Everyone who takes the State Exam has the college-level credit from somewhere, yet only about half pass each month (nearly 70% fail on their first try).
Our program is designed to give you the college credit you need, and to prepare you for the State Exam at the same time.
Inactive real estate salespersons in California need not sacrifice or lose their precious real estate license.
Joining state or local boards and MLS can help you secure your license but it also comes with a price.

Through our referral services, you can maintain your professional California real estate license and make money at the same time. You may not be active in the real estate industry but you still need to maintain your license. A series of simulated State Exams that will prepare you for the type of questions asked on the actual State Exam. You have spent time, money and energy acquiring your license and losing it would be unforgivable.

Once you have obtained your license, you need to keep it active to maintain your privileges or risk losing your license.

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