulfilling life without your boyfriend.
Think about how you feel about your relationships, not just with your ex boyfriend, but with everybody in your life. For now you must accept the breakup and start moving on towards a more rewarding life and a more successful relationship in the future.
Sometimes a woman finds that doing No Contact makes her realize she doesn’t want her ex back after all. Whether or not you still want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to understand the reasons for the breakup.
This is the most likely scenario in a situation where a girl is trying to get her boyfriend back. Unless there’s some obvious reason like cheating, men usually leave because they are not getting what they need from the relationship. Many relationships stumble on, sometimes for years, in a kind of low-level war zone, in which neither partner is happy, yet neither one is unhappy or brave enough to leave. Sometimes when the limerance fades, people start to believe that their partner isn’t “the one” after all.
If you cheated you should think deeply about why you were unfaithful and whether your boyfriend is the right man for you. If your boyfriend cheated, you must ask yourself why you believe the relationship is worth saving and whether you can forgive him. Most people cheat because they want to feel appreciated, although some just see an opportunity and take it because they think they won’t be found out. You have now spent some time improving your life and you are beginning to feel good about yourself.
If your reasons spring from feelings of neediness and inadequacy then they are not good enough to justify reconciling. If you are going to make a success of your new relationship, you have to adopt a new mindset.
If you are truly ready for that, then you need to think about how you are going to get your ex to speak to you again. The Ex Boyfriend Guide gives you masses of help here, so I really recommend that you check it out as this is such a crucial issue when you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back.
Email – if this was a way you often communicated, then it might be better for you than texting. Letter – this can make things very special and personal, but is probably not a good idea if your relationship was not a very long one. You are probably hoping that there is a template (or 10) that you can follow at this point, which will lead you inexorably back into your boyfriend’s arms.
The truth is that relationships are organic things and do not follow scripts or pre-imagined courses. Remember how we talked earlier about limerance, and how many relationships don’t survive after it fades? But if you become a woman who truly understands a man, and has the skills to connect with him on a deep emotional level, then you will always be able to cope when problems arise. When your boyfriend feels that you truly “get” him, he will be unable to resist the impulse to want to get you back.
Learning these kind of relationship skills is too big a subject to be covered in a single article. The Ex Boyfriend Guide will guide you step-by-step from where you are now (alone and bereft) to where you want to be (to get your ex boyfriend back). Your exes friends and family will be on his side and your friends and family will be on your side.
My mother on the other hand told me that I was the most handsome person she knew and any girl would be lucky to have me….Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? It was at this moment that I began to realize that troops were beginning to rally around me in order to offer their support.
Now, this little tidbit of information is kind of what this whole article is going to be about. However, when it comes to getting an ex boyfriend back you may find that they are your greatest liability.
In general the picture is saying that if you read the same chapter in a book nothing new is ever going to happen. Well, we learned that after every breakup people close to the couple are going to pick sides.
I have seen my fair share of breakups through this site and the thing that always amazes me is now how often that people get back together but it’s how often they stay together. A lot of the women who ended up getting their exes back as a result of this site are still with them to this day.
In your friends and families minds they do not think that you can be happy with your ex boyfriend. Remember what I said above about how society often thinks there is no hope for a couple who has broken up?
I am going to let you in on a pretty interesting situation that came to my attention in 2013, two years ago. If you have ever stumbled across my, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO page you may have noticed a testimonial from a woman named Ashlee that kind of sticks out among the rest. Now, while Ashlee did get a very happy ending to her love story we can’t really learn anything from that so I want to take you back to the time where she and her ex boyfriend were broken up. Ashlee was very upset with her friends and family for how they were acting and it was starting to get to her.

I spurred her on and gave her a little confidence to keep going forward but as confident as I made her about her ex boyfriend her friends and family were always there to thwart my progress with her. It took her a while but she ended up getting her boyfriend back and then a few months later he proposed.
Well, even though a lot of people out there (I am looking at you friends and family) believe that exes should stay exes the truth is that a lot of times a relationship is worth fighting for. Well, if she had done that then she probably wouldn’t be married I can tell you that much.
If you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back and you make that knowledge available to your inner circle (friends, family, co-workers, etc) there is going to be at least one person that is going to disapprove and try to talk you out of it. Well, because if you talk to your friends and family about your desire to get your ex boyfriend back and they get on board with you then not only will you have the support of Ex Boyfriend Recovery to fall back on but theirs as well and that can do wonders for your confidence. Well, then things become more complicated and it can put you at odds with them since technically they will be trying to derail your progress by constantly telling you that its not worth it to get your ex back. Well, firstly it’s because if a mom is going to go to that deep for her daughter to ask a complete stranger (ME) for help then that means that she is most likely the type of person that is going to help and support her daughter in what she wants. Now, I don’t know about you but if I was trying to get an ex back that is the type of person that I would want in my corner. So, if you have a member of your family or a friend that is willing to be that type of person for you that they would support you in your attempts to win back your ex then you could probably trust them enough to let them in on what your plans are. However, if you have friends or family who you are unsure about then I would recommend not letting them in on your plans just yet. FYI most successful women have one or two people that they can trust enough to tell their ambitions to. Lets say that your friends and family absolutely hate your ex boyfriend and disapprove of your idea of getting him back. Of course, you want nothing more than to get your ex boyfriend back so you are really caught between a rock and a hard place.
