Beauty salon boss Jill Fisher was 'much loved' and had her whole life ahead of her family said "Bellass is the sort of man parents dread their daughters meeting and forming a relationship with.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A prosecutor demanded that Oscar Pistorius publicly 'take responsibility' for killing his girlfriend while telling him to look at a graphic image of the gunshot wound to Reeva Steenkamp's head.Gerrie Nel said the model's skull 'exploded' when it was struck by one of four bullets that the double-amputee runner fired through a closed toilet door in his home last year. Celebrities and style watchers alike descended on Milan to catch the shows at Milan Fashion Week. Models Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger were familiar faces on the runway, while Rita Ora and Katy Perry surprised crowds with a cameo appearance on the Moschino catwalk. It was billed as the most explosive Celebrity Big Brother series ever.But the live launch of the show's much-hyped final series was trumped by Fiona Bruce and her colleagues on the gentle Antiques Roadshow, it has emerged.
Big Brother executives had hoped there would be controversy and arguments caused by putting in two men who are most famous for dating model Jordan. But, unfortunately for desperate TVA  bosses, both men - former teen pop star Dane Bowers and cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid - promptly denied they had fought at all, saying Mr Bowers had been attacked by two unknown men while waiting for a taxi.
She may be living the high life in Miami, but it seems that socialite Kourtney Kardashian clearly still has a thing or two to learn.The mother of two was seen making a pretty spectacular entrance in a speed boat. Kourtney, 33, was given a helping hand by a deckhand, but the petite sister still had to swing her legs round before she could stand up.

She said as she walked towards her own car with her two colleagues she heard someone shout Jill."When I looked up and saw James I said outloud 'that's James,' but I don't know how loud I said it because he didn't look in my direction. The photograph showed a side view of the her head, with a mass of blood and human tissue on the back and upper parts.
Then I just sat with her and waited for the ambulance to arrive.'I had my fingers in her mouth to help to breathe. He said he tried to kick the door down with his prosthetic legs and then bashed it with a cricket bat, an attempt to show he had tried to help Steenkamp. Before posting a message please check it is correct: comments with no mistakes are more likely to be published. The Channel 4 programme managed an average of 5.8million viewers - 300,000 fewer than BBC1's flagship Sunday night show, despite the relatively unremarkable items being featured.
And to prove the point, the pair - who had been the subjects of downmarket newspapers for days - were even filmed in the house hugging each other. Just because Alex and I were in the same vicinity, Alex's name was brought into it as well and suddenly it turned into me and Alex fighting.'It was just one of many disappointments for Channel 4. He wasn't supposed to be down and I thought at the time 'what's he doing here at this time of night?'"A  Linda said she made her way home and the next morning went to work as usual. They had been desperate for this year's show to go out with a bang, spending huge sums on celebrities to appear after it was announced this will be the final series, following steadily declining ratings in recent years.One of the most high profile was Ekatarina Ivanova.

When she arrived home at lunchtime and hadn't heard from Jillinda she became concerned and went round to the flat.Linda said, "I could see that James' car was outside still. Ms Thamsaroch was aware of the meetings and believed they were just friends.A But prosecutor Robert Simpson said both Mr de Candole and Ms Thamsaroch became increasingly disturbed by Badian's communication. But when she was asked about her turbulent relationship with Ronnie Wood and her decision to enter the house, the 21-year-old simply shrugged her shoulders before replying: 'He's still a friend, so supports it'. I rang on the buzzer but there was no answer so I rang my husband Barry and asked him to come down with a key."Barry brought the keys to me and I went upstairs. As I walked through the kitchen area into the lounge area I shouted her name again."I knew before I went into the flat that something was wrong.
You have shown little remorse, you are a selfish character."A  Bellas was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 17 years.

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