Sometimes the biggest thing holding you back from greater success is something you might not even be aware of. Your icebergs may have been formed when you were a child, so they could be pretty well-entrenched and hard to shake, Wittman says.
Walking around with self-limiting beliefs is like being on autopilot, letting some other force tell you how to maneuver in the world, Shatté says. Willingness: Take a deep breath promise your self " No extra feeling " treat them like normal friends" .
Be reasonable: Everything happens for a reason, Face it "your never going to be together, So what" maybe there is a more awesome person waiting for you in the future don't be like " ugh!
Make a fresh start; There is nothing wrong with going back from whence you came, there is no shame on it either. But unfortunately human beings, being what we are, we never get anything done perfectly," he says.

This is where you believe you have to get everything right and perform perfectly, or that you have to do everything yourself. Beliefs here are often about a duty to make others happy or to perform certain roles for others. Here, the beliefs are typically chasing after impossible levels of control in your life and believing life will be better when you achieve them.
But once you find them, you need to give them a rest, even for brief periods, by suspending your disbelief that you can get beyond them. Choose a goal that will help move you in the direction of your overall objective, but make sure it’s slightly out of your comfort zone, she says. When you start to identify and eliminate those beliefs, it can be very liberating, he says. Constantly falling short of that yardstick can lead to sadness, shame, despondency, and frustration, Shatté adds.

When you’re feeling fear or resistance about something, it could be a sign that you have an underlying belief that is triggering those reactions. If that sounds impossible, you need to think again—you do it when you get lost in a movie or other experience that you know is not real, he says.
You may not achieve it at first, but the more you work toward them, the more confidence you will build—and confidence is the enemy of self-limiting beliefs.

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