After lunch we drove along the picturesque riverside parkway, stopping to check out the new golf course at A’SmugglerA•s Glen.A“ It had been carved out of the Pines and rock. We walked by and admired a casting of females in bronze, a tribute to the early leaders of the Canadian Suffragette movement. Behind the Main Parliament building sits an elegant Library, circular in shape and faced in brown brick. From Parliament Hill, we walked along busy Rideau Street, passing another eye catcher in stone.
If you here the name A’RideauA“ mentioned several times, it is because it is on many named places in Ottawa.
Next to the VeteranA•s Monument is an architectural vision in steel, glass and gray granite. The Cathedral of Notre Dame and a seminary, both on the PLace De Armes, had been their earliest constructions. The business district has broad boulevards and many, many new glass-faced and towering office buildings. The huge complex of the Montreal hospital completes the crowded space on Rue Sherbrooke, just below the A’Mount,A“ for which Montreal is named.
We walked along the busy River front street of Rue Commune, watching the horse drawn buggies and bicycles compete with congested people and auto traffic.
We ventured into Simons and took the escalator down into the A’underground city.A“ It is a connected stretch, of all of the stores above ground, with many more food courts , coffee shops and shopping centers. La starbucks and then climbed up to the surface, like some latter day Eloi, from the movie Time Machine. I asked the hotel concierge to book us reservations at the A’Auberge Vieux PortA“ on Rue Commune, for dinner. After the fireworks, like a huge receding tidal flow, the many thousands of visitors began to recede and exit the old port area.
Gboth had to figure out the French translation for the English idiom A’to each his own.A“ It was sunny and pleasant out. The first floor contained 18th century French furnishings and a panoply of silver ware and Canadian tea services from the 1800A•s. We descended, by elevator, to the basement and walked across the street using the underground tunnel.
We watched and enjoyed the street performers and the thousands of strollers as we finished lunch. It was late afternoon as we walked back to the hotel, stopping by for wine and cheese in Suite #701. Youa€™ll be delighted to watch these alone, with your partner, girlfriends, a pet, mom, sister a€“ depending on the title and its best matching situation. Still, most chick flicks serve just for fun, either for a girlsa€™ night in, or as a clubbing warm up. The great thing about this 1939 classic is your granny and your mom know all about it so you should watch it as well, not only to be able to understand the conversational references made to it, but to find out why it has become an important part of global female culture. You cana€™t but fall in love with the iconic character Scarlett Oa€™Hara and her epic love and life story set in the Old South. Another 1939 classic is perfect for a quiet cuddled up evening with your kids, but also if you feel sentimental and simply need a whiff of your own childhood. The Wicked Witch of the West is a villain who is likely to inspire your next Halloween outfit. As much as it is difficult to decide on the best one, a€?Youa€™ve Got Maila€? is the most representative Meg Ryan chick flick. Every one of us becomes more or less like Gigi after the first date, staring into our mobilea€™s display as if ita€™ll make him call sooner. The stunning Scarlet Johansson showed once again what a genuine Hollywood diva is all about, while Jennifer Aniston enacted a universal girl trauma when a long-term boyfriend just isna€™t proposing yet.
Graceful Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie at her most hypnotic tell a touching story about female bonding in a setting less than usual for a chick flick. Plan a winter evening with the girls, because the characters and their unpredictable actions cause a lot of comments revealing who your friends identify with.
Your man has just broke up with you, or even worse, you found out hea€™s been cheating on you. Fabulous Uma Thurmana€™s rendition of the Bride character empowers women, showing the importance of permanent practice and die-hard persistence.
Therea€™s something irresistibly charming in Julia Roberta€™s portrayal of a prostitute gone Cinderella character Vivian who made this early nineties blockbuster a classic. Alex is your savvy and fun guide for globe trotting and all aspects of self-improvement, from professional and financial to physical. In anticipation for Qixi Festival, otherwise known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, this coming Thursday August 23rd, here are a collection of jokes and humor related to romantic fate, love, dating, and marriage, with a heavy dose of cynicism. Just because I caught one more glimpse of you: Zhou Kehua only got 555,000 RMB throughout eight years of robbery, while the Chongqing girl was awarded 600,000 RMB for simply spotting him. On the bus, sitting opposite us were a middle-aged couple who held hands throughout the trip and kept exchanging loving words.
Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.
Netizen 'A', who claimed that Enes Kaya had cheated on his wife with her and posted their KakaoTalk conversations for proof, sat down for an interview with Money Week. Hahaha so if a celebrity "privately" fly's off to Cambodia to rape kids it's ok because you love them for their talent.
