For the past 21 years, teen magazine Girlfriend have uncovered some of Australia’s most successful modelling talent through their annual model search. Encouraging healthy, confident girls with unique personalities and a fresh face to enter, this year the search is going beyond the standard height and looks package. A great model is more than just a pretty face, and with Girlfriend’s track record of picking future superstars, you’re sure to be in safe hands. Do you still get a prize pack for entering by mail,because i live to faraway to go to the roadshows? Samantha Harris and Contestants of the 2010 Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search pose at Simmer on the Bay on November 17, 2010 in Sydney, Australia.
I liked Drew initially but he's turning out to be a bit of a bitch, playing both sides and snitching on each other.
Matt and Ed are great eye candy but if they could provide us with full naked shots of them in the shower from all angles and eliminate them, I would be ok with that. Australian RTVGamers , please save Tahan I hope the Sisters or one of the meatheads leaves.

This week, the team hits the road, with a number of national roadshow scouting dates around the country.
While their will be the usual finalists and eventual winner, there will also be a people’s choice award for a girl with looks AND talent.
So either enter yourself or tell your sisters, daughters and friends, because who knows, you could have that special something the judges are looking for. But you can enter by mail, so keep an eye out in their magazine for next year’s competition!
I can't believe Tully expected Mikkayla to thank her, as though she did it deliberately to help Mikkayla win in the first place. Their personalities still keep blurring into one for me) suggested that Mikkayla should have saved someone else but herself. But OMG I already loved Ben but now I think he is perfect however I don't think they can have two Ben winners in a Row????
Launching the careers of top models Alyssa Sutherland, Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee Kershaw to name but a few, and 2010 winner Jemma Baines already appearing in editorial for Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia magazines, it’s a worthwhile competition for any girl looking for a head start in the modelling industry.

The overall winner scores not only a 2 year modelling contract with top Australian agency Chic Management and Next Model Management New York, they also get a 12 month contract with sponsor Rimmel London Australia and they opportunity to appear in a Rimmel London campaign.
With a chance to star in a Rimmel London Australian advertisement and to be the face of Girlfriend’s I Am Beautiful campaign for 12 months, it’s a great opportunity for those hoping to spring board into the fashion, entertainment or media industry’s.  So if you fancy yourself as the next model turned presenter (a la Jennifer Hawkins, Megan Gale, Erin McNaught and more) head on down to your nearest roadshow.
If that wasn’t enough, Girlfriend are also throwing in two fashion shoots to appear in the magazine, and a years supply of Rimmel London products.
If you miss out on the number one spot, don’t despair, each national finalist also scores some great prizes.
A two year contract with Chic Management and an all expenses paid trip to Sydney for photo shoots with Girlfriend and Rimmel London, topped off with a Rimmel London product pack valued at $500.

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