But some sources claim that they are not getting back together despite rampant reports of reconciliation. Login or Register to create a free account to be able to save your favorite content to your personal folders. But even after going through all of that, then you might just need a kick in your pants to get over her by taking one of our life-changing bootcamps so you never get depressed over a girl ever again.
Out of these three breakups which “situation” do you think has the least chance of success and which do you feel has the best chance of success? Well, if an ex girlfriend breaks up with you then that probably tells us that something (for her) isn’t going right in the relationship. HOWEVER, there is a huge misconception that men have when trying to get an ex back in this situation. The same cannot be said in the situations where you break up with an ex or where she breaks up with you. Usually I start off these guides with a massive insight into the actions that brought you into this situation.
In fact, I have written multiple books (Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and The Texting Bible) based on these incredible insights. I don’t think you need me to create this laundry list of reasons for why you broke up with your ex girlfriend. Heck, YOU know why you broke up with your ex girlfriend and while I am a huge proponent of trying to get your ex back for the right reasons it seems like no matter what I tell you, your mind is already made up and you want your girlfriend back.
So, instead of focusing on why you broke up with your ex girlfriend I want to talk about her and what she is feeling.
I suppose the most logical place to start is immediately after the breakup and why your actions will actually work against you. And it’s definitely not the fact that you believe that the Karate Kid is the bad guy of the movie. Now, I don’t know what you said or what you did after the breakup but the mere fact you broke up with her is going to upset her and it creates this invisible headwind that you have to somehow get around if you want to have any chance of getting her back. Obviously in this graphic you are the sailboat and you are sailing towards a destination which I have marked on the far left of the graphic. As you can see, I have labeled the headwind as your ex girlfriends anger with you since YOU broke up with her.
Well, usually they turn their sails to the headwind and move from right to left kind of zig zagging their way forward. I guess what I am trying to say is that they almost get by the headwind by going around it. Alright, so what I established above was the fact that your ex girlfriend is going to be upset that YOU were the one that broke up with her. Your first instinct tells you to apologize or make some grand gesture but that doesn’t work. Let’s say that you were walking down the street one day and you were looking at your cell phone. Seriously… My daughter has kept me up all night because of colic and is screaming behind me as we speak and my wife is trying to console her.
It’s that simple act of consoling a crying baby that makes us human because we know the baby is in pain and we want to help make it feel better. Well, your ex girlfriend is subconsciously expecting the same thing to happen to her after a breakup. One day the two of you are getting along swimmingly and then all of a sudden you break the news to her that you don’t want to be with her anymore. Now, If you have ever been blindsided in a relationship by something then you probably know what I am talking about. She doesn’t want to experience this feeling ever again so if she were to decide to take you back then she would always be living in fear of having that feeling of being blindsided again.
Seriously, what is the first thing that friends say to a woman who has had a boyfriend who just broke up with them. Getting an ex back isn’t very popular and the closer you are to the breakup the more intense these feelings of anger are and then you have the added benefit of dealing with the taboo of taking an ex back so fast. This is one of the many reasons that I advise that you go into a no contact rule after a breakup NO MATTER WHAT. I think it’s a universally agreed upon fact that in most cases time going by can diffuse anger. Thus, by that logic if we let some time go by due to the no contact rule your ex girlfriend won’t have the same anger that she was having towards you right after the breakup.
Obviously your ex girlfriend is going to be super upset after the breakup and after some time goes by (preferably by a NC rule) she isn’t going to be as upset. Look, one of the biggest misconceptions about the no contact rule is that it’s going to solve all of your problems. That if you use the no contact rule on your girlfriend she will somehow magically forgive you and everything will go back to the way it was before.
Well, before I get into that lets talk about the advantage that you do have over other men.
Now, I have already talked about the disadvantages you are faced with if you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back if you broke up with her but what I have yet to talk about is how good of a chance you have of getting her back and if you have any advantages over any of the other situations out there.
Lets hit the pause button, zoom out and take a look at the big picture of the situation you are in. Thing #3- The best way that you can combat this anger right now is to implement the no contact rule.
