The easiest way to find your vaginal opening is by feeling with your fingers and looking with a mirror.
I know ita€™s kind of weird to explore down there and period blood can be kind of icky at first but there is nothing to be afraid of.
By the end of this tutorial, youa€™ll learn about the parts of your vulva in addition to finding your vaginal opening. Your vaginal opening is located in between your inner lips so use your fingers to spread your lips apart. Some inner labia are long and flappy, some stick out, and some are hidden inside the outer labia. When you look at your vaginal opening, it probably looks like there is something blocking the opening.
Your vaginal opening leads to the vaginal canal and what you see blocking your opening is just your vaginal canal in its relaxed state. Think of your vaginal canal as a flattened muscular tube that can become stretch to open up.
Your opening can stretch up to open up like you see in the diagram and can shrink or flatten to its relaxed state.
It may feel a bit weird or uncomfortable since this may be a new feeling to you but it should not be very painful.
Dona€™t worry, it is unlikely that you will break your hymen by sliding your finger or tampon applicator inside.
The hymen is like a stretchy ring of tissue that can stretch to fit your finger or tampon applicator. It is impossible to accidentally put your finger or tampon applicator inside your urethral opening or pee hole.
If you are having trouble sliding your finger or tampon in, try using some personal lubricant. It may be helpful to not look at all and just feel for your vaginal opening using your fingers.
If you still havena€™t found your vaginal opening yet, leave a comment and tell me which step you are having trouble with. This is a tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff I like. You see, the media puts this idea into women’s heads that your vagina has to look like ____, smell like ____, and work like ____.
On this pro-period website, we'll be deconstructing menstruation, periods, menarches, moontimes and more. Be sure to check out the rest of the great resources we've included on the 'Sites We Like' page. We'll do our best to answer any questions that you have while we entertain you with our absolutely absorbing period-positive posts. NOTE: This is a sex-positive, body-positive, gender-neutral, PoC-friendly, queer-happy, LGBTerrific, and trigger-free site. DISCLAIMER: We give lots and lots of reproductive health-related advice on this blog that is founded on our experiences, the experiences of others and our own thorough, independent research. The question is simply a modification of the “Tell me something about yourself” but this time with a twist. It might look like a simple question, but only a few of the candidates can answer it in an appropriate manner.
Hopefully, I will not disappoint you by saying that “because I need a job” or “because I need money” is not the best answer you could give.
When you apply for a job, we may assume that: You consider you are suitable for that job and you are interested in that job. Secondly, conduct a brief research on the company you are applying for and identify what motivates your interest. Relate these findings with your self-assessment results and build strong arguments to support your interest. Before heading to your interview, the most basic thing you should do is to research about the company.
To add, please do not say: “I just saw it in Jobstreet or Jobsdb or a job posting websites or over the internet then voila!
There is no right or wrong answers to these questions, but your answer must reflect that you have thought about what you want and have researched the company. Your answer can be like this: “Company X is well-known in Soy Sauce Manufacturing industry. The best way to respond to this question is to make a good answer that emphasize what you can offer for the company and why if you can meet the job opening requirements.

