The signs are there.A  You suspect your partner is cheating and having a cyber, emotional or physical affair. Before you even consider confronting your partner, it is essential thatA  you have proof a€“ not a hunch, an idea or a fear, but REAL, TANGIBLE proof of the infidelity, such as a text, email, or voicemail message, a private detectivea€™s report, a piece of clothing you found that doesna€™t belong to you, or even photographs, a€”something that you can produce as indisputable evidence. Without proof, you will look (or be treated) like a distrusting fool at best and, at worst, you will ensure that your cheating partner learns to cover their tracks better.
The more proof you possess, the greater the chance youa€™ll have to get your partner to come clean. When you first confront your partner, dona€™t be surprised, be prepared that your partner may get defensive, adamantly deny A any and all wrongdoing and dismiss everything (i.e. When it comes to emotional or cyber infidelity where no physical intimacy has occurred, the boundaries are blurrier. Cheaters often use distraction as a tactic to deflect the truth by claiming youa€™re overly jealous or too paranoid.
To do this, you must approach your partner in a rational, non-threatening way that alleviates your partner’s fear instead of aggravating it. It is very important to remain calm, no matter how much you may want to inflict physical harm on your cheating partner! However, getting upset, accusing, attacking, or name-calling will put your partner on the defensive and not help you get to the truth.
Do a personal check in and make sure that you are emotionally prepared for the outcome of the discussion. First, A remember to do everything you can humanly do to stay calm so that you can approach your partner in a diplomatic, non-combative way. It helps to think of having this conversation as a way to come together to understandA  and discuss what went wrong and what you can do about it now.
You Might Also Like:Is Your Partner Chatting or Cheating on Facebook?Has Your Online Friendship Crossed the Line? It’s nice to see you being so respectful towards your ex after the end of the relationship. People might feel like they can get away with violating a traffic law or cheating on their taxes, but God and His laws work much differently. Answer: A Yes, God knows each one of us (every person on earth) better than we know ourselves. Answer: A Because there is only one narrow path that leads to godlikeness, and thus to His kingdom.
Answer: A God permits disobedience and sin to continue until all people everywhere are at last fully convinced of God's justice, love, and mercy. Answer: A If I have had no opportunity to learn a certain Bible truth, God does not hold me accountable. Jesus says that He will call them to His true way, and His true sheep will hear and follow (John 10:16, 27).
When we love and want to trust someone, it can create huge blind spots in our ability to see the truth. It is often easy for the betrayer to deceive themselves (and you) into thinking their behavior is meaningless and harmless.A A  Their denial may be even more defensive or aggressive.
They may even blame you for the time they were spending A with someone else, claiming they needed a supportive friend because you were dropping the ball in the relationship by not providing something your partner needed or wanted. Once you have a confession and know what’s really going on, you can work at a solution.

A A The intention is to get your partner to respond in a way that is forthright and honest.
But no matter what your partner says or does, your purpose is to persevere until you get to the truth. Have a plan for how youa€™ll deal with your anger and frustration when these emotions come up. Studies show that people shut down, become defensive and lie when asked too many pointed questions (i.e. There’s is no greater way to make a bag thing worse than to just go in screaming and flailing and asking for trouble.
I found myself in a similar situation not too long ago, I wish it would have ended this cordially. God sees everything we do, hears everything we say, and He really does care about how we behave.
All will finally realize that God, by requiring obedience, is not trying to force His will upon us, but rather is trying to keep us from hurting and destroying ourselves. He promises to keep me from error and lead me safely to all truth if I: (1) pray earnestly for guidance, (2) sincerely study God's Word, and (3) follow truth as soon as I am shown.
But the Bible teaches that I am responsible to God for all the light (knowledge of right) I have and all I can have! Satan, in order to make God's requests appear unreasonable, invented the falsehood that obedience is impossible. We must give God credit for being wise enough to require some things of us we may not understand. He knows that all disobedience is sin and that sin brings unhappiness, tragedy, alienation from God, and eventual destruction. He promises that just as He worked a miracle to bring us the new birth, He will also continue to work needed miracles in our lives (as we gladly follow Him) until we are safe in His kingdom. Matthew 7:21-23 makes it clear that many who prophesy, cast out devils, and do many wonderful works in Christ's name will be lost but will think they are saved. In fact, it is essential to your own healing, as well as, the healing of your relationship that you are able to express your emotions. A A The more calmly you deal with the truth, the more your partner will tell you the truth. All I can say is that I wish I would have taken this advice instead of doing some of the things I did. However, for many of us, we drift away from this level of bliss and rapture, never to return. While the Lord offers forgiveness for our sins, there still are deadly consequences for breaking God's law.
The Bible is the map and guidebook with full instructions, warnings, and information on how to safely reach that kingdom.
The sin problem is not settled until even the most cynical and hardened sinners are convinced of God's love and confess that He is just. This being true, surely it is high time to abandon all fuzziness regarding what is right or wrong.
It seems so harmless to wait, but the Bible teaches that unless a person acts immediately upon light, it quickly turns to darkness.
When a person knowingly rejects light and continues in disobedience, the light eventually goes out, and he is left in total darkness.

The Bible is speaking here not of one single act or sin but of a presumptuous continuation in sin and a refusal to surrender to Christ after one knows better.
God does not promise eternal life to those who merely make a profession of faith or are church members or are baptized, but rather to those who do His will, which is revealed in Scripture. It will take perhaps a major catastrophe or worse to convince some, but the horrible results of sinful living will finally convince all that God is just and right. People had better stop letting their own foolish whims and egotistical notions guide them and pay attention to God's great book. Of this group, only two (Caleb and Joshua) fully followed the Lord, and they alone entered Canaan. Obstacles to obedience are not removed while we stand and wait; instead, they usually increase in size. No child will fully obey his parents unless he loves them, nor will he love his parents if he does not obey. Simple faith and trust in God will cause us to believe that He knows what is best for us and will never lead us in any wrong path. Those who refuse to obey God will end up believing a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12) and thus think they are saved when instead they are lost. A Phrase the problem in a non-judgmental way by stating, a€?Something I discovered is upsetting me. This is what I need.a€? A If you can approach your partner with an expressed desire to use their confession for gooda€“to ultimately improve your relationshipa€“the conversation will be far more fruitful. Even though it ended up not working out, I still have so much respect for her for how she handled it. How to Confess and Keep Your MateOvercoming infidelity is a process, taking time and dedication. It is folly for us, in our ignorance, to question God's leadership, even when we may not fully understand all His reasons. People who won't accept the plain teachings of the Bible would not be convinced by a sign either. Ia€™m concerned (sad, hurt, frustrated) and Ia€™d like to talk with you about it.a€? A This will maximize your chances of being heard and ultimately A getting the truth. Reworking and rebuilding a relationship after infidelity isn't easy, but neither is divorce. Freedom without obedience is like the false freedom of the drifting balloon or the driverless car.
I could easily see how angry and hurt she was, but she was prepared for that and didn’t let it get in the way out us talking it out.
If the Bible had not been given, people would sooner or later have discovered (by trial and error) that the great principles of the Bible exist and are true. Why Every Couple Today Needs a Social Media PrenupDiscuss and write down what's off-limits and what needs prior approval. So the words of the Bible are not merely advice which we can accept or ignore without consequences.
A person cannot live any way he wishes and still become godlike any more than a builder can ignore the blueprints for a house without running into trouble.

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