In my opinion, the best gifts on Valentine’s Day are ones that more personalized and sentimental. A Google Chromecast and Netflix SubscriptionIf you and your boo are both really into movies and binge-watching TV shows, this is a great gift idea. Source: ShutterStock InstacanvasIf your BF is really into Instagram, make him something special by ordering an Instacanvas.
A Homemade ScrapbookIf you two have been dating for a long time and you want to get really sentimental, make him a scrapbook of pictures and special memories.
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Giving gifts to your boyfriend is probably one of the greatest moments in your relationship and gives every girlfriend an excitement.
This is one of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend in Christmas especially if you have a lot of stuff your want to give to him in mind. For those who are on a tight budget, try to remember his favorite treats – the chocolate!
Let him feel your warmth,,, errr the warmth during the cold nights with this cute yet romantic gift ideas for him – a blanket.
Complete the alphabet of romance by writing the memories you shared with him, having the starting letter corresponds the sequence of the alphabet. For the boyfriend with the sweet tooth, you can choose to give him a small gift box with a year’s worth of Kisses! Another perfect idea for long-distance couples, this gift just needs cue cards (you can get them in a pack of 101 or 365), a pen, and your imagination. For those who have a boyfriend having a favorite team in sports like football or basketball, treating him a game ticket, or go with him can be a nice gift. If you both have tight schedules, then you can spend Valentines out on a romantic dinner date at a special or sentimental restaurant!
If your boyfriend is a shutterbug, why not choose your favorite picture of both of you and have it framed? Massaging him by yourself is such a romantic gesture, but if you want to make it more precious and make sure that he will receive the best treat, you can always treat him a day of spa massage treatment in any local spa center. Gift boxes may sound a little feminine, but trust us, once you fill it up with his favorite chocolates and novelty items; he’ll never look at gift boxes the same again!
This is probably the most traditional boyfriend’s gift ideas but its effect never change. If your boyfriend is into sports, then head to the nearest sports shop or gym equipment store to choose a gift that he’s sure to like. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and if you’re struggling to find a gift for your special guy, then you’re at the right place. February 8, 2013 by Julie 122 Comments As I’m sure you know, thanks to all of the red and pink you’ve seen popping up everywhere, next Thursday is Valentine’s Day!
I thought a round-up post of creative, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas might be a good way to throw some fun, yet inexpensive, ideas out there.
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you may have seen a couple of these Valentine’s Day ideas before, but I found a bunch of new ideas share with you from other blogs and Pinterest (of course).
Hopefully one of these ideas will help make someone you love feel extra special on February 14!
52 Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards: My sister did this project for her boyfriend last year and he loved it!
Candy Hearts Poster: I made Ryan a poster that revolved around the sayings found on the candy hearts that are always for sale around Valentine’s Day. You Float My Boat Basket – This idea immediately appealed to me because Ryan is just a little bit obsessed with root beer floats. Framed Keys From All the Places You’ve Lived: A great way to showcase where you’ve lived and the journey you’ve been on together! Now That I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walked On + Trail of Hershey Kisses: I totally stole this idea from a guy in high school who used it to ask a friend of mine to the prom!
Personalized Dates Poster: Create a fun poster using dates that are significant to you and your significant other. Met, Engaged, Married Embroidered Map: I gave this gift to Ryan for our one-year wedding anniversary.