A vision is a picture or idea you have in your mind of yourself while staying in the company that you want to achieve which can happen for the next five years. This question was asked to me recently in my current work and I answered this with “I can see myself being one of the catalysts of improvement and change in the corporate structure as well as the operations of the company. Keep in mind that saying a specific time frame on how long you’ll be staying in the company can have a negative feedback on you. Asking questions demonstrates that you, as an applicant is very interested in job position they are offering. 5fy3ofm - 5mm Three Diamond Set Wedding Ring9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring with an offset channel featuring 3 round diamonds in a grain setting.
At The Wedding Ring Company we believe wedding rings are a symbol of devotion and hold a lifetime of memories, because of what they mean to you, and we know that your wedding rings will be one of the most precious parts of your wedding day.
There are as many different looking vaginas and vulvas as there are different looking faces!
If you are nervous and tense up, you will also tense up your vaginal opening and it will be harder to slide your finger or tampon in.
No two vaginas are identical, and to think something is “wrong” with yours is crazy!
As young girls, in sex ed (if we even have sex ed!), we aren’t taught about vaginas and how they look. While we feel that our site is a reliable source of information about reproductive health, we do not claim to be healthcare professionals. Most of the time, we we’re asked by the interviewer with a very common job interview question that unfortunately, we’re not familiar.
I guess the Human Resources Department people got tired of hearing the same memorized stuffs they’ve been hearing for years wherein they can easily read it in resume.
Forget about your personal information and work experiences, I’m pretty sure they’ll be asking you later about this. Thus this question is not usually addressed in this form; the employer needs to have it answered and, needless to say, the answer has a significant impact on the final result of your interview. This helps you to identify your strengths and apply for jobs where those will be best valued.
It could be the industry, the company’s position on the market, its values, quality of services, strategy and so on.
It is very practical in your state that you are applying for more than one company to land on your very first job. Common sense and probably true but it won’t get you a notch higher against other applicant if you answer like that. Express you interest in the company based on your research (see Job Interview Question #3).Point out that you can easily fit in with the environment of the company and especially the position your applying. I’ve researched your company and found out that it has great potential to be the one of the largest manufacturing company in the future and has a very impressive history with regards to manufacturing condiments and other products.
The question is designed to trick you and can blew out the interview process by letting you underpriced or overpriced on the salary your demanding Be cautious on answering this.
There’s two very important elements hidden behind this question, first, what you offer for the company and second, what the company wants.
To answers this question, it is important to focus you response mostly on your strengths rather than your weakness. No one likes to be criticized because criticism implies mistake was made and no one likes to make mistakes. Mention some realistic goals you want to accomplish but make sure that it is achievable but not too low. Your finger will slide in easily if you allow your finger to bend, following the natural angle of your vaginal opening.
I used to be freaked out, and I wouldn’t actually let my boyfriend put his hand in my pants. You just need to be you and love your vagina (vajayjay, pussy… whatever you call it!). And since we are unfamiliar on how to answer those job interview questions, everything falls and we blew out our chance to get hired. Read carefully the job ad and apply only when you meet the mandatory requirements and you consider your strengths relevant for that job. Find out what would be that thing that could make you choose that job in that company from another job in another company.
You can either start with the date when did the company started, the industry where the company belongs to and the main product or services it offers to the public. The reason why the interviewer is asking you this kind of question is to know if you’re hunting for a greener pasture.

The interviewer simply wants to observe how you select a specific company to work for and if you are selective in your job search. The strengths you just mentioned must be similar to the characteristics the employer is looking for. This question can also be related to the question “How do you see yourself in five years from now?”. Of course, I started reading more about it and found out that lots of other women were in the same situation. Instead, prepare a great speech that you’re leaving the company with positive reasons like you found a great opportunity in the job opening they offer or you’re looking for a higher degree of responsibility in terms of work. All we want to know it is that you did your research and analyzed the findings from your own perspective. Prepare a little story that illustrates why the characteristics is truly one of your strengths.
Present a clear purpose, deamination and commitment to your own career goals by demonstrating that you plan ahead of time. This simply concludes that you’re not prepared to take a responsibility since you lack of goals.
If you fire out your question, make sure that this is not a “common sense answered question” and an “obvious answer if your just listening” kind of question. Read the job interview questions listed and try to find some strategies that will fit for you. If you move forward from this question and the interviewer demands you to answer this, politely and honestly answer the question. Remember that employer really love to hire employees who take a serious thought about their career growth and professional development because it will benefit them. Inject in your goal that the company will truly benefit if your goals will be accomplished. When the interviewer answers your question, pay attention to the answer and ask a follow up question. Though it’s just an “expected salary” we’re talking about here but don’t just burst out some random amounts you want. You don’t want to apply for a position that requires a very unique set of skill that you (unfortunately) lack of it. People with clear visions are most likely to become the company’s asset and pride and bound to be one of the future leaders.
I’m very positive that you’ll be choosing the highest salary and the sweetest benefits package, right? As of this moment, I’m looking for a company where I can stay for a long period of time where I can learn and improve my skills.” or something like “As long as we both feel that I’m still doing a good job”.
Do not tell that you love partying and all night drinking sessions with your college friends. The dilemma will be brought forward to the HR Department, they will be going through the beginning of the search. First, after asking your greatest strengths, they want to know if you realized (after those God like strengths you’ve just mentioned) that you are not perfect. The best answer to suggest is to say that you are open for possibilities if the time comes the work requires you to do so. If your Interviewer insists that you give a specific number of years, (In my opinion and most of the time I use this line) I say Five (5) Years. Say something like, you can normally work overtime through the month if required to meet the deadlines.
To keep it simple, the great and best way to answer this question is by confidently saying NO.
If this is your first time to work then you can answer “At least budgeted salary range for this position.” if and only if you’re fine with their budgeted salary range. Be careful to demand a certain amount, it might be enormously higher than the budgeted salary for the position you’re applying for.
Show sincerity and honesty in your eyes when you answer this question especially when you’re telling a big lie. If you don’t know how to answer this question, you can ask your Interviewer if they can give you an idea of how much is the range salary for the position you’re applying. There’s nothing wrong with that, you just simply demonstrated that you have no idea of the salary range.

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