Share on Facebook131 Tweet Email PrintAdvertisement - story continues belowFor men with little character and even smaller egos, being abusive to women seems to be completely reasonable and justified. Standing above the boyfriend still curled into a fetal position, the brother commanded him to apologize to his sister, standing nearby. We should note that we cannot independently verify the relationships of the individuals featured in this video, though it seems legitimate. Though vigilantism is not an acceptable method of seeking justice, this young man was standing up for his sister when it was clear no one else would — perhaps not commendable, but certainly an understandable action. What do you think — understandable street justice, or did the brother take things too far?
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A Canadian man who thought he would soon be the father of five babies instead received a devastating surprise. The Toronto Sun reports that Paul Servat was expecting his girlfriend to deliver quintuplets. But on Wednesday, Servat was taken aside by a nurse who told him there was no record of any pregnancy and that his partner was not carrying any children. Genevieve Laflamme, a mother of triplets who befriended the couple, told CTV News that parts of the woman's story didn't add up. A Canadian woman convinced her boyfriend, her town and herself that she was pregnant with quintuplets for 34 weeks.

It was only when Barbara Bienvenue, 37, went to the hospital to deliver the babies this month that doctors pulled her boyfriend aside to tell him she wasn’t pregnant and never had been, according to CTV, a Canadian news station. Marie-Pier Gagnon, a reporter for Le Canada Francais, a local French-language newspaper that covers Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, reported on Jan.
Gagnon wrote that the news spurred a movement on social networks to help the couple, and donations poured in. Then, on March 20, Gagnon published another article, revealing that Bienvenue was never pregnant. Bienvenue experienced a phantom pregnancy, or pseudocyesis, and she is receiving psychiatric care, The Sun reported. Now that I think about it, they should do a psychiatric exam on the guy, too, because he was actually EXCITED about the idea of having quintuplets. I've already heard of that "phantom pregnancy" but how comes that he never wanted to see ultrasounds? His & Hers Communications is the solution for a vast array of print communications services.
We actively participate in developing stronger communications and relationships with our clients in order to achieve a goal that will benefit your company. We provide solutions ensuring professional high quality prints, competitive rates and exceptional service. Falling to the ground, the boyfriend curled into the fetal position to defend himself against the brother’s onslaught of punches and slaps.

Hopefully they each have learned their lessons and will steer clear of one another from now on.
Laflamme became skeptical after the woman kept adding to the number of expected children — first one, then two, then three, four and five. Haim Abenhaim, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, told CTV that Servat's girlfriend may have had pseudocyesis, a condition in which physical signs of pregnancy manifest, but there's no actual pregnancy.
Luc Tougas said his department is aware of the Bienvenue story, but it has not received any formal fraud complaints from the people who donated money and baby things to the couple.
ABC News sent an email to the account set up to handle donations, but there was no response. Pseudocyesis is a very rare disorder in which a woman experiences all the symptoms of pregnancy, but is not pregnant.
They would be named Alexander, Sebastian, Charles and Rosalie, and they would be born via Cesarean section on Feb.
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