Chances are you're here because you are stuck at specific level in the game and you have your hint points all gone.
What's The Emoji is another word quiz game for iphone, ipad, ipod touch from cheat master and friends.
If you prefer just little hint to help you progress through the game, check out the list of correct phrases in charming levels above. Collapse It 2 is another physics based puzzle game from notdoppler in which your objectives is to eliminate humans and save zombies. Not busting out zombies is difficult but what's even more difficult is solving hard levels in this game and of course getting three stars rating. Hi Guess the Place level 2 guide, cheats and walkthrough are discussed in this page including exact answers with pictures and video slideshow. What the Riddle is another word quiz developed by rainy day app for the iphone, ipod touch and ipad.
City Quiz Guess the City app is another new word puzzle game for iphone, ipad and ipod touch by mangoo games. Just like Icomania and Icon Pop Quiz, your goal here is input the correct name of a place, city or country based on the minimalist poster or landmark shown in each level.
You're very lucky because giving out solutions, cheats and walkthrough to quiz apps like this is my thing.
In this game, your goal is to guess the correct catch phrase that the emoticons or emojis are implying.
But if you need more direct and exact answers, watch the video I have posted at the bottom which shows What's The Emoji Answers for Charming Levels. That said, here is Collapse It 2 walkthrough which may or may not help you progress (or cheat) through your game.
To be clear, we are talking about the app by Man Zhang for the ipad, iphone and ipod touch. The objective in this app is to guess the correct word based on the four pictures shown in each level. There are categories in this game and I will try to post all answers to them as I solve them.

There are four levels in this game as of press time but only the third level is shown solved in this page. The objective in this game is to enter the correct word or phrases that answers each riddle. Take note of the colors of the plate in the middle (blue, purple, green, black and orange). In that case, feel free to browse City Quiz Guess the City answers below which will help you progress through your game. There several levels in this game each of them contains many different minimalistic posters that depicts and character from movies, comic books and TV.Minimalist art tend to give you something but not everything and that is where the challenge is.
So without boring you any longer with further spiels, here is Hi Guess the Place answers, cheats, guide and walkthrough that will help you progress through the game.
It's cute, it's fun and entertaining but at some point for some people it gets challenging.
In this game, your goal is take out people using an array of explosives while you avoid hurting the undead bystanders.
However, I will provide links at the bottom of this article which will point to other levels' solution.Meanwhile, please help yourselves to the pictures on this page which shows the correct words for each picture in the game.
Well anyways, just scroll down to find the solutions you need but I think the order of questions vary for each individual's game. Zoom back out then go to the box under the lamp table.Use the code from the violet lamp on the circles and use the colors of the plate on the box's color panel.
Tap on the box inside the shelf.Use the colored number codes you got from the main door view earlier.
The game's concept may be so simple in which it shows you four photographs like famous spots, unique food, festivity or famous restaurant, that best describes a city and your job is to just name it.
If your game gets too difficult, you can use Hi Guess the Character level 1 answers and cheat.
That's why I put up this page to extend a helping hand to those players who might need a little assistance in beating this game. Anyways, since this type of games tend to really be difficult to solve at some point or another, here I am again trying to extend help to you guise!

Without further ado here is One Word in Four Pics Classic answers that will definitely help you progress through your game.
If not, well you are not alone me too was once stuck but I managed progress somehow and now I am putting up this walkthrough for everyone to use.This game packs many levels so I will post What The Riddle answers in a series of updates and this page will be the main index for it. If you are looking for other solutions other than what is shown here, follow the link provided at the end of this article. Well it's hard especially if you are not well traveled around the world and it is bound to eat a good chunk of your wits.
Open it then solve the puzzle.Once you get the puzzle solved, it will open up and reveal a newspaper. Use the key from your inventory on the keyhole to stop the blades from spinning then take the red keycard.Now that you have all three keycards, all you need is the color code to open the door. Take it.Now zoom back out to main door view and tap go to the vases at the right of the door. Take note of it because it is part of a code that you will need later.Go back to main door view and examine the shelf on the left wall. There's a safe there that can only be opened by the 12-8-5 code.Take the piece from the safe. Go to the lamp at the left corner then use the violet bulb from your inventory on the lamp.
From the right cup, take the drill's blade.Zoom back out once then on the left side of the table is a plant. I hope this Can You Escape Level 9 and 10 walkthrough helped you progress through your game.
This is Vic Frdnz and I hope that this day be the start of your impending greatness.You can see more of my posts that covers other game walkthrough here. Take note of the color code (blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green).Zoom back out to main view then go to the plant at the left.

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