How do you smooth the situation over with your friends and family so they aren’t impeding your progress?
Well, below I have come up with a couple of methods to prevent any backlash from friends and family about your ex. I always had a strong idea with how I wanted my love life to go and experience taught me from watching others that getting other people involved in your relationship other than the two people inside the relationship isn’t a great idea. Looking back she was a very nice girl but the thing that constantly turned me off about her were her parents. Yup, oftentimes when we would have an argument over something her parents would find a way to get involved and then not only would I have to cry mercy to her but to her parents as well. Here is the weirdest part though when I asked him what he was angry at me for specifically he wouldn’t tell me.
These type of experiences taught me never to bring these types of outside forces into relationships.
That means that if anyone disagrees with me or if someone isn’t going to support me it is going to hit me a little bit harder than the normal type of person out there.
Seriously, sometimes if I have a conflict with someone I love it affects me so much to where I can’t even do work or concentrate until that conflict is resolved. What we are dealing with here is a pretty crappy situation in which your friends and family aren’t being supportive of your intentions to try to get your ex boyfriend back.
Lets say that you tell your best friend that you stumbled across my website, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, and you picked up my E-Book, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO. You go into this little conversation with your best friend with high hopes but they are immediately crushed when she says that your idea is dumb and that he isn’t worth your time. It is at this point that you reach the proverbial fork in the road where you have two choices. Now, most women who are set on getting their boyfriends back are going to do what they want and ignore their friends push back. For example, lets say you have an un-supportive friend who tells you that it is a dumb idea to try to get your ex boyfriend back.
I envision this quote any time I hear about parents or friends giving women a hard time about wanting to get their ex boyfriends back. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. So my boyfriend broke up with me two months ago and tried to get back together with me a few weeks later.
I think why i took him back was we’ve been thru a lot and our relationship was so long. One, since I’m his first girlfriend and he is immature does it make getting back with him harder? I had to think things through as my friends and family were saying that they don’t like him and putting him down. Our next meeting I asked him if he still loved me and he was quiet n on asking as to why he was soo quiet he responded he was thinking to say a yes or no.. My friend made a fake account on fb and added him and gave me the password after he added her (fake account)….
So me and my boyfriend ( I don’t want to call him ex as I feel he still loves me as much as I do). Chris and I forgot to mention one more thing that, when he mentioned he does not want to stay in touch he said if he will stay in touch he will not be able to move on. Unfortunately, Paypal my payment processor seems to be unable to process payments from India. But when you have a dream deep in your heart, the hardest thing is always taking that vital first step towards achieving it. Any book or guru or system that promises you otherwise is, quite frankly, trying to take advantage of your heartbreak. How easy it will be to get your boyfriend back depends to some extent on the reasons you broke up.
Relationship building takes time, and you are handicapped by the memories of the old one that ended. Both of you need to have time to get over the breakup and gain some knowledge of why your relationship went wrong. But if you are impatient and you want to leap straight into the best guidance I can give you, then you need The Ex Boyfriend Guide. Right now you are probably imagining your boyfriend coming to his senses and throwing himself at your feet, begging you to come back. Even if you dumped him, he will be feeling really, really fed up, riled and resentful towards you right now, and not particularly susceptible to your charms.
But in the turmoil of your chaotic emotions they will seem to be to be the right things, in fact the only things, to do.
Misreading the cues – you need to recognize those times when your ex is most receptive to possibility of getting back together. Understanding how to move forward from here will help you get your life back under control, and turn what is now a terrible time for you into the time when you finally took charge of your future and turned your life around. However hopeless and despairing you’re feeling right now, just hold these 3 thoughts in your mind.
You can get the full details of the The Ex Boyfriend Guide, the ultimate all-purpose plan for women who have lost the love of their life, by clicking the link below.
It will help you in whatever circumstances you find yourself; whether you are a teenager in high school, in your twenties and coping with the failure of your first serious relationship, married for several years or anything else in between.
Unfortunately the signs that he does can often make a woman believe (wrongly) that she has lost him for good.