The fact that you were the one who broke up with her can actually serve as an advantage when it comes to getting her back. I often use this example to describe men for the women on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery but I am going to reverse engineer it for you since I feel it applies to women and I even mentioned this little example a bit in my last article. Lets pretend that a woman is faced with the very tough decision of choosing between you and your clone. The ONLY thing that differs between the two of you is that she dated you and she hasn’t dated your clone yet. Now, I don’t know about you but that automatically puts her in a position where she is going to have to seek YOUR approval to get you back. One of the things I like doing here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery is assigning a certain percentage value to a certain situation. Oh, and just so we don’t get out of hand with percentage the max percentage you can get is 100%.
In fact, I would say that if you had something like a 40% chance of success that, that would be an amazing number. One of the biggest advantages that I have over other people in my field is that I interact with a lot of men and women in the comments of my articles.
Now, some people are willing to get their exes back but they have problems following instruction.
Lets say that I am trying to teach two men to get back with their ex girlfriends after they broke up with them.
Now, lets also say that I come up with the very best strategy for getting an ex back in this situation and I teach it to both men.
Man A listens very intently but when push comes to shove he falters from the game plan and ultimately fails to get his ex back.
Man B, on the other hand, not only listens to the game plan but implements it to a T and gets his ex back.
I taught this very same strategy to both men so that means that my strategy had a 50% success rate, right? When I talk about the percentage of success I am only taking into account the people who followed the strategy perfectly. In other words, if any alterations were made from the strategy I taught it doesn’t count because those alterations can really matter to your ex girlfriend. A situation where YOU broke up with your ex girlfriend has the best chance of success out of all the situations out there. I would say that if 100 men attempted to get their exes back in this particular situation 40 of them would succeed if they used my strategy.
This is the premise of the strategy that I teach in Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and I am not going to be teaching you all of it today. Yup, I already talked a lot about this and told you how important it was to diffusing your ex girlfriends anger.
This is because I want to make sure your ex girlfriend is at a place emotionally where she will at least be responsive to you.
Like I said above one of it’s many purposes is to get your ex girlfriend at a place emotionally where she will accept messages from you. Once she is in this place that’s where we can turn our attention to part two of the process. Then you move to phone calls and then to the small in person interaction and finally the romantic in person interaction. You get your ex girlfriend all worked up to where she is hanging on your every word and then at the climax you suddenly just end…. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. After 3 days i regret that so i wrote sms that i forgot few things, we met for a few minutes, it was cold short conversation. Then she told me how she had a thing with this guy and they slept together ( fuckfriends ) because my ex had feelings for the guy because she told me that he understood her … bullshit.
I recently got dumped by my girlfriend, After valentine day we haven’t talk but on that day she seem a little bit off.
I was searching for help for getting my ex fiance back when I found your site and I am hoping you can help me. I started to realize that the grass isn’t always greener, and we did have a great thing going and the relationship probably just needed some work and better communication. It’s like that but the difference now is that you already know what she loves and likes talking about. We have been texting a little more and I have been throwing in a lot of humor which is one thing she always liked about me – she has been more receptive lately. Based on how emotional she gets when we argue through text, I don’t think she is over our relationship yet. Yeah – they started dating almost immediately after her and I saw each other and I was still unsure about getting back with her and wanted to wait a little longer. While having that space between you and her at the moment, you need to show her how fine you are without her. You might have noticed that she wouldn’t want to meet you at all unless there’s a huge excuse like someone’s mother died. When meeting her after not talking for a while, it will and is supposed to be awkward so don’t worry. Don’t come late for the date – you don’t want to give her the chance to have a second thought about getting back together with you. It is ironic that the only way to get her back is by by putting almost not effort at all in talking to her. Honestly out of all of the tips above, the only one that has worked for me is the first – DO NOTHING! After a break up, chances are at least one side of the relationship is irrational, so trying to talk it out or express your love or anything like that just ends up in worsening the situation.
How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back TonightIf you’ve already thought it through and have come to the conclusion that you truly want to be back with your ex girlfriend than you are in the RIGHT PLACE. What I have learned in pursuit of winning back my own girlfriend, is that it’s never too late to get her back regardless of how awful your breakup was or how bad your current circumstances are. Alright gentlemen, it doesn’t really matter how the split happened, whose fault is not important at this point, it doesn’t even really matter how you’ve acted up to this point. There are several simple observations and tips that have been put together relying on a simple psychological and emotional intelligence premise.
