Good news if you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and want to get him back in your arms! After the break up, some people are more interested in how to get over a relationship than they are in getting back what they once had. Obviously right now you are serious about saving or rekindling your relationship, which is what led you to this article in the first place.
During this time, your ex is going to experience a shift in how he feels about you, since you will no longer be pursuing him. You must remember that the key to this strategy and repairing a break up is to work with human nature rather than attempting to work against it.
T W Jackson is the author of “The Magic of Making Up”, a complete guide to how you can stop your break up, divorce or lovers rejection…even if your situation seems completely hopeless.
In the world of writing, there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not to spend time planning your ebook prior to typing the first word. The reason why is simple: You’ll write your ebook a lot faster and more effectively and the end product will fulfill your purpose. I told him he needed to provide solutions—and ones that a particular segment of his audience (a target market) could actually implement. With that information, he could better focus his idea on what his readers wanted and needed and how to create the change he, as an author, wants to inspire. He had actually complained that when he spoke to large audiences they seemed interested, but no one contacted him later for more information. Plus, he hasn’t ever looked at what other books have been published to see if what he is doing is different, new or necessary.
He would base these on his research, angling the structure and content of his ebook to the needs and desires of his readers and market.
Address the needs of his readers—answers their questions, solves their problems or inspires them to change or create change?

If you follow this kind of plan, which is what I recommended to my client, you will find you can then write your ebook easily and effectively. The whole book, and every chapter will be outlined, and you can just sit down and write with a map that leads you from start to finish. Actually create a bulleted list of everything you plan to cover—all your main points—as well as the benefits you will deliver in each chapter. If you then “write to the points and benefits,” you will easily stay focused and on target.
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If you fall into the second category, however, and want to win back your ex, the strategy that  follows can definitely help.
But if you are feeling overly anxious about getting back you ex, you may be behaving in the wrong way, causing your ex to pull away.
You may become mysterious to him in some ways, because he is not sure what you are doing or feeling. Make yourself appear mysterious and he will be reminded why he loved you in the first place. More often than not, you end up needing to do a lot of editing because what you thought made sense when you were writing actually doesn’t make sense later to anyone but you. This is especially true if you write ebooks to boost your business or to impact readers or inspire them to action of any sort. Recently he hired me for a strategy session, and as we talked, I pointed out that all he seemed to have in his manuscript were broad concepts. However, after struggling to get half his ebook written, he now needs to go back and determine if that part is clearly enough focused, if it serves the goal he set out to accomplish, or if he needs to rewrite, re-angle or revise drastically to make his project viable.

He also would be sure to make his ebook better and more unique than those already published.
Share your experience with planning or not planning your ebook and how it affected the outcome the publication! In short, here are some tips that will greatly improve your chances of getting back together with your ex boyfriend. During this time where there is no contact between you and your ex boyfriend, you can focus on ways that you can improve your own personal life, rather than focusing on the relationship issues at hand. Once you implement this basic strategy you can restore a balance and allow your ex to remember why he loved you in the first place and finally realize what he wants to have back - you! Play hard to get (don’t over do it) and let him make the first move, and you will come out on top. He thinks when they read his book they will all somehow miraculously help change the system.
Struggling against human nature is completely pointless, and it will only make matters worse. Because this is somewhat like a long distance relationship, it’s going to be a challenging time, and it is going to require discipline to prevent you from returning to your old ways. Now your ex is in a position to actually miss you, which is not possible when you are smothering him. He hasn’t decided who to target to best accomplish his goal—or how to accomplish that goal with his book.

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