Turning lemons into lemonade isn't a new concept, but the Queen has definitely breathed new life into the idiom.
Between tons of memes and fans tweeting the lyrics to Bey’s prolific tracks, #Lemonade had social media in a frenzy for the last 72 hours. After her very public split with Future, CiCi’s Instagram was flooded with purple umbrellas following the release of his mixtape Purple Reign. Despite the backlash she received for allowing baby Future to spend a lot of time with beau and NFL star Russell Wilson, Ciara continued to win.
Muva Rosebud has never been quiet about how she feels; especially in her 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club in which she called out Kanye, Kim, Tyga, and Kylie. Following a nasty dispute between Kanye and her ex Wiz Khalifa, Amber snapped back at ‘Ye with some tidbits about their sex life, which earned her the crown as clapback queen. No one could’ve predicted that the most dangerous group in the world would have the number one film in the country for weeks and break multiple box office records. After months of denying rumors she had work done, Kylie Jenner finally admitted last year that she did, in fact, get lip fillers.
Steve felt the wrath of the internet after announcing the wrong winner’s name at the Miss Universe pageant. Toya became the butt of many jokes after bringing her marriage woes to TV by appearing on Bravo’s Untying The Knot with soon-to-be ex-husband Memphitz.
But despite the social media scrutiny, Toya turned lead into gold by writing and self publishing her book, How To Lose A Husband, landing herself a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. The rascally Americans had burned the place, during the War of 1812, to shut the British military supply line down.
He was the unlucky British Subaltern who had been routed from town by the rascally Americans, before they torched everything. We enjoyed the meal and our surroundings, counting ourselves lucky to be here hale and healthy, sipping wine and enjoying a meal at a nice resort. We walked along the River for a bit then sat in front of our rooms, admiring the visage of the River and the comings and goings along it. Check-in was a bit hectic, as the beleaguered valet scurried to the hotel lot to retrieve exiting cars and park incoming. It sits strategically on the Ottawa River, astride the border of Ontario and Quebec Provinces. In 1867, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick had been merged into the New Nation of Canada. Then we wandered a bit enjoying the spectacle of a NationA•s Capitol in Summer, tourist throngs enjoying their heritage. The Chateau Fairmont Laurier is a turreted fairy style castle in the grand manner of the Canadian Rail Road mega hotels.
The British had originally constructed the canal as a system for military transport from 1826-1832.
Canada is self sufficient in its oil needs, getting most of its supply from the oil fields in Alberta. A’ (Darcy had beena founder of the Candian Republic but was assiassinated near Parliament Hill in 1867.) It sits at the end of the Sparks St. They marched, wheeled and stood at arms in synchronized movement to the delight of the crowd. Finally, the pipers wailed out the stirring melody of A’Oh Canada,A“ the Canadian National Anthem. For $6, we entered this stone and glass pyramid, marveling at the size and grandeur of the facility. It is an interesting portrait of native Canadian life on the far shores of the Arctic Ocean.
Throngs of tourists were already headed up to Parliament Hill to watch the nightly sound and light show projected onto parliament Building. We walked back along Elgin to our hotel, where we settled in with our books and waited for Morpheus to claim us.

A party of 39 French Missionaries, Sulpician Fathers from Paris, under the direction of Monsignor Maisoneauve comprised the entourage. It is a single-story collection of pricey artistA•s shops, featuring hand-made pottery, jewelry, paintings and other items for the discerning shopper.
It really is an A’underground cityA“ that frozen Montrealers can use during the harsh Winter.
On etage quatre, we found an entire collection of Dutch and Italian painters from the 1600A•s and 1700A•s. A monsoon rainstorm, the night before, had given us water in the basement, and that awful armpit smell of mold, as a return present.
Ita€™s always fun to exchange our opinions and pick up some awesome suggestions in the process. It would be inappropriate to play a rom-com to a friend who recently divorced or broke up, but a movie on girl power and self-confidence will definitely be a useful treat which will help her get over it and move on. They help us relax after work and we really shouldna€™t expect huge artistic value but simply enjoy putting on the pink glasses.
The touching story of Dorothy and her dog whirled up in a tornado can teach your kids right human values through adventures of the unlikely gang Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow who believe they need the almighty Wizard of Oz to gain the lacking qualities. Make a large batch of popcorn and have fun watching it as a grown up allegorical story of maturing process.
Two most epic scenes worth of playing over and over again are Paul Varjaka€™s preaching and the Cat saving rainy street scene. Not only it brings back Meg and Tom Hanks as the couple who enchanted us in a€?Sleepless in Seattlea€?, but it features a charming storyline about anonymous online dating and professional conflict.