If you’re reading this and you’re still not sure whether or not you want to be back with your ex girlfriend, then you’re in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you KNOW in your heart of hearts that this girl is the one you want to be with now and in the future and you will do whatever it takes to get her back, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. If you’ve done the math and you’re certain you want your baby back in your life, then you’re in the right place, the correct internet destination amigo. This method and these tips and tactics have to come from your heart and mean something to your personal relationship. Think often about the things you love about her (no doubt you’re probably already doing this) and meditate on her point of view.
Think about your missteps and her missteps and the different ways you were off just a little, but enough to make a little into a lot. Instead of being all business and making sure that everything goes to the right spot and everyone gets what they need and all things are good, you have to think from a different place.

If you've been trying to win back your exgirlfriend, know that somewhere out there is just the right combination of things that will lead you back together. Breaking up is tough, made even tougher by the range of emotions you feel after your ex ends things with you. Getting back together requires you to change your thinking, and you can't do this if you're wallowing in the misery of your breakup. All the right moves to make seem to go against logic: they're the opposite of everything you're feeling right now after being dumped. If everything you've done so far seems only to make your ex run in the opposite direction - this article is for you. Instead of looking at the break up from your exgirlfriend's point of view, you're only seeing things through your own eyes. At the same time, there are other behaviors that are positive, and exhibiting these types of traits will help make your ex realize what she stands to lose.
That is, until you realize that your exgirlfriend just gave you one of the worst lines of crap in recorded human history.
Breaking exgirlfriend contact right after being dumped is one of the greatest ways to make your ex want you again. For a lot more first moves on what to do when your girlfriend breaks up with you, be sure to check out this free video. In the case of #1, the emotion she's experiencing is large scale auto-rejection, and she wanted what she couldn't have (you). Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE. I've read yours and about 1 million other articles and for some reason yours resonated with me the most.
First up I am a 23 yr old male, she is a 23 yr old female and we dated for just over 2 and a bit years, lived together for over a year of that. We first met roughly 6 months after my high school gf who I dated for 4 years left me for another guy. Eventually as the years went on I became very involved with my work and made her feel as if she just didn't matter to me and as though I really didn't care about being with her. The following 2 weeks little things kept popping up with this guy and it kept me angry and unable to really focus on the separation and I continued to be a complete dick.
For the next 4 weeks I continued to contact her everday to show my interest, sending her flowers and just generally making her feel important to me. I didn't give up and kept up trying to make her see what she meant to me, then she dropped a bomb. This continued for a few weeks with her occasionally mentioning this new guy and that he had told her he had feelings for her, but that she was still missing me and was angry I'd become this person again after she was pushed too far. Anyway fast foward to weeks of speaking and catching up multiple times as friends she eventually told me she had grown feelings for this new guy. We have now not spoken for 2 days and I genuinely do love this girl, it does not bother me that she is seeing someone new as I know that I made the mistakes during our relationship and it's time for me to be patient with her and I understand her want to feel special and validated. My relationship ended just shy of 6 years and 4 months after we both moved to a new city after college. So, it's been 5 weeks since my ex and I hit the bricks so to speak, meaning she told me she wasn't sure of our relationship because I, to sum it up, didn't communicate well, and I have a horrible habit of being overly sarcastic and uninterested in stories or opinions that differ from my own views, even if my views or thoughts on the subject are uneducated and without validation.
I was in a relationship for 4 years with someone whom I thought was the one, but found myself forcing myself to believe they were the one though it was an unhealthy relationship, where we fought constantly and I always was apologizing even if I had nothing to do with the argument.
So fast forward a year and a half, I'm not looking for a relationship, just flings if nothing else, because I know deep down I am not ready to be in a relationship nor have I truly worked on the things I needed to to be the man a woman really needs. Needless to say we hit it off immediately, her being the most beautiful, interesting , sexy woman I have to date met, we went on a few dates and jumped into a relationship. Through these few months tho, she gave me a sense of self and pride and confidence the likes of which I have never felt before, and I found myself falling deeply in love with her, the kind of love that made me think of long lives together, and she felt the same, but still knew she had a lot to work on as far as her scars from previous relationships, and so did I.
