The Iron Man armor Mark III is one of the most popular Iron Man suits ever, and one of the most popular armor suits in fiction in general. Obviously, Tony Stark doesn't exist, since the Marvel multiverse is firmly entrenched in the imaginary.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your view, it's not the actual, high-tech armor, but a 3D printed replica made of carbon fiber polymer. It’s happened to some of the best; Steve Jobs was fired by Apple, and it happened to Mark Barros at Contour in Seattle. So could it happen to you?  Would you want it to happen?  If not, you can rest easy as long as you hold 51% of your company and don’t sign any agreements to the contrary. Truth is, for entrepreneurs, that you can be fired, in one way or another, whether you like it or not.  If you’re a bad boss, any of your employees can fire you, in one sense, simply by quitting.

If your abilities are more suited to it, you may want to take the role of “Visionary” in your company (read here for more details on what visionaries do).   The only requirements are that you must indeed be a visionary person, and that you understand the job, want it, and have the capacity to do it. If you owned shares as an angel investor, as I do in several companies, would you not expect that company’s board to hire a top leadership team, adopt the best practices, behave with the utmost integrity, hire the best people for every job, and then lead, manage, and hold them all accountable for results?  Of course you would!  If you aren’t willing to be held to the same standard, how can you expect anyone who works for you to believe in you — ever?  If you don’t want to lead by example, you should fire yourself.  Or be ready to be fired! You must be willing to hold the good of the company above the interests of any one individual, including yourself.   If you do this, you’ll have the basic building blocks you need to build an extraordinarily valuable company you’ll never want to sell.  And you’ll have the best job ever for the rest of your life! I always enjoy reading what you’ve written, because it is always well done, always informative, and always specific and practical, as well as intriguingly written. Maybe you want to look like your favourite sports team or pick a colour that matches your favourite outfit. But remember that computer screens can vary, so make sure you ask for the colour chart when you visit ethos.

And if you ever get bored of your chosen colours, you can always change them next time you get your braces adjusted.
Talk to the Dental Assistant at your next fitting about how you'd like to customise your smile!

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