We ended up at Pinnacles after we realized that we had booked an invalid site at Fremont Peak State Park. The next morning we choose a different trail – this one through a cave and up to a reservoir. Leaving Pinnacles National Park, we drove past many brown hills dotted with green trees and the occasional cow. At least I believe this is Poison Oak, as we were told to be aware of it anytime we thought about going off the path. Since we didn’t make reservations in advance, and it was perhaps the busiest camping time of the year (the first week in August), our options were somewhat limited. Prior to becoming a National Park just this year (2013), it was established in 1908 as Pinnacles National Monument.
This picture was taken across the street from our campsite at Cerro Alto campground in the Los Padres National Forest. 15, 1924Mary, Lady Pellatt (nee Dodgson) (1857?1924) was the first Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides of Canada.

However, this was our first experience with camping in Northern California, so it was to be a learning experience. Fortunately, our site had partial shade, as it can get rather hot (35+C, 100F) during the day at this time of year.
In Ontario, we see it with Poison Ivy, which I’ve only ever seen as a small ground cover type plant. She was awarded the Silver Fish.Mary Dodgson (Pellatt) was born on 1857-04-16 in Toronto, Canada. Fortunately, the documentary also highlighted that camping is located at the EAST entrance, and highway 146 which is the park access highway from both the EAST and WEST is not connected!
This National Park has a lot of great and very interesting hiking trails, including some that take you through caves and along the mountain ridge lines.
The poem is much more applicable to Poison Oak – which is rather prevalent in this area (Northern California). Apparently, it is at its best during the spring with all the wild flowers, or the fall with the changing colours of the leaves.

So, I had not realized that in California, we would be allowed to reserve an accessible site, but upon arriving, if you don’t have a disabled permit, you are not allowed to use the site. Being from Canada (and Ottawa in particular), the fall colours in California are likely to disappoint, so we shall plan to return sometime in the spring.
All the available sites were accessible, so I had to look further for another place to camp. Lady Pellatt also planned trips for the Guides to her country home, Lake Marie Farm, in King, Ontario. Scouts in girl the girlbrownie guide withBeen suggested that girl or five years ive created.

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