After two weeks of this, we went to a wedding together, which we probably shouldn't have for good reason. So this wedding was the final straw for her, when I dropped her off, we got into an argument about god knows what, we went into her home, and began talking, then I just kept pushing for answers, when all she ever wanted to do was take it day by day, and here I am wanting to know what tomorrow next week and next year holds. If you have read this far, you're probably thinking I'm nuts, or psychotic, and that she had way too much going on and I had no right to get into a relationship with her. Regardless of why you broke up, there were obviously problems that caused the relationship to fail. If you want your girlfriend back, you’re going to have to man up and be better than you’ve ever been.
You could go after the career you’ve always wanted, take up a new hobby, make a bunch of new friends, and ultimately build a life that you enjoy.
Once you’ve made the effort to improve your life, you may find that your ex-girlfriend was not as important to your happiness as you thought and that there are other women who are a better match for you.
Therefore it is going to be a bit harder because the headwind that you have to overcome is whatever feelings you gave her that made her think that she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.
They honestly believe that the entire process of winning an ex back (if they broke up with that ex) is going to be a cakewalk. Nope, you are here because YOU broke up with your ex girlfriend and now you are regretting your choice and want her back but you haven’t quite figured out what you need to do to get her back. So, you are traveling down your merry way when all of a sudden you hit this really strong headwind. Especially if you made it known that you still care about her but just didn’t want to be with her.
As you were looking at your cell phone you accidentally bumped into a person walking down the street. However, if you haven’t experienced what this is like then lets let you in on the experience.
She will always be under the assumption that she wasn’t good enough and there is nothing more than women love to prove to men that they are good enough. Of course, when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back there is no percentage that is that high. It is through these interactions that I am able to preach my message and see the kind of results they yield.
Instead, he opted to follow his own and while that can work sometimes it didn’t in this case. I think i’m mentally prepared to be in good mood and to spend time with her and i believe she would agree. But around january 2016 , she came back to talk to me … she asked me if I was still her friend.
The problem, that not even 3 weeks after our date, she starts telling me she is seeing someone and is falling for them.
If this was all like starting from the beginning, and you know she doesn’t like you, what would you do to keep her interested in you? She didn’t respond and I said this is tearing me up, but I need to move on because this is dumb. After a break-up, you’ll be so overwhelmed that whatever you do is based on your emotion – That’s not how men do work. You have to understand that she won’t listen to reason and that she believes that she is hurting more than you. Bear in mind that once she agrees to go out with you, she’s still considering on whether to accept you or not. Keep that up until you can notice her change – usually she’ll talk more than before because that’s a sign that she feels comfortable with you. I have gathered the best tips, tricks and strategies for you so you don’t have to search anymore! All you need is absolute assurance that you truly love her and want to be with her and that you will do whatever it takes to win her back. This has to do with the different ways men and women deal with personal struggle, more externally for women and more internally for men. Follow through on what this method and these links can offer and you will be well on your way in understanding how to get your girlfriend back.
It’s all in the very simple psychological science behind these time-tested methods for bringing true love from the smoldering ashes to it’s beautiful true destiny. The links will show you what you need to know in a more in depth fashion, or you could just learn to pick up girls.
Every little detail from how you approach her, the kind of things you should be saying (and not saying), where you meet, the amount of reaching out you do, these are all things that need to be thought about before you take your ONE stab at getting your girl back.
Too often do I see men use the advice here to win back their ex girlfriend, then realize just how bad their lives are with their girl back in the picture. The information we will provide you with will indeed help you learn how to get back with your ex girlfriend and keep her back for good. Whether things go smoothly or horribly, that doesn’t matter, the most important factor is how you handle yourself. We’ve all felt that way before, that’s normal, it’s just at this stage of the process you want to focus on positives. We shouldn’t even have to say that if you’re not 100% certain you want her back then you shouldn’t be using these scientific, psychologically time-tested approaches to mending a broken heart and winning back what was once yours, but we just did. In other words, we’re not going to tell you exactly what to say to win her back (that would be ridiculous, red flag anyone), but we are going to help you reframe the way in which you think about and approach the relationship. Things like conversations geared towards shared experiences (creates a sense of familiarity), going out of your way to show her the things you know she loves about you. This simple understanding can serve as a great resource in not only figuring out how to get her back but also in how to approach relationships of all sorts in a healthy and productive way.
