But if you ever do get a nagging thought at the back of your mind, and wonder if your girlfriend’s not over her ex yet, chances are, you’re probably right! And you won’t always notice the signs immediately if your girl is still lost in thoughts about her ex. She may appear sad and bored when she’s with you, and even keep her distance from you now and then. And at other times, she may get really annoyed with you if you drop by unannounced, especially when she’s meeting her old friends, and that includes her ex. If your girlfriend’s only recently broken up with her boyfriend, it’s pretty obvious she’s still going to miss him or think of him now and then. If you believe your girlfriend is still smitten by her ex or is having second thoughts about getting back with him, talk about it with your girlfriend.

But on a personal note, if your girlfriend is stuck in a shoddy love triangle inside her head, it’s not going to end well, at least for you! If the thought of your girlfriend wanting her ex nags you, use these 14 signs your girlfriend isn’t over her ex to decipher her thoughts. Gregory KelleyAtlanta Gay Relationship ExaminerGregory Kelley is a resident of Atlanta GA and has tremendously enjoyed the culture of the city. How not to wear a sundress this summerA high school football player is facing some serious consequences after accepting a dare to expose himself for the team photo. Use these 14 subtle but shocking signs to find out if your girlfriend’s still not over her ex yet! But there’s a very thin line between missing an ex on memory lane, and missing an ex and pining over him.

Tell her that you believe she’s been distant for a while, and ask her if there’s something you could do to help her because her behavior is not helping the relationship, and it’s not helping you trust her blindly because you’re confused by her recent indifference. Gregory is Atlanta's Gay Relationship Examiner and new gay author of the reality novella series For The Love Of which will be published by Publish America in the next few months. Do not send cut flowersConsumers who are concerned about the environment and health should be aware of the good and bad options of buying cut flowers.
It is fictional story that depicts the life of a gay couple living in the "hard knock jungle" of the Atlanta Urban City.

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