When he doesna€™t, endless consultations with friends start, and we tend to make a science out of the situation instead of facing a simple truth a€“ the title of this movie. This girl movie with a twist is set in an upscale private mental clinic where Winonaa€™s sixtiesa€™ teenage character Daisy willingly ends up after gulping down huge amounts of alcohol and aspirin.
Ia€™m not suggesting you should hurt your ex, but to play Kill Bill 1&2 over and over again whenever you feel down to get pumped up with the adrenaline and muster the self-confidence needed to move on. Chances are you know at least someone who keeps the famous Roy Orbisona€™s song as their cell ring tone.
Ita€™s great to compare lists as our sensibilities differ, and you may have seen an awesome movie others have no idea about. Check out our guide to finding ultra sexy lingerie that will make you feel like a goddess. She said the kind of man she fancies is one who can drive on the road and all the other cars are afraid to get too close.
He makes money in USD, EUR, and CAD, and has known why the Earth is so round [meaning he is knowledgeable]. Either date around until you get married, or play around without taking anything seriously, or be haughtily single.
Turning lemons into lemonade isn’t a new concept, but the Queen has definitely breathed new life into the idiom. The socialite, who was once embarrassed by her surgery, turned it into a lucrative business with Kylie Lip Kit. After receiving death threats for the crowning and uncrowning of Miss Colombia, Steve apologized to both her and Miss Philippines.
People questioned her ability to keep a man after Memph revealed she often gave him hall passes within their marriage.
There was even a giant-sized crystallized mural of Blac Chyna, inscribed with the lyrics to their song. Rob posted a no-makeup selfie of a younger Chyna & topped it off with a heart-eye emoji. It sits across the road from where we were staying for the evening, at A’The Glen House resort.A“ It is a small complex, of two story buildings, that sits along a quiet inlet of the St. We checked into our room, #147 of the Hickory Woods section, ($170 night) and then walked down to the water to sit and enjoy the bright sunshine on the river. We sipped a glass of Cabernet, as we read our books and then drifted off to sleep for a pleasant conversation with Ozzie nelson. It is a six-blocks long string of open air restaurants, tourist shops, street performers and office workers, lolling for lunch or a break.
They are an eye catching combination of London and Paris in the 1600A•s, though constructed here in the 1860A•s.
It had originally been founded by ex patriate Americans, fleeing the American Revolution in the 1770A•s.
I wrote up my notes as we sipped a glass of cabernet and then drifted into a conversation with Ozzie Nelson. We settled into our room, read for a time and then drifted into the welcome abyss of sleep. After coffee, we found the A’Canadian Hall.A“ It is an interesting collection of rural and Winter tableaus celebrating Beau Canada. It is a two story , comfortable place with brick walls, wrought iron railings and lots of charm.
It thrived as a fur trading center between Europe and all of the interior of North America.
The Casino, Dome and stadium stand against the skyline as markers of the cityA•s prominence. The temp was warm and in the 80A•s out now, but in the Winter, this place is frigid, with temps falling well below zero. We sat in dimly lit elegance in the 5 star basement restaurant.Obviously our hotel concierge had mistaken us for people of means instead of the casual types that we are. Hebert, Suzor-Cote, Paul Peel, Helen McNichols and others were represented in a delightful gallery of oils that pleases the eye.
We cranked up the air conditioning and drove to a nearby Tim HortonA•s for soup and sandwiches, while the condo cooled off.
Therea€™s a perfect film for every single mood and situation, and my list of top 10 chick flicks of all time covers most of them. Ia€™m listing the top 10 chick flicks of all time in chronological order, as they were created.
Youa€™ll want to make sure your daughters and grand daughters watch it some day too as a legacy. She inspired countless fashion designers, hair stylists and make up artists to make women look as graceful and classy as her. For more active times, watch it over working out on the treadmill or even on your lap top while commuting and travelling. Ita€™s such fun to revisit times when the internet and e-mailing were still a fresh concept.
The fact that most viewers can identify with some of the characters has made this chick flick one of the most recommended one among women world wide. Drew Barrymore points out the modern day dating complications caused by all the advanced communication technologies we use.