You have to show strength, you have to show compassion, you have to show understanding, you have to show humility and you have to show appreciation. A little critical thinking about your self, about your part in the fighting, your part in the emotional negotiating, can go along way in helping you see what you need to be a better partner. So I've decided to actually post up my current situation and see if you can help, I'll try and keep it as short as possible. Eventually though after roughly 2 weeks I realised how much I missed her and had really thrown away a girl that fitted my personality and life perfectly and we caught up and I told her that. After about another week we were back to speaking to each other everyday and I had caught up with her twice to explain that I did infact love her and always had, I admitted that I had always planned on marrying her and wanted all those things with her and knew that I had been ignoring her and not treating her how she deserved.
She was very responsive still talking everyday and telling me she missed me and eventually she admitted she could see I had again become the person she fell in love with but that too much damage had been done and she was angry I pushed her to this point where she couldn't be with me.
I just need some advice on whether I stay no contact and let time take it course or do I still actively pursue. There is a girl that when we were together we had a deep emotional connection but I ended up losing her because I didn't give her what she wanted.
We broke up, then got back together months later, thinking we both had worked on our "stuff". Well in walks my current ex, we met one night by chance after a few encounters when she was still married and I was with my ex (yea, she has a ex husband, ill touch on that in a bit.). I was hesitant at first, because like I stated previously I was unsure i was ready, but it happened, and I truly fell in love. Now she has a 14 year old son from a previous relationship that did not work at all, moved to my area nine years ago and met her ex, whom she dated for four years then married for three.
Back to the present, like i previously stated, I have bad habits, and these habits in this situation really raised flags for her because at this point she has no time or patience to deal with pety childish things like I was doing. She was unsure of us, unsure of our future, this destroyed me, and for the following two weeks I did everything I shouldn't have.
Now prior to this the idea was not to break up, because she still had very stong feelings for me, but she was unsure of herself, unsure of her wellbeing after going through this divorce and losing everything. She finally snapped and told me there was nothing left, she had nothing more for me, and I left. If the problems were due to compatibility issues, you may want to cut your losses and move on. Your time away from your ex-girlfriend should be spent on making yourself so awesome that she’ll regret ever leaving you. Ideally, you want to create a life that you can appreciate and enjoy at all moments of the day. Alternatively, after dating a series of women, you may find that your ex-girlfriend is the best one out of all of them.
Heck, I would say it’s one of the prime reasons that Ex Girlfriend Recovery has become so popular. Your ex girlfriend will still probably be upset after the no contact rule but she will be nowhere near as upset as she was immediately after the breakup before you did the no contact rule.
In my mind this ruins things because the strategy that I taught him is very different than the strategy that he actually employed.
I felt that as time passed by she wasn’t as happy, and I guessed it was because of the long distance.

Then I said is there anything we could do about our relationship and she told she doesnt want to get back, maybe sometimes meet for a weekends.
My ex and I dated for about 11 months, and only 2 months into it she started staying at my place. It makes me jealous, sad, and shocked at the same time that she would move on that quick…her replies are a lot shorter now, but she does remind me of the hurt I caused her very often.
I don’t want to look desperate, nor do I want to say anything bad and become a common enemy of her and her new bf.
When it came up today, i just asked her to talk and she said she was busy…am I rushing this ? She claims she is in love with this new guy after dating him for a month, which to me is immature, and a sign of a rebound. We are supposed to be cool, calm and collected, that’s how we get girls and that’s what made her want you in the first place.
You might think that I might be out of my mind to say that but psychologically, it’s proven that it does have an effect on women. You have to show how serious you are on getting back to getting back together so meet her personally instead of sending mere texts. Ask her how she’s been and have a nice chat with her about anything other than the break up.
