End of July I came to this hair salon where my mom usually gets her roots touch-up and i asked my hair stylist if he knows how to ombre.
I went back the next day and told him that if he doesn't know how to do ombre please dye it back to dark brown or black. OMG!!!so glad you dyed it all dark again,honestly im not a big fan on Ombre, now when your color washes out your ends are gonna look faded 8(HALLARIOUS THAT YOU PUT THE ADDRESS!!
Oh and having gone to Chinese salons in NYC for many years (I can see the writing in your pictures lol), they NEVER listen to you.
What I do is I download a rating app on my mobile that directs me to the most honest reviews that includes photos of customers hair results too. I just had this same thing happen to me in LA, I'm desperately trying to find a way to have it fixed. Other sizing methods use the "+4 method" or the "above the bust method" to find the band size, which just isn't effective. The "above the bust" method finds your band size by measuring around your chest, underneath your arms but above your bust. Unfortunately, the disparity and misconceptions surrounding bra sizing is just as common with "professional" fitters as it is with anyone else. Try the bra on backwards; if it still feels too tight, sister size up (go up a band size and down a cup size). A Bra That Fits estimates that a woman will try on about 25 different bras before she finds the perfect fit. Once a woman finds a bra that actually fits them, she may be tempted to tell the world and try to get others to see the light. Share the website and share the ABTF subreddit on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever. No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of Treasure Linton.
Check out Bob Bollinger at BGS ( Bollinger Gun Shop ) he is Hydro Dipped Certified as of last year.
I would NEVER EVER come back again, my sisters and mom never came back after what happened to me.
But he thinks the solution is you can just cut the ends of the hair and apply 2 times a week in vitamin A mixed with a teaspoon of dexpanthenol, leave for 15 minutes only on the damaged hair part, wash with shampoo and rinse with leave in one go, do not use heat let it dry naturally.
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The bra industry elsewhere doesn't seem to agree from brand to brand and sizes might not be true to the tag. The support your bra provides comes from it's band, and it can't provide support if it's too loose.
It then subtracts this number from your bust measurement to come up with a cup size (often times ending up 4 cup sizes too small). For some women, this is okay because their underbust and above-the-bust measurements are the same or very close. We don't recommend going to a professional because they are oftentimes still using outdated fitting methods like the +4 or above-the-bust.

You can also check out Bratabase's listings for people selling or even giving away their bras.
If it is now comfortable, your cups are too small, so go up a cup size in the same band size. Sister sizes hold the same volume of cup (amount of boob, if you will), but may fit better or worse depending on your preferred band measurement. Because of this, it's best to find a store that carries brands in your size and try them on there.
The community there has many experts who can help you with any problem you may have, so don't be shy! I'm pretty sad that he messed it up for you cause I think the ombre look would have been awesome on you.
I went to get my hair highlights and light base as I always did whenever I do decide to be blonde again. I can't even believe they had the audacity to tell you to make sure you know what you like on top of it!!! The website is organized into areas of interest called "subreddits" which is exactly what A Bra That Fits is.
Just like we explained above, the same cup size on one girl might not look the same on another girl.
It's true, you won't easily find cups above a DD or bands lower than a 32 in department stores, or even in lingerie stores like Victoria Secret, for that matter.
Even if you're in the United States or Australia, you'll probably want to order from UK brands still, since the disparity is rampant in the States and Australia. Your band size should be as close to your actual underbust measurement as possible in order to maximize the support.
It's great for retailers that don't want to carry a lot of sizes and sell as many bras as possible. This isn't true for everyone, though, as some women might be several more inches around above their bust as opposed to under it.
Using these methods allows them to fit more women into a limited selection of bra sizes, but that's not what your breasts need.
Please keep in mind that if you truly fall within the 32-40, A-DD range you'll still be able to get away with buying brands at department stores or Victoria Secret. Because bras vary from brand to brand and even color to color, you may have to try on a large variety before you find the perfect fit. For every band size you go up, you should go down an equal number of cup sizes, and vice versa. If you can't get to a store, you may have to resort to ordering offline and taking advantage of free shipping and returns like what Amazon offers. Some people are very resistant to change, and may not be interested in hearing your testimony or applying the method to their own bodies.
It looks very nice" I said " If so can you please just dye my hair back to dark brown i don't want ombre anymore, I don't like it." He asked me if i could walk out of the hair salon with this hair.
Just try and do some research on some salons in Manhattan and tell them your story hopefully they can mend your hair!

Here's a quick graphic guide to explain the relationship between band and bust size, created by user ErrantWhimsy for A Bra That Fits. Few places want to carry anything outside of a 32-40, A-DD range because it's more expensive.
If you're elsewhere in Europe, you'll need to use centimeter measurements instead to convert your size.
THEN you should calculate your cup size based on the difference between this raw underbust measurement and your bust measurement.
And since the band of your bra sits underneath your bust, not on top of it or above it, this just isn't accurate. Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack is a retailer found in many city malls that usually carries these brands and sizes.
They might seem too expensive at first, but the quality is mind boggling and definitely worth it.
Your measurements aren't the only thing that decide what bra you should get - shape is also a very important factor. This is a tedious process, but it's almost impossible to find a good fit with your first few new bras. And try to keep them laid out in a drawer like you would see them at Victoria Secret, not folded up and buried under clothes. Any and all help is appreciated.However, please don't take anything off this site - the code, the writing, the artwork - without the permission of the site's author, Treasure Linton.
If you really need help you can hit me up and add me, since we probably live really close haha. Why carry 100+ different sizes (28-46, AA-KK) when you can force people into only 25 different sizes? If you do otherwise, you're stuffing your breasts into too small cups and losing support with a too big band.
Different bras are made for different shapes, such as full on bottom vs full on top, wide vs narrow roots, and shallow vs projected shape. You can read more about sister sizes by clicking the in the calculator at the top of the page. But there are brands that carry "outlier" sizes - such as Freya, Curvy Kate, Panache, Bravissimo, Fantasie and Elomi - that can be found in specialty boutiques or online. Our sizing method matches your band with your underbust and puts you in a properly fitting cup size.
The community there is very helpful and will able to provide you with more personalized advice than this website can give you. However, if you have a larger frame, like a 36 inch underbust, DD cups will look much bigger. I was willing to pay the extra for them to dry my hair again and damage my hair to highlight once again and base coat.

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