I Love You This Much Handprint Card: Though I don’t have kids, my heart melted when I saw this card. The Alphabet Of Our Love Book: Include a different reason why you love the person you love for each letter of the alphabet! Scrapbook: For our first Valentine’s Day together, I gave Ryan a homemade scrapbook and filled it with photos, captions and admission tickets that captured the first year of our relationship. What is the most memorable thing that you’ve done for someone or that someone has done for you on Valentine’s Day? Okay the keys worry me as I’d hate to think that people had copies of keys from the condo I currently rent. This year I did a 14 Day Challenge where every day since February 1st I have done something small to show my husband I care! Aww I’m bookmarking this for when I eventually have kids- I love the hand print cards or having the kids decorate the mugs.
I’m such a sucker for anything related to love, so clearly I get excited about Valentine’s Day! You probably already bought your BF whatever big gift he wanted for Christmas… so what do you get him less than two months later?! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift should be more of an experience that you guys can do together, because isn’t V-Day supposed to be about love and spending time together and all that? Why not plan some sort of day trip (or weekend trip if you have the money) for you and your BF? It's a service where you can pick one of his Instagram pictures and get it on a canvas that he can hang in his room. Cute Boxers and CandyIf you guys haven't been dating very long, I always find that this Valentine's Day gift is a good go-to: a pair of cute boxers and some of his favorite candy. Make him some sexy "gift cards" by writing little coupons for sexual favors (obviously ones you're comfortable with). It asks you questions about relationship and his character,,in the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the budget and also his birthday reminder. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can either bake your own (show off your baking skills) or just buy readymade ones from your nearest bakeshop. In fact, many online sellers offer couple keychain that allow the couple to customize their stuff.
Rather than being confused, why don’t you just gather them all together and set it up in a hamper.
Keep in mind that even remembering his favorite chocolate bar or sweets is a sign that you care enough to remember what he likes! Pick a DVD or CD of his a movie he’d like to see, add a pack of microwaveable popcorn, and throw in his favorite chocolates or food and presto! Attach a Valentine’s day card with a note with explanation that for this year, he gets a Kiss each day from you. This works well especially if he’s really into music and you know what genre or singers he wants. Head to your local dollar store to find little gift boxes that suit his taste and are affordable.
It is all too easy to get excited when it comes to special occasion, just don’t forget the real meaning of it! A easy Valentines Day craft for kids made from twinkies, construction paper and googly eyes. It would be fun to make with kids or surprise them by putting these adorable fruits in their school lunch boxes or even hubby’s lunch box.
It took some time to come up with what I wanted the poster to say since the sayings on the candy hearts can be super hokey, but it was such a fun project. It’s simple – you just fill a basket with ice cream, root beer and straws – but still super cute! I placed a trail of Hershey Kisses from the front door of Ryan’s apartment into his bedroom where I had this sign propped up on his bed, along with more Hershey Kisses, the above poster and homemade cupcakes, asking him to be my valentine.
I just had to share it with you guys just in case there are any parents out there looking for an adorable Valentine’s Day craft project to do with their kids to surprise a loved one.
Ryan and I create a small budget (usually $20) and both leave the house at the same time, setting a time limit during which we both have to get each other a bunch of little Valentine’s Day gifts! I really like the root beer float idea – simple, but cute and Jonny does love root beer floats yet we rarely have them!!

You could totally buy your BF something more general like an expensive watch or a pair of shoes or something, but I think something more personal is the cutest and best idea. If you guys love skiing or snowboarding, plan a trip to the mountain for an upcoming weekend.
Its cute and useful, I am sure they have bunch of small cheep unusual gift ideas and they as well have DIY ideas. In all occasions, be it birthday, Christmas, anniversary, and especially Valentine’s day, girlfriends want to make sure that boyfriends will love the gift they have for him. Gather some of his pictures and picture of you and him together, the stuff your shared, etc and compile them. Photos, love quotes, love notes and tags for each special date of your relationship with him can be special elements of your calendar. You can put this in a nice card or an envelope that will tell him how much you are looking forward to spending another special moment with him. If he’s not into frames, you can also collect pictures and collate them in a scrapbook. If you know he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, and then choose items which match his hobbies and interests. This is the best choice for those girlfriends trying to give the best for their boyfriends.
Just add a little bit of sweetness in the package: fill the box or the gift with his favorite goodies and a card.
Whatever gift you choose to get him, make sure he gets the message that this is only one of the many ways you can show how much you love him. Simply buy a mug, write away with the Sharpie and bake the mugs for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to let the design set.
We have also gone to the mall together and split up for an hour to each buy each other an outfit to wear on a date that evening.
Our Valentine’s tradition usually involves making a nice dinner together with some sort of delicious dessert.
It took forever to write them (tiny) cut out the strips and carefully unwrap each kiss and replace the paper then wrap it back up. If you live near a big city, plan a trip there for the day to go out to eat and maybe see a play or something.
This is just a simple, cute, and easy idea.Movie Tickets and A Restaurant Gift CardWant to plan a fun date night for the two of you?
Probably you’re just going to broadly hint that he should buy you a box of chocolates, and then you can split them, and call it a day. So if you are one of the lost soul who still doesn’t know what to give to their boyfriend on his special day, this might help you. You can also order customized kisses with your picture on the bottom or with a different message.
If your budget and time permit, you can also get him two tickets to a sporting event or place. With a little bit of imagination, these ideas will help you create adorable Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrate the people you love.
I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! Throw in some popcorn and maybe candy, and get ready to have some romantic movie nights in.A Personalized Wallet or Pair Of BoxersPersonalized items are always sweet because they show that you put effort into something and didn't just run out to the store at the last minute to grab a gift. You can also buy movie tickets - I know that some places, like BJ's sell movie tickets for cheaper than they would be in the theater.
It's called "I love you more than video games" and it's full of video game-themed candy items.
The best personalized items are one the person can use a lot - I love the idea of doing either a wallet or something cuter, like a pair of boxers. And you shouldn't feel pressured to spend a ton on front row tickets or anything like that - he'll appreciate the fact that he's able to be there.

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