Bring her the flower and gift card, and try to bring her somewhere intimate like a candlelight dinner. Depending on how fresh the emotional scars are may affect the approach you ultimately decide when approaching your ex girlfriend. You need to always be cognizant of the fact that she is hurting to no matter what the circumstances are. Do your absolute best to put yourself in her emotions by understanding her emotional intelligence and tendencies. Some girls and some relationships are just not worth the trouble and you may be better off without her. These tips will show you how to subtly (without her even noticing) exploit his weaknesses and highlight your own.
By paying close attention to these observations and tips you will gain a larger understanding of relationship and inter-personal dynamics which will help you understand your emotions as well as the emotions of those you love. This along with a compassionate understanding and willingness to be vulnerable can right any relationship in the stormiest of seas. The manner in which you approach her is one of the main factors that determines whether or not you’ll get her back.
And lets face it, we could all stand to be better partners, lovers and perhaps most importantly friends. You have to recognize that you won’t always agree on things and you won’t even always like each other, but there’s something that grows below all of that surface tension that is amazing, everlasting and strong as steel.
She had been in previous relationships with really shit guys who just treated badly and she always said the reason she loved me was because I was so different and a genuinely loving and caring guy.
Then to cut a long story short this guy who was her friends house mate began to pop up on all her Facebook and instagram posts, I openly told her how much I disliked it and she simply brushed it off because nothing was going on, which I know in hindsight realize there really wasn't and I was just being paranoid due to my previous relationship. We continued to speak every day for the next few weeks very friendly occasionally arguing about the old things again as I refused to accept my responsibility fully this eventually led to us catching up and sleeping together.
Eventually she said she didin't think I could really make those changes and she couldn't be with me.
She said she was struggling with the decision to go but if she did it didn't mean anything. She admitted again, "yes you've been doing the same thing but after 2 years of feeling like you didn't care I can't just flip a switch after 3 months". Through a serious events, their relationship grew so far apart they barely spoke for the last year they were together, and she found herself confiding in another man, a coworker whom she "fell in love" with.
Holding simple grudges or giving off signs that I was unhappy, all basically just getting her to pet my ego because at the root of it all I am rather insecure with myself.
I pleaded, whined, got angry, flip flopped, basically acted like a 9th grader and not a 30 year old man. I text her the next day, apologizing, saying I need time to straighten myself out, and that some day I wanted to at the very least remain friends, she responded that she'd like that.
However, if the reason why you broke up has to do with you not being the best man you can be, then there may be hope for you.
This is a difficult thing to do, but when you actively work on your life you become a happier person.
Also we have a trip in few months and she said that there is one bed, so i should sleep somewhere else, i said nope problem, but then she told she is kidding. He also doesn’t seem like a quality guy in terms of education and lifestyle, which her and I value greatly. It will trigger her mind to be jealous when seeing you having fun and this will tempt her to find out more about you. From this moment on, you need to bear in mind that you need to take care of her like how you did when you first met her.
This wall you put up emotionally makes it hard for us women to gauge where you are emotionally and since most men aren’t the best at communicating emotions (apologies to you rare guys who are able to effectively), any little bit of insight you can share with her will give her more context and help her to see where you are at more clearly. If you’ve decided that you truly want your girlfriend back and are prepared to do what it takes to get her back then you’ve come to the right place. A fair of bit time has gone by (say a month or more) you may want to orchestrate a “chance” meeting with her and the links on this page will get you started on that. And beyond that, she more than likely imagines that she is taking the break much harder than you due to the differences in how men and women cope with loss. This sounds harder than it really is, these links can show you how to get started on winning her back. If you’re not sure, give it some more time and your answer will eventually show itself. This needs to be carefully thought through as each situation is different, each person reacts differently to things. Basically, you need to think from a more emotional standpoint when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s all about planting those emotional roots, tending and nurturing them and ensuring that the little stuff doesn’t upset the whole kit and caboodle.
You need to be one hundred percent certain that this relationship is what you want and also that it’s the real deal.
Early on I made my partner feel like she was a second best option due to my ex and had openly told her I had no desire to get married or have kids because I had planned that with my previous partner and it had all fallen down. This eventually lead to a large argument about me thinking she was seeing someone else and her thinking I didn't care about her, in this heated moment I broke it off. I said I understood that and that I understand how he would of been able to make her feel that way.
