On the most recent episode of the AWE Me show DIY Prop Shop, they show you how to build your own version of the Pip-Boy from Fallout 4.
Usually to get a sweet Pip-Boy like this you have to find it on a corpse in the wasteland, but it turns out, it isn’t that difficult to make your own. It doesn’t appear to be the most durable Pip-Boy you can make, but it gets the job done and looks awesome.
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If you are a guy who is still trying to build your muscles,then you may be intimidate to meet nine year old Giuliano Stroe, who is nicknamed the ‘Romanian Hercules’. Stroe has been pumping iron since before he could walk and have been dubbed the ‘world’s strongest boy’. For men who would want to try this type of stunts, some of them may end up with sprain muscles and even land in an emergency room. His dad, Iulian said: “He was very excited about going back to school and he wanted to show his friends he hasn’t been slacking during the holidays. Diaper cakes are a trendy baby shower gift, but why make one that looks like an actual cake, when there are so many clever diaper creations you can make (or buy) instead? As far as whether you like diaper cakes for their aesthetic qualities or not, it’s just a personal preference and it’s certainly not for everyone! Wow Rebecca, I am very flattered that you found my ebook instructions on Etsy and featured the golf set. For those of you who do not like diaper cakes because of the thought of everything being pre-open and handled by others. May I suggest something though?… what if you received something such as a diaper animal?
Even if your anti against using the opened diapers it is still a great gift to receive or give.
My sister and I successfully accomplished a baby carriage done a Lil different but, very much alike!
Blind dates are always potentially disastrous, and even more so for divorcees who've been out of the dating game for years. That's what we were reminded of last week, after reading dating coach Sandy Weiner's primer on how to avoid a blind date from hell after divorce. That's exactly what Imgur user squisheemittensface tried to do before a recent blind date, though things didn't go exactly as planned, unfortunately.

If you've got five dollars and spindly appendages with which to fold, then there's nothing standing between you and your very own Cap Lincoln. This was made for a boy, but you can make it for a girl or gender neutral by choosing different colors or embellishments.
With a larger blanket (I used fleece) wrap the box and diapers, similar to wrapping a present, leaving the back loose.
Fold a receiving blanket until it’s as wide as the diapers and pin to the bottom of the box on one side. Put the bib on top of the diapers, and pull the loose end of the fleece blanket up to cover the back end of the diapers. Pull the folded receiving blanket across the top of the diapers and bib, pinning it on the other side of the bottom of the box. Finish the decorative part with embellishments (the shoes, binkie, ribbon and bow around the box). I don’t want preopened diapers for my baby and I think the whole cake thing is just weird. I can totally understand why some people would be uncomfortable with using pre-opened diapers on babies. Mine was store bought and made with disposable diapers though, and they were probably the cheapest most non-functional diapers imaginable.
I was given one small diaper cake with a nursing cover wrapped around the outside to hold it together and a cute monkey lovey as the topper. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers! Diaper cakes are great because you can create such awesome and unique designs as these for show but then they also so practical for any new mom.
The wagon is a great idea for a girl baby shower and the airplane duck is such a boy theme! It displays the items so creatively and sadly enough these days a sm bag of diapers dang near cost the same of pretty baby shower gift bags (lol) it is for sure a choice prefrence and not for everyone. Be sure sure to call up a friend before the date and ask him or her to check in on you later, just to make sure everything went OK. To sum up what we've learned: Do ask a friend to check up on you in case your blind date is a creeper.
It helps if the diapers are about the same size lengthwise as the box is wide (if that makes sense).

I thought I could recreate the carriage for less money and make it more personalized, so my aunt and I bought supplies and got to work. As far as I’ve seen I really am the only one who feels this way but diaper cakes always give me the willies, even the really well done ones. I personally always make it a priority to maintain a sanitary working environment, which means I always wipe the working area down with environmentally friendly cleansers. In fact there are some diaper cakes out there that are only for decorative purposes and should not be taken apart to be used on babies! The baby bottles in it were very cheap also and did not get used because I was afraid of the BPA. I got ones that featured small baby necessitates and ones just with diapers and giant stuffed animals on them. Do your homework on the person you were set up with and don't be afraid to ask your matchmaking buddy why he or she thinks your date is such a great match for you. I did it with them on their sides, because I could fit more in there that way, rather than laying them flat. Though it did help that the diapers were good-quality name-brand disposies; I might’ve felt a little more hesitant if they looked like dollar-store rejects! Is it not enough that someone who cares about you took the time to create something, just for you, that took time, effort and money without looking down your nose at it? I’ve had customers tell me that although they love how the diaper creation looks, even more so they love taking the creation apart and discovering all the different baby items hidden inside!
The huge bonus was the cloth diapers came in handy for spit ups or in a pinch if I didn’t have a disposable diaper.
I know that all the items I use may ultimately be used on a newborn baby, and so I take great efforts to make sure everything is as clean as possible! But will you still love it if your cousin who never cleans and has a house full of pets made it? Even with store bought still tagged items straight from a store still need washed, they come bagged and bkxed before put out on the racks.

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