And the more pressure you put on him, the more attractive the distant hills of freedom look to him, and the more determined he becomes to break free of his jail cell and escape. He’s trying to convince himself that it’s great to be free again, that now he can do what he likes and have a great time partying every night. Some time apart will give him a chance to calm down and see your relationship in a more realistic perspective. Right now you have a broken heart; your emotions are in turmoil – in fact, you’re in a mess. It won’t be easy, but there is no point to No Contact if you don’t use the time to work on yourself, and turn your life around.
You have given the power to make you happy to someone else, leaving you with the constant fear of losing your happiness if – when – he decides to leave you. The person who can be happy and enjoy life without depending on anyone else can never have their happiness taken away. No-one ever became a better, more interesting and more desirable person by sitting at home moping, eating too much and feeling sorry for herself.
If he did then you have something to go on, but men don’t always tell the truth at such times. The honeymoon period can last for anything from a few days to a few weeks or months; even a year or two. To get past this stage into the calmer waters where relationships stabilize into a strong foundation that will last, you need special skills and understanding. These are the relationships that shouldn’t be saved, because you are just not right for each other.
In fact, you may have to put in more effort than the woman who was dumped to get your ex boyfriend back. Finding that you miss him and that the single life can be a bit lonely is not a good enough basis for a lasting relationship. A one night stand that remains a secret is unlikely to affect the main relationship, but a clandestine relationship that goes on for any length of time is likely to undermine it. You should be sufficiently calm and detached to think clearly about whether, for you, to get your ex boyfriend back is the right thing to do. If you still feel like this, then you need to continue on working on building a satisfying life of your own before you enter into ANY new relationship.
Everybody has their favorite methods of communication, but right now you need to think about your ex’s preferences. You can take as long as you like before you press “send”, and it’s much easier to remain in control. The important thing is to re-open communication between you in a way that is light and unthreatening. Your relationship is unique, and no-one can give you a word-by-word, pre-arranged plan to make it work. How many women don’t have the relationship skills to create a permanent, happy relationship with a real, flawed but still lovable man? To get the full story of creating better relationships and how to rebuild a deep connection with your ex, you need The Ex Boyfriend Guide.

To find out more about how it can transform not just your breakup but your whole life, click on the link below. My best friend ended up showing up at my house and taking me out for the day to try to make me feel better. You see, the troops that rallied around you for support during your breakup with your ex boyfriend will be your greatest asset in overcoming the pain surrounding the breakup.
I mean, this article pretty much assumes that you are trying to win your ex boyfriend back which of course means you view your ex boyfriend as someone you can fall in love with. Thus, if we apply this logic to your ex boyfriend we can assume that if you get back with your ex boyfriend history is simply going to repeat itself with another breakup.
Seriously, when I first started this site back in 2012 I knew I had the chops to teach women how to get back with their exes.
Heck, I have even heard my fair share of proposal and marriage stories from these women too. In fact, it was starting to bug her so much that she contemplated just giving up altogether on her ex boyfriend. Fortunately, Ashlee was still deeply in love with her ex boyfriend so anything that her friends and family did say to her went in one ear and out the other.
No seriously, a lot of times I will have moms messaging me and begging me for my advice to help their daughters get their ex boyfriends back. However, when it came to my love life I never really consulted them as much as other people probably did.
In fact, it became so ridiculous at one point that her father actually called me up on the phone one morning and demanded that I drive over to his house and apologize to HIM after his daughter and I got into an argument the night before. After reading it’s amazing advice (I am a bit biased) you decide that you want to give a relationship with your ex boyfriend another try. He was acting a scene a certain way and the director didn’t particularly like the way he was doing it. Sometimes, if you just make an effort to listen, smile, agree and then do whatever you want in the first place the entire situation will be smoothed over with your network. His father did not approve of me, only because I’m from USA and he had bad experiences with people here. I get why they’re mad but is there any way to speed up the process of them accepting my boyfriend again? I really depended on boyfriend during my school, so i moved into his house and we used his car for transportation. He ran off really upset that day and showed is sadness and anger towards the break up on Facebook and Instagram.
And it got to me along with other stuff but when I broke it off I thought about it and realized it was a huge mistake. So I should I continue talking to him from that account or do you think she(fake account girl) and i should dissappear..???
He said he does not want to be with me anymore just after 2 days when he answered my questions of how he will play the role of a husband And 6 days after he himself wished me a 14 month anniversary, which he brought to my notice :). That is why I am little worried if I go for NC again which I already did for 12 days what if he moves on but to my general messages also he is responding in one word. No-one can predict the future, and no-one can make your boyfriend return to you, or give you the power get him back with 100% certainty.
But no matter what the circumstances, I can help to raise your chances of success, far above what you might achieve without my advice.
To build something that will last, you must understand why you broke up, and what you need to do to have a happy, successful and long-lasting relationship this time.
But you can change yourself, and if you change yourself, you will change the dynamics of your relationship. This is the best guide you can get for making the complex process of getting your boyfriend back simpler and more straightforward. It is attraction that will make him feel that whatever is wrong between you can be put right.