Bonus: get the soundtrack, youa€™ll be jogging or even practicing martial arts to it for years to come. It serves great as an unwinding therapy after work when youa€™re just too exhausted to think about real life issues. Ita€™s always fun to revisit the fairytale-ending plot while enjoying Viviana€™s snappy remarks at the same time. Ita€™s not as much about cheating as about the painful reality of growing apart from onea€™s partner and entering the dangerous zone of seeing other people instead of working on your own relationship. Why waste your own youth, and be so earnest about it, just to train another woman’s husband? She was portrayed as single and friend-less (she also parted ways with former BFF Kim Kardashian). In true Kardashian form, Kylie’s kit broke the internet and was sold out within minutes of its release. The fir trees, and the bucolic scenery of the area, much belie the horrendous snowfalls that blanket the area in Winter. Maybe that's why Indians and British soldiers, from the ButlerA•s Rangers, burned Buffalo to the ground a few months later.
We listened to a musical group, watched another street actor and then browsed a few shops, buying some postcards and stamps.
The 1867 Act of Confederation, by the British Parliament, had established Canada as a separate nation.
Roof lines, flourished in black wrought iron, and the cathedral shaped windows reflected the beauty of the French influence on the two flanking buildings. We looked out, from our perch on Parliament hill, and could see the twin silver spires of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the beginnings of A’Embassy RowA“ along Sussex Street. We drove by the enormous Beau Arts Center, the huge War Museum and the much used Museum of Civilization. Noting the the waterfall on the Ottawa River, he remarked that it looked like the curtains (Rideau) in his apartment in Paris. Americans had looked down the sights of their rifles at these men in two wars and fought alongside of them in a dozen others.
It is carved from the Northwest Territories and is peopled by native Inuits along the Arctic shores of Canada. We found and entered the A’Blue Cactus Grille.A“ It is open and airy like Sloppy JoeA•s Grille in Key West.

At Darcy Mc GeeA•s Irish Pub, we stood for a time and listened to the Sons of Scotland play some stirring music on their bag pipes.
We got our tickets at the kiosk and boarded a delightful, open-air, double-decker bus for the ride.($35 each) it was 80 degrees, cloudy and comfortable out. From 1715 through 1815 the small settlement had been surrounded by a stone wall, like cities in medieval Europe.
In 1759, at the climactic battle of Montreal (fought in Quebec City) France lost all of Canada to the English. To combat the harsh temperatures, the city had developed over 33 km of A’underground.A“ Two underground boulevards, paralleling busy Rue Ste. We climbed down from our lofty perch and sought out our chatty van driver for a ride back to the Hotel Place De Armes.
The Main altar is a series of gilded carvings, on three levels, depicting various religious themes. On this end of the waterfront, sits a distinctive tower clock, It rests on a point overlooking the Cartier Bridge and the St. We stopped at a Burger King, for bottles of Eau Dasani, and let our body temperatures cool down. On Rue Francis Xavier, we found something promising called A’Cafe De Mateo.A“ It was hot and we were tiring. It seemed that half of Montreal was in the old port area having dinner and getting ready for the fire works.
This massive Cathedral holds a smaller version of the enormous, four-collumned Throne of St.
We sat for a time in the PLace de Armes, watching the interesting throngs wander to and fro. We chose the outside patio of A’Le Grande TerraceA“ and settled in for Caesar salads with Salmon.
We retreated to our room, where we had cheese, croissants and finished off the Mondavi Cabernet as we read our books and awaited sleep.
Take a deep breath, click the play button and enjoy an evening of Quentin Tarantinoa€™s medicine.
Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are as fun as ever, going through impossible situations and sweet Abu Dhabi escape in the sequel.
She is so beautiful that she outshines the moon, puts the flowers to shame, sinks the fish, charms the wild geese into the sky [Chinese idioms for great beauty], and her wits exceed those of even Zhuge Liang. When I looked through the past broadcasted [shows], when he was filming 'Morning Yard' on April 15, 2013 before 'Jagiya,' he said that he was a bachelor. Since then, Steve is still one of the hardest working men in show business with his own talk show, his gig hosting Little Big Shots, and a super successful morning radio show. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.
It lies on the East end of Lake Ontario and gets the same A’lake effectA“ snow fall that Buffalo gets from Lake Erie.
It is a marvelous Queen Anne style Inn, with rear porches, porticos and a steeply gabled roof line.
The surrounding countryside is rural, with conical silos, the odd brace of horses and farm houses dotting the countryside. The green copper roofs, waving Maple leaf flags and crowds of tourists gave it a holiday flavor. He has little actual official power, but is the ceremonial representative of Queen Elizabeth in Canada. Then, the departing troops lifted their colors and marched off down Rideau and Elgin to their barracks, pipers piping and drums drumming. We walked back to the hotel, had coffee in the outdoor star bucks and then retreated to out air conditioned room for a glass of Cabernet and a conversation with Ozzie Nelson. Historians say that at first neither knew what the land comprised, or indeed wanted to own it, but fate gave it to the English.
