Ordinary men just love to see a woman who knows she’s in control and feels good about herself. A boyfriend of mine, who was a fair bit older than me, once told me that most of the women he had been attracted to in the past were older than him, and sexually dominant. I was young and fairly reserved when it came to anything sexual, and certainly not aggressive.
On the other hand you could also be young and innocent but be confident about your virginal ways – a man can also find it sexy when you assert your boundaries. So basically it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, YOU are perfectly capable of pulling off the role of a sexy dominatrix lover, in your own sweet sexy way. Traditionally a Dominatrix wears black leather or PVC because it is raw and suggestive of a creature that is a little bit dangerous, she is someone you shouldn’t mess with. If you want to have fun and step into this traditional role then find something tight-fitting with strong lines that makes you feel powerful and accentuates all of your best assets. High lethal-looking heels are a must, and anything that reveals your cleavage, waist and legs is perfect.
Remember: The aim is to go for something that makes you feel good and turns him on; even if it is simply some sensual lingerie beneath a silk robe that you can pull open to reveal yourself at any point you wish, because you are in control!
A traditional dominatrix would normally wear her hair in a harsh no-nonsense style, pulled back tightly away from her face in a high, slick ponytail that falls straights down her back. For it to work, he has to know exactly what to expect from you, and what you expect from him. You can also order your man not to look at you, and punish him playfully if he does until he gets the picture. Having a sequence of tasks prepared will help to guide you through your Dominatrix session with confidence.

It’s simple, the trick is to restrict his overall pleasure and only allow him to experience pleasure bit by bit, so that he appreciates each bit all the more. His task is only to lick your nipples, anything more is disobedience and should be reprimanded with a tap on the back or the bum with your punishment prop – which he will probably like too!
Playing the role of a Dominatrix will give you a sense of sexual freedom, and make you feel like a Goddess.
And remember, you don’t have to go all out and be a full-on Dominatrix every time, but incorporating elements into your sex-life can be fun and rewarding. Decorating your home can cost a lot of money, but there are plenty of ways to stretch your budget! Find out how to order your boyfriend about in the bedroom and make sure he loves every minute of it! In the end I realised that it was more than just a dominant woman that turned him on; it was a woman who is sure of herself, a confident female, someone who is in control of their world – and I was all of these things, you probably are too!
With that knowledge I figured that I could bring that confidence into the bedroom quite naturally. You want him to be able to see all of your face so that he can clearly see the pleasure or displeasure you want to express to him.
Will you wear knee-high boots with spiky heels for height and authority, to march around it and dig into his back as punishment?
It can be a good idea to have thought of some beforehand, and what you might do with them, so you don’t end up losing your cool sexy dominatrix attitude at the vital moments.
If you do this it will help you to slip into your role as Dominatrix, and also help him to accept it.
The trick to tasking is to make sure that the aim is to pleasure or please you first, but that it also provides rewards for him while he is doing it.

For example, if you want him to lick your nipples, make sure that he can’t see you, or that his hands are restricted from touching you.
Instruct him to give you a foot massage, but open your legs wide and reward him with a clear view of your intimate area. Order him to stand in front of a mirror and not to look back, then undress into your next outfit behind him so that he can only see you in the reflection. Get him on his hands and knees and lead him around the room with a collar and leash, describing the next task. Tell him to prepare you a platter of cut fresh fruit and sit on the kitchen surface in stockings and suspenders, with no knickers or bra. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. You could even go for a Gothic vampire, or something completely out of this world – an outfit from the future? Make your eyes up so that they are endearing, or alternatively wear a sexy mask to add to the drama and mystery! Or will you go bare-foot and have him kiss and massage your toes in loving submissive worship?
He’s not allowed to touch you, but his reward is to admire your curvaceous feminine body. Some women find it easier to take control from behind a mask, and often couples find it easier to detach from their everyday roles when they can’t see each their faces.

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