If you’ve gone a long time without discipline, it can be hard to find the on ramp again.
If you want to live a more disciplined life, find one small area you can succeed in with being disciplined on a daily basis.
There are days when I feel productive, but then when I look back on what I accomplished that day, I realize I didn’t get nearly as much done as I thought I did. When we get out of routine, we can easily do one thing in a days time and feel like we’ve exhausted our entire stockpile of energy for the day. My number one suggestion for planning and executing on a successful routine is to go to church on Sunday morning. Another reason is, if you can overcome the temptation and excuses to skip church on Sunday, you will help yourself overcome the excuses for other things throughout the week. Proverbious PodcastThe Proverbious Podcast is a daily podcast going through the book of proverbs and trying to extract the principles for daily living. Buy My Royalty Free Music on Audio JungleI also compose and sell royalty free music for Audio Jungle. Set up as a series of seven fairground attractions, Spectres invited the visitors into a labyrinth of associations: a shadow lantern throws silhouettes, enlarged maquettes look like games for grown-ups, rotating cogs make and break patterns. When creating this experimental show, fashion curator Judith Clark invited fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo to provide the drawings, avant-garde jeweller Naomi Filmer to create mannequin prosthetics and fashion theorist Caroline Evans to lend quotations that evoke the complexity of dress today. This first section looks at patterns in historical dress, where motifs return and time folds back on itself to form a labyrinthine pattern. Seven views are set up: magnifying, reflecting, selecting, doubling the objects through the peepholes. His wish: that anywhere - whether he changes continents, cities, jobs, loves - he could find his native land, the one where life is born, is reborn. The exhibition questions whether nostalgia is hoping for a forgotten past, or longing for impossible futures. The past is brought into the foreground through quotation of its motifs, silhouettes, decoration. Six themes are acted out on three huge cogs, moving incessantly like the fashion system itself.
The section nods to Anna Piaggi's Doppie Pagine (double page spread), in which she names trends for Italian Vogue each month.
The worn out, the torn apart, or burned and stained are the material for the new distress - distress here meaning both the signs of trauma and the evidence of wear and tear.

The circus fairground and magic are the basis for this installation - a disused merry-go-round, a marionette theatre and a revolving shadow show.
Collaboration has always been an essential part of fashion curation for Judith Clark and this is particularly apparent for the exhibition Spectres where the enormous influence of fashion theorist Caroline Evans; fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo and jeweller Naomi Fulmer are in evidence. Judith Clark trained in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture and at the Architectural Association, London. Explore the V&A's huge range of events about the designed world, from blockbuster exhibitions to intimate displays and installations, world-class talks, casual and accredited training courses and conferences with expert contemporary speakers.
By Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley 2 Comments I spent this post-vacation Monday morning with a cup of coffee and my iPad, opting for my newsfeed over my to-do list.
As I read through friends’ posts, with Linda at my feet, it was apparent that everyone was feeling the same.
Remember when I told you guys that somewhere in the midst of construction and holidays and illness I had neglected my homeschoolin’ journal? This will turn on the discipline switch in your mind, and you’ll start building up the getting things done muscles of your psyche.
If it’s a bigger project, try to break it up into manageable steps that you can check off. That will make you feel like you’re making progress and get you moving toward getting the other things done. In showing the hidden, yet haunting, connections between recent fashion and its past, it used pieces drawn from avant-garde designers, from the V&A fashion collection and from the archive at ModeMuseum in Antwerp. To experience the haunting of contemporary fashion by its past, the viewer looks through optical devices that pick out details of the dress.
They remind us of looking games, with each game suggesting different ways a designer might edit the past to create new designs. Nostalgia carries the desire, less for an unchanging eternity than for always fresh beginnings.
Giant wooden figures, taken from Ruben Toledo's drawing The Avenue of Silhouettes, loom above the visitor. Contemporary styling often combines the old and the new, the formal and the inappropriate, the trivial and the elegant. The tricks of the circus, the typecasting of the harlequin and the shape-shifting of the shadow all distract us from history, masking its details.
Her shift towards fashion curation began as she realised the parallels between the design and dressing of spaces with that of dressing the human form.

His work has been exhibited in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the textile museum at the Louvre and the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Browse, search and book onto our unrivalled event programme for all ages and levels of expertise. Instead of viewing it as negligence, I saw it as a sign that we had relaxed into a homeschool rhythm? Well, we’ve had more sickness and more construction since then. And while there is a time and place for that, in fact it’s good to do that, we also need to have discipline in our lives as well. Maybe you won’t finish the whole thing today, but I bet you can finish several steps. Thus time that passes and destroys tries to take away the ideal figure of a place that remains. I'm a school psychologist, wife, mom to three amazing children, writer, bookworm, nature lover, coffee drinker, Chesney fan, list maker, board game nerd, and now- suddenly-unexpected homeschooler.
We find a use for the things we had discarded and are intrigued by what is beautiful about them. It can be as simple as setting the alarm for a specific time, and refusing to hit the snooze. Contemporary dress takes its inspiration from ageing of the fabric itself, a different kind of history. Many of the pieces in the display were found in Portobello Road, London's famous secondhand market used by stylists.
It’s never easy getting back into a routine, whether your routine involves the big yellow bus or learning in the living room. It’s good to spend time together as a family and make memories that will last a lifetime. Starting your week with a community of like-minded believers sets you up for walking through life in the same way. But, as we start to run out of steam on cramming all the summery goodness into our summer, we run the risk of making a different kind of memory. Because of this natural cycle, it’s good to use the week as your framework to build your routine.

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