Walt Disney’s 1989 contemporary film version of The Little Mermaid and consequent story books were a return for Disney to the traditional story genre.
Like Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, Ariel too is interested in the world above and she wants to experience it all.
One day whilst disobeying her father she rescues and consequently falls in love with a handsome prince named Eric. Ariel seeks out the sea-witch Ursula, with whom she strikes a deal where by Ursula turns her tail into legs for the exchange of Ariel’s beautiful voice. With some help from her animal friends the day is saved and Ariel gets her 'Happily Ever After' ending after all. So I got quite a lot of response regarding my failed Unicorn sketch so I thought I’d write a little post about how bad it really was. Anyway, my fellow performers at the Groundlings are the most vulnerable people I have ever met. A prince arrives and announces he’s always wanted to marry a unicorn, does she know of any? The villain comes out I run backstage and remove the Unicorn horn and paste on a prosthetic bloody hole.
I fumble and try to pick the hair out of the fake blood and glue while the Villain and Hopper the bunny try to fill for lines on stage.
I know that some rides like Star Tours, and Toy Story Mania, by necessity need to use screens as part of the ride. In Ariel's transformation to a human, why not use an animatronic with fiber optic sparklers around her legs, or even a Pepper's Ghost trick to make it look like her fin changes into legs? And why have a screen Ariel overheard when I guess they could have built a little Ariel animatronic to make it look like the real Little Mermaid is circling above? Maybe that's a good thing as it might mean that there is some space behind these screens that they could use to put in a real scene.
I just ask because the screens are very close to the ride vehicle, just figured there was a wall a foot behind them or something. I personally have no problem with the use of screens where it is appropriate, it's not like the entire Mermaid ride is nothing but screens they are only used in three place (best I can remember). And at the risk of starting another argument, I just don't understand you deep seated hatred of this ride? I would also say that I love the BoG restaurant area, and that 7DMT just might turn out to be a very nice ride if they had the same level of details. What I really would like to see would be a diagram that shows the space in the Mermaid show building, as far as screens are concerned. Plus, I believe there were rumors that the old plans for FLE used some really neat magic trick where Cinderella would transform from the maid into a ball gown in front of guests eyes.
I figure that a Pepper's Ghost type trick could be used to switch between two version of Ariel, perhaps masking the transition with the use of fiber optic pixie dust or something. I haven't ridden Potter or even Spiderman yet, I always just visited Disney parks in Orlando, though I am interested to see Potter in the future when I make it back out there. Maybe this diagram explains why some scenes don't have a lot of real estate to play with. The ride would be better if they had real actresses playing every Ariel animatronic and interacting with each guest.
I'm not known for giving Disney any slack, but at what point do you say people are being unreasonable. Peter Pan has the pirate ship flying to London, a nice little scene with a fiber optic (I guess) pirate boat at the end, much more whimsical than Peter Pan, Wendy, and the lost boys lining up to wave good-bye. Remember, Mermaid will be where it is for a long time, probably four decades or more, I think it is better to do it right the first time and let the quality bring people back into the parks.
Mary reasons that, because Ariel was a princess, she surely had to learn to be literate at some point in her life.
So why does Ariel waste all her time playing charades with Prince Eric, instead of slipping him a post-it note with “MERMAID. The Huffington Post originally shared the post from Mary’s Facebook, and Buzzfeed picked it up from there. The Little Mermaid is a stage musical adaptation of film of the same name produced by Disney Theatrical that debuted in Denver in previews from July to September 2007 before beginning Broadway previews in November of that year. The story opens with Prince Eric, his adviser, Grimsby, and sailors aboard a ship at sea, discussing the "mythical" merfolk that supposedly live under the sea.
Deep on the ocean floor in the merfolk's kingdom, a concert in honor of a defeated coup d'etat by Ursula, the sea witch, is underway, being performed by the daughters of Triton, the sea king. When Ariel returns home, she is berated by King Triton, who is angered to learn that she has been on the surface again as contact between the merfolk and human world is forbidden.
Ariel and Flounder meet Scuttle at the surface to see Prince Eric's ship and the people on it up close.
Ariel returns home, and her changed behavior makes her sisters and Flounder suspect that she's fallen in love ