Both of these problems occur when you install another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc in Windows 8 and you set the new browser as default or it automatically sets itself as default web browser in Windows 8. So you have to simply set Internet Explorer as default web browser in Windows and the metro tile of Internet Explorer will come back on Start Screen. PS: Also keep in mind that the Metro version of IE only works when your screen resolution is set to at least 1024x768. Hi: when i start my windows 8 the Internet Explorer is starting automatically on windows log in some time in the metro screen or in the desktop anyone can help?
The first method did not work and when I go to "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults" I chose the "Internet Explorer" option, but when I press okay it ALWAYS restores my custom settings (I try to change video player, but it always resets to original) Please help.
After days of investigating and following many help advisories, speaking and having Microsoft technician assistance to no avail, my steps finally worked. I only have IE 11, this icon and control panel are missing from my start menu and apps screen.
Weird bug as I have never installed or used a different browser but that's the wonderful world of software I suppose. Now in case you set an alternative browser as your default browser, the Metro-styled Internet Explorer tile from the Windows 8 Start Screen may go missing. If you have set some other browser as the default browser, setting Internet Explorer back as the default browser via the Control Panel will help resolve the issue.
In any case, whether you want to set IE as the default browser or not, there is a simpler way, and that is to start typing Internet Explorer, when on the Start Screen. If it is the Internet Explorer desktop version shortcut that you want placed on the start screen, open C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and right-click on iexplore.

That said, you earn one demerit for not telling me which version of Windows you're running. If memory serves, XP and Vista lack that context-menu "pinning" option, but you can just as easily drag an Internet Explorer icon from the Start or All Programs menu to the Taskbar.
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PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. As soon as a new browser is set as default, Windows 8 replaces Internet Explorer metro tile with the Desktop version of IE and IE metro tile disappears from Start Screen. First if you are at Start Screen, go to Windows Desktop by clicking on Desktop tile or pressing WIN key.
So double check your screen resolution if IE doesn't open when you click on its tile in Start Screen. I've had my surface for two months and have just been assuming that ie10 just didn't work on a touchscreen! I had given up Ubuntu, when I bought my new PC with Windows 8, but more and more I feel like going back to Ubuntu. I want Firefox as my default browser, but occasionally I would like to use a metro browser, as MS is actively stopping me using the metro IE I'll simply use the UC browser from now on when I want tablet style browsing, hopeful Firefox tablet mode will be more feature rich by the time it comes out of beta. The Metro or Windows App style IE browser has been designed especially for touch-enabled devices such as tablets.
As my dad likes to say, "Everything is easy if you know how." And if you don't know how to fix this particular hassle, well, nothing easy about it!

Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. A few other Windows 8 users have complained that when they try to launch Metro IE by clicking on its tile in Start Screen, it doesn't open, actually nothing happens. I think the screen resolution helped me since I have tried the other default setting and it never worked.
To fix this problem and get the missing Internet Explorer tile back on Windows 8 Start Screen, follow these simple instructions.
And if you want to remove it, just right-click its Taskbar icon and choose Unpin this program from taskbar. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Like Youtube, rather than it being saved in a bookmarks folder it's a tile I can click on directly from my Metro Homepage..
To take it from the start screen and make that the only way to get it back is beyond abuse.

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