From romantic and apt to just plain weird: these are the meaning and etymology behind 42 popular travel destinations. These photographs were taking using the  Autochrome Lumiere process, an early way to record color on film by using microscopic grains of potato starch acting as color filters.
Dan Berlin is the first blind athlete to ever run the entire Inca Trail Marathon in one day: teetering over mile-high precipes and flying down thousands of steps. Ecco allora in aiuto la cartina speciale di Get Your Guide che ha, per l’appunto, mappato la capitale inglese attraverso le attrazioni ma soprattutto gli stop per entrare e uscire, e per meglio districarsi nella grande rete sotterranea dei trasporti pubblici. Infatti, capire come muoversi, e sicuramente il primo scoglio da superare in ogni grande capitale che si rispetti, cercando di ottimizzare al massimo i tempi di percorrenza. Sara Best, Nutritionist & Emotional Eating CoachConquer emotional eating and finally find peace with food10-DAY MINDFUL EATING CHALLENGE - Sign up today and receive a simple exercise in your Inbox each day for the next 10 days to help you change your relationship with food for good! Do you find yourself longing for just one more snooze when the alarm goes off in the morning? Do you want to do more of the things you enjoy, but simply lack the energy to get up and do them? I created this downloadable guide to help you pinpoint some of the reasons behind your own AWOL energy and to help you start addressing those issues and start feeling great again. This is practical informaiton that you that you can start using right away to get your energy back and start feeling great again! So many women struggle with emotional eating and feeling like they have no willpower around food that they KNOW isn't good for them.

I combine the latest principles of neuroscience with the ancient principles of mindfulness to help them rewire and reprogram those patterns and habits so they can feel calm and in control around food, and so it becomes EASY to resist that box of Halloween candy in the cupboard or those donuts in the meeting room at work. Each morning you'll get an email with a simple mindful eating exercise that will help you dramatically change your relationship food. In honor of the ‘The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga’ contest going on (vote for your favorite Twilight characters here) we are giving away one copy of  The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer to three lucky winners! The campaign will center on a multiphase contest culminating in the selection of up to six aspiring female filmmakers to direct short films based on characters from the Twilight universe.
The videographer Dapp spent 28 days traversing Argentina and Chile, exploring the unspoilt nature of this wild wilderness. Dan proves that impossible is just a word and we are all capable of reaching new heights, wherever they may be. A Baker Street per andare a caccia dei misteri di Sherlock Holmes e scattarsi qualche memorabile selfie con i celebri personaggi di cera di Madame Tussauds.
Ossia il numero di fermate della Tube di Londra, ognuna con le sue caratteristiche che la rendono unica. Si tratta di un interessante progetto grafico che semplifica di molto quello che di solito provano i turisti che per la prima volta atterrano a Londra. Get You Guide ha fatto proprio questo, ha semplificato la vita a tutti perche, come recita lo slogan di questo nuovo servizio di guide per la citta “proponiamo incredibili esperienze di viaggio in tutto il mondo”.
Londra prima meta estiva per le vacanze degli italianiA Londra ognuno pensa al suo orticello.

Lionsgate, Tongal, Facebook, Volvo Cars, and Women in Film, along with Stephenie Meyer, are bringing you the chance to create Short Films set in the Twilight universe.
The films will be produced and directed with the mentorship of a blue chip panel of advisors, which will ultimately select the winning shorts that will premiere exclusively on the Facebook platform next year.
Altrimenti per immergersi nel verde piu intenso niente di meglio dello stop Notting Hill Gate.
Ma ne sono state scelte solo alcune, le piu interessanti per chi vuole scoprire Londra per la prima volta, o per chi ci vuol ritornare per l’ennesima volta e non sa mai dove andare, evitando di ritornare sugli stessi passi delle vacanze precedenti.
Exploring the origin stories of characters from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, these Short Films will be set in the dynamic world of Twilight. The star-studded group of female panelists will include Stephenie Meyer, actress Kristen Stewart, Academy Award winners Kate Winslet and Octavia Spencer, Jennifer Lee, the award-winning writer and co-director of Disney’s global blockbuster Frozen, Emmy Award-winning actress Julie Bowen, and Women in Film President Cathy Schulman. She is currently heavily fangirling over Outlander, Sam Heughan, Scotland and Downton Abbey. Paris was chosen as one of the cities featured in a commission given by French banker Albert Kahn.

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