Anyways, he broke up with me in May and he has a new girlfriend and I got a new boyfriend but I don’t love him nearly as much as my ex and we might break up soon. My boyfriend is still with his girlfriend and in the beginning he was faithful to her (at least with me) and he never did anything. Until about one month ago we were chilling (cause we’re still friends) and he started making out with me.
And then last week, we were just chilling, smoking together and when I left he gave me a hug like he always use to and then kissed me.
And we are supposed to see each other on Monday cause of something he has to give me and he was like “So are you gonna be busy on Tuesday afterwards?
I can deal with not getting gifts and such, but being treated like a financial burden sucks and feeling like I’m stuck alone without his support hurts. You should manage your expectations so that you want him to be great in the areas that he is capable of being great in and go to women for the things women are great at.
I suppose having money helped… but I also like giving now because I realize that it can mean a tremendous amount more to some people than any other gesture. Sometimes women are so fixated on one specific way that a man could be showing love (and isn’t), that they miss all the ways that he is. As a final note, I want you to realize that I’m not bailing the guy off the hook in the relationship.
In your case, it sounds like overall things are good, there are just a few kinks right now. Hi…I have so much to say about my relationship and too scare that it has no happy ending. I think there is a lot to be said for understanding that guys and girls speak different languages and you have to keep this in mind in relationships.
If you are seeking for an urgent help to make your ex want you back, here are the two powerful tips to trigger his emotions. The more unaffected you appear to your ex, the more you will arouse his curiosity to know what makes you so indifferent. It really doesn’t help at all to know why he decided to leave at this stage of the relationship, what matters most is to let the dust settle down so you can see clearly what went wrong in the relationship.

There are many other powerful techniques you can choose from to get your man’s undivided attention. Find out why he's just not that into you anymore -- and what you can do to save your relationship!
He won’t tell me if he is with some one but I know he is and he also made out with me. When I tell him I need more emotional support and he says I’m being needy and unreasonable. If you vent to your guy about something you’re unhappy with, his male mind will overwhelmingly  push him into  problem solving mode. However this has to happen both ways, work out what you actually want from a relationship and what is need ie insecurity and if what you want is still not being met then stop trying to make a round peg fit a square hole. TRY TO GET HIM BACK OR FORGET HIM?”3 REASONS NOT TO STAY FRIENDS AFTER A BREAKUPMY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE I’M UGLYHow To Make Him Regret Losing You – Happiness Is Your Best Revenge.How To Overcome The Feelings Of Rejection After a BreakupI Think My Boyfriend Is Going To Break Up With Me! When you show a guy that you are deeply affected by the breakup, you will only justify his decision to leave. You see, when your man is pulling away, and you don’t want it, there is a clash of wills, stress, and tension.
Even worse, when you insist to know why he wants to leave, you will come across as a desperate and needy woman. If you keep on implementing these techniques, you will soon see your ex-boyfriend displaying signs he wants you back in his life once again.
Plus if he’s easily messing with u and he has a girl then why would you trust him anyway? He loves me, is dedicated to me (and I to him), but sometimes it doesn’t feel like we vibe on the same page.
Guys have a very narrow band of emotions that they find acceptable in their own emotional state.
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However, if you display an unaffected attitude toward his leaving, if you act as if it is the same for you, whether he leaves or stays, he will doubt his decision, and begin to question himself: “Is she seeing someone else?
So by using the power of this method, you are using the weight of your ex’s desire to your advantage, and to his disadvantage. Maybe because he is not sure of himself, or that he doesn’t want to say things that he may regret later. I would be open with him and go from there but I know mine isn’t going to come back to me and that really hurts so guard your heart hun.
If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.
If you act in such away, as it was expected by your ex, it will confirm that his decision to break up with you was right. After a breakup, it is of no use to try to get to the good feelings of your lover, as long as the clash of wills is going on, as long as you want something different from what he wants.
In all cases and whatever the reason of his decision was, you need to hold yourself back from asking him why he took such a decision. You are about to discover two time-tested methods to make a man crave to come back to you and never want to leave. This is exactly what will run through his mind, when he sees you emotionally hurt by the split.
And we have family problems too…we both belong to political family and they are totally against us. I have been praying and tried myself to slove the problem but i jus can’t get the main problem.

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