And even if it makes him feel sorry for you, you will lose his respect – and it won’t bring him back. No man ever wanted a girl because he felt sorry for her – men just aren’t interested in winning the booby prize!
Every time you call or email him, he hears the sound of the jail door slamming behind him, and he feels trapped. And most of all he wants to blot out the pain he’s feeling and convince himself that his life is moving on, that things are great and that he’s going to get through this. This can have a terrible, very negative effect on your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back. It also gives you a chance to influence that perspective and make it more favorable to you. You can use this time to pull yourself out of this mess and get yourself into a much better place.
It will take more than just him missing you to make him feel that he HAS to be with you again.
Whatever it is, make sure you do something regularly (3 or more times a week) that raises your heart rate, makes you sweat a bit and releases endorphins.
Improving your diet can have a positive, visible effect on your appearance in just a few weeks. Do you feel other people respect you, or are you inclined to let them take advantage of you?
A good relationship is made by two happy people creating something together that is more than the sum of their two individual parts. Most people don’t have these skills naturally, and as they never learn them their relationships remain stuck in a battleground where both partners are fighting a defensive battle for control. Few people can give the same level of passion and commitment to two different people at the same time. You have to be able to think on your feet, but you’ll also get a real feeling for your boyfriend’s current mood from actually talking to him “live”.
We also learned that society believes that nothing good can ever come from getting back with an ex.
So, it may not be to your advantage to let them in on your plans of getting your ex boyfriend back because they could fill your head up with more questions than answers. So, I recommend that before you attempt to get your ex boyfriend back you don’t let the entire world know.
When we split I moved back to my moms and I had no clue how I was going to handle everything because I depended on him so much. Things ended badly between him and my family as he was always putting me in sticky situations (bringing drugs into my apartment and such).
So recently I learned that after a couple of months after breaking up, he began seeing someone who I have real issues with. And I think my ex’s mother also doesn’t likes me and his friends hate me terribly! The look on his face was as if someone had ripped his heart out and mashed it into pieces….
I got to know from a mutual friend the day he told me his decision helooked really disturbed and he himself told me after 2 days of this decision that he has high fever and he was not eating since that day (Indirectly pointing out as to he was in terrible condition too) Now the thing that is tricky here is we are from India, and family plays a influential role too.
I am worried now, because most of my friends are telling me that I have screwed up my reputation in front of his family them by calling up that girl and he is a family guy so now he will not come back.One more crucial part is his younger brother dated my cousin for like 6 years and both of them are against our relation since day one. The most important thing is to STOP making any more mistakes and to UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO NEXT. Or if your ex is among the minority of men who respond powerfully to words, then a letter might be best. When word finally got around to my parents my dad ended up sitting me down and explaining that I was still young and I was going to find someone better down the road. As we got back together, he said he still wants to help me with my school even tho we’ve gone thru a rough patch. Due to his lack of impulse control from being bipolar he would call my family and leave them nasty voicemails.
It was my birthday on the 1st of feb and he unblocked me on whats app on one of my numbers and wished me after hours i responded by saying a simple thank you nothing more nothing less.. We have been very serious about each other throughout and always spoke about marriage, in fact we were at the verge of telling about us to our families. My cousin feels I am not right for him and his family (being my sister and his brother’s ex she cares for his family than me).
How do I pay and major worry is about whether or not NC is required in my case because of two main questions? Regular exercise will give you a better-toned body, clearer skin and an all-round feeling of well-being. I’m due to go back to school this coming January, so I sat back and watched how my family was gonna come up with a game plan for my school situation.
From mutual friends and calling her up very next morning asksking her to say no the proposal turns out her family approached his family and all the drama happened and he accused me of hurting his family’s reputation (again a major issue in India) and called me crazy for trying to cut my hand and gave me that this is the reason he will not want to be with me and after I jeopardized his family’s name how will he even take a stand for us? I haven’t really got a chance to meet her so that she can create a her own impression about me.
He is in depression, bcz he has stress for his family, and the thought of moving to another country and starting all over again.
I have a feeling his brother has also tried to talk him out of our relation and there have been situations in past where my cousin has also tried to create fights between us. If we do start dating again, do you have any tips for my ex to get back in good graces with my family? When approx when our first month was about end ,we went for a movie and we were making out during the movie.. Now I told him in order for me to move on I want to stay in touch cz otherwise I will not be able to, to which he replied that he cannot move on if we stay in touch even though it was his decision. I have a strong feeling we can work it out as I have realised what mistakes I did and what went wrong but the only problem I am worried about it how do I win him back? I am worried if I go for NC for 30 days and in that phase if he gets a proposal for “arranged marriage” and if he says yes? I talked to him lastnight and he said he wanted to hear me say in person why I did what I did.

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