Catherine, have emerged as shopping centers, featuring bistros, cafes and all other forms of urban commerce. McGill University, founded in 1821, is the major presence here, with over 20,000 students. We sat there for a bit and then retired to our room, where I wrote up my notes, and enjoyed a glass of cabernet.
Porno shops, strip joints and sleezy bars announced that this is the place to come and slum in Montreal. We wandered back to Rue Francis Xavier and stopped in the small Cafe De Mateo, that we had noticed earlier in the day. Today would be A’une beau jour.A“ We prepped for the day, enjoying the luxurious amenities of this grand suite. Yes, ita€™s just what you need: a two-part brutal masterpiece which will help you let the steam out. If you watch it in a group of friends, debating on the message the movie conveys becomes inevitable. He can step up into the living room [Chinese idiom, meaning he is educated] and step down into the kitchen [Chinese idiom, meaning he is good at doing housework]. Even today many of the settlements, along the 120 miles canal, are peopled by descendants of the original diggers in distinctive irish conclaves.In Winter, the canal is drained to a depth of two feet.
Two of the A’toy soldiers,A“ with their red jackets and black bear helmets, stood guard at the gates of the home. The Rideau Canal, the Ottawa River and the government complexes and embassies all create a tapestry of forested urban beauty. It is spacious, airy and luxurious, befitting the arm and the leg that they charge you to stay here. Much of the old Brownstone mansions, from those who had made it in Montreal, had been converted for college use.
It looks like city officials allow A’Le BumsA“ to sleep and congregate on this far stretch of the waterfront. Laurent and then walked up and into the small but distinctive area known as A’China Town.A“ The requisite signs, in neon red and yellow announcing the lord knows what in Chinese characters, caught our attention.
A perusal of the menu, in French, told us that this was going to be a $300 dinner, with few choices for Vegetarians. She can step up into the living room [Chinese idiom, meaning she is educated] and step down into the kitchen [Chinese idiom, meaning she is good at doing housework]. He thinks spending 10 RMB a day is already extravagant, and is able to buy a house every five years. When I asked about a picture of his wife and a picture of his daughter that was receiving attention on the internet, he said that in 2011, in order to film for the movie 'Haunters' he had a fake marriage arranged for his visa. Far to the South, across the St.Lawrence, we could see the dim flashes of lightning illuminating the sky. Only the dull, matte finish of the lethal looking M-16 rifle, that they carried, alerted you to the actual reason for their presence.
They were to stand in pairs, in one hour shifts as guards, at the gate of the Governor GeneralA•s house on Sussex street. Just across from the Cathedral sits the large VeteranA•s Monument, a tribute to CanadaA•s fallen. Tourists were already strolling the small pedestrian walkway, browsing the ducks and other things you usually find in the windows of Chinese restaurants. Eatons, Simons and a score of other big name Canadian retailers were drawing them in by the hundreds. Everyday she only makes money for her husband, and she only feels hurt when her husband doesn’t spend money. Nearby are the home of the Canadian Premier, Stephen Harper, at 24 Sussex, and several other magnificent mansions, housing various embassies and officials. A film, depicting the early founding of Montreal and its religious history was projected upon the sheets.
It was a 30 minute version of A’La Belle Canada,A“ featuring, in light and sound, the considerable bounty of the Canadian Republic. Actions in India, South Africa, and other venues of the British Raj, had been supported by Colonials from all members of her Common Wealth. An eccentric monk, Brother Anthony, had taken as his life's work, the task of raising money and building this huge complex in honor of St. Our French wasnA•t good enough to understand much of the rapid fire patter on the French stations. After the 30 minute film, the sheets dropped and we got to spend 15 minutes wandering around this beautiful edifice. We sat for 90 minutes as they went through the whole extensive A’customs procedures.A“ We had grown up on the Canadian border and always resented the A’thorough look overA“ by overly officious knuckleheads. A large and ornate complex, that now is a functioning gambling Casino, had been the French Pavilion at the WorldA•s Fair. In the clip, a man who sounds like Enes Kaya says, "What the heck I'm going to completely hate you!
It's been so long since I've heard your voice so I wanted to talk." In other news, JTBC's 'Abnormal Summit' has officially announced that Enes Kaya would be leaving the program as representatives stated, "Enes Kaya has decided to depart from the show without the authenticity of the rumors being confirmed.

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