Question: Yangki, my wife and I have been separated for 3 months, we were married for 17 years. Until you've made that connection and established trust, it'll always be more frustration than progress. If you are a divorced man wondering how can I get my ex wife back, my advice actually has a connection to what I read about Reese Witherspoon getting married again. Mind you it doesn’t HAVE to take a toll on the relationship, after all, God intended marriage to be a partnership where two people work as a TEAM to overcome the problems in life.
Unfortunately this can lead to a blame game spiral that ultimately leads to divorce in a relationship between two people who really do belong together. One challenge you will have is that your ex wife’s most recent memory of you will be the pain of the divorce, so she may not like even thinking about you let alone seeing you or talking to you.
From what I understand, Reese was married for about 7 years, had two children and was divorced. If I were that guy I would be interested in her LOVING me, not just wanting to secure some security!
What I want you to do is honestly evaluate why you think you want to get back together with your ex wife.
Before embarking on the difficult journey of getting your ex wife back, make very sure your motives are pure in this, because that is the only way it’s going to work out the way you want.

And if you do have children, you may not want them to see you two together too much or let them know you might be trying to work things out. If upon examining your motives you find that you really, truly, do want to get your ex wife back and for the right reasons, then go about it the smartest way possible.
One of the most helpful people I could steer you to for some specific recommendations on how to pursue getting your ex wife back is T.W.
We are both in our late 40s so the no contact rule is not something we think is appropriate for people our age. I believe in honest, open, consistent, positive, fun, assertive but not needy (emotionally healthy) communication.
Yet, for some reason, human nature likes to be able to point the finger at someone to be at fault for what ails us. This is complicated further if you are juggling children and associated responsibilities – likely with less money now to do it with.
After all, Reese is without a doubt a very attractive, talented woman with not only money but earning power. If they get their hopes up and you end up not getting back together then that just makes them re-live the pain of the divorce all over again. Do a little research and find out what techniques have the highest likelihood of re-attracting her to you and NOT upsetting her more.

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We have been using his materials for a couple of years now and, quite frankly, have been absolutely amazed with what we have seen.
We talk but it’s on and off because she wants to be single and see what else is out there. I am open to the idea but frankly I feel that I am happier now without her than I was the last couple of years of our marriage.
If we were to get back together, I want to make sure we have a healthy relationship but how we have that when she’s dating other people? All you can do is work on you so the dynamic between the two of you is healthier and happier, and show her that you are still better than whatever is out there.

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