I want to write her a letter but I no longer see her, I no longer have facebook or have her Email. This did not work because he was basically looking for the benefits of the rebound where as she was looking for emotional stability in her time of need, or so I would assume. At the wedding I didn't know how to act, and when I would act like we are still some sort of couple it was met with coldness, which made me more angry and even jealous as she was talking to my best friends brother for a bit, which she was just making conversation but really bothered me I wasn't getting this attention. Most people, including your ex-girlfriend want to be in the company of a happy person, so be that person. I already feel the chill down my spine, on that day my love come to a end she said she want to break up with me. She thinks I’m trying to sabotage her and her new bf, which I have said nothing negative about her new bf. Assuming I should start NC over….for how long ?Do you think she is using these tactics to make me want her more?
You don’t want to annoy her even more and plus, that will give her time to think and regret on her actions. Hang out with your friends and if you can, take pictures and ask them to upload in Facebook. That person will most probably know that he is being used by you but if he’s on your side, he will definitely help. By no means am I telling you to become standoffish or aloof, the key to making this work fellas is by actually opening up emotionally. If the split was more recent your best bet is almost always going to be a well-timed, well-thought out brief and straight forward phone call proposing a face to face meeting. Women are more external and men tend to be more internal which means we don’t show our hurt as obviously as women.
It’s also fairly easy to remain hyper-vigilant on making sure you stay calm, cool and collected. Subtle psychological tips like this can give you the edge in learning how to get your ex girlfriend back. If you haven’t figured that one out at this point gentlemen then you probably don’t deserve her. Not only would you take her home to mom, you’d take her to all those weird, hidden places you loved from your life and share them with her. I did infact move past my feelings for my ex early on in the new relationship however, she continued to feel like that for the next 2 years, which I have told her I completely understand and am sorry for.
I said it's fine if you feel like you need to do that sort of thing I understand and I didn't argue and we continued to speak everyday, she was actually the one initiating the conversations every day. I explained that there was nothing wrong with what she was doing and that I'll always be here for her. Despite what you’ve always heard, been exposed to or expected, a woman really just wants to connect on an emotionally and even spiritually level. There’ll be time for discussing the little stuff later, now’s the time for winning her back. Altough Ive been and met other women I still think of her often and I have a feeling she does too. I noticed how unhappy she was, but I never asked her why, since I had a plan to surprise her.
I started feeling less attracted to her overtime and missed being single and hanging out with my friends.
When finding more about you, the number one thing she would most probably do is checking your profile in Facebook.
As for the places to meet, you could plan on meeting her at places she would definitely go such as concerts, a nearby park or perhaps the mall. Because my reasons were i couldnt imagine myself living with this person in the future so I decided to break up.
I really though we would get back together yet she kissed the guy and few weeks ago she told me she still has feelings for the guy. And sometime i know i forget little things about her like what time she get off school, i’m always working, always want to spend time with her.
8 months into it, she wanted to move all her stuff in officially, and that scared the crap wasn’t sure based on how things had been going lately. I am stopping contact for about 3-4 weeks and going to enjoy my life and date other women, start some more hobbies, travel, etc. Now shes gone i want her back, after couple days have pass she text me back saying she feel really appreciate what i did for her and said i was a good guy and wishing me find a better girl, she wanted to give me the stuff back that i gave her for christmas and her birthday. I told her how I felt and that for the time being I wanted space, and she stormed out saying she was done. Resist the urge to be standoffish or engage in the ridiculous “who’s winning the breakup” game. I sent her a message on facebook saying I made a mistake and that I got emotional and said things I didn’t mean.
We got into some heated arguments and I might have said I didn’t see a future with her, but was just missing my own space more than anything. I told her didn’t want to break up, and that I had decided to move back to her city, and part of the reason was for her.
I just had to cut her off because my feelings were involved the whole time and I got hurt real bad.Then she got mad at me because I was gonna leave her again as a friend and she was blaming everrything on me.
She said she didn’t really feel like talking to me right now and that I really hurt her. Im shouting to the whole world that i’ve moved on with her that im doing ok and fine.
I always thinking about her and now these thoughts that i want her to comeback is starting to pop on my mind.

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