You will have three advanced chat settings in which you can mention friends name and lists to show or hide your online status. Turn on chat for all friends except: Select this option, only if you want to hide your online status to some specific friends or lists.
Turn on chat for only some friends: Select this option, only if you want to show your online status to some specific friends or lists. This is Mohammad Shadab, holds a post graduation degree in Applied Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology.
Create a new list and name it Block-list or whatever creative name you have for the people you don’t want to see your status. When you sign in, hover your mouse to the green icon next to the list then click Go offline. So the perfect solution is that hide your online status from Facebook chat with those persons. Facebook has recently revamped its timeline structure and interface keeping it more appealing, intuitive and faster!. The electronic book industry has been booming in Internet world after the creation of PDF format files. Email is great, we can easily read them instantly once we open them to read in our mailbox.

The most popular online video sharing site- Youtube is rapidly accelerating the fast growing music industries on the Internet. Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else. Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers.
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Sometimes, we don't want to chat with specific friends or group of friends like Facebook list, but they can see our online status that leads the conversation, if you don't reply back they heart. So, Here is a some of the common simple but useful Facebook tips and tricks, that you, as a hardcore, or even casual Facebook user should know. This is not a hard work just you have to do some simple steps but most of the persons don’t know about that. All company names, brand names, logos, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
But luckily that phone that sometimes feels like your bestie is going to help you find some real friends a€“ online. It is not necessary to talk with every friend, even with good friends as I earlier said that depends upon the situation.

However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. In addition, you may create friend lists on Facebook, and easily you can select who can see your online status. The simple solution, hides your online status to specific friends or friend lists, and forgets anything.
Showing your status online or offline required some clicks, but due to the beginner's guide, I am showing here a step by step guide. I have seen that when a user created a Facebook account, enjoying making friends with the real friends & strangers.
As time goes by, and due to the busy schedule, it is impossible to talk with everyone who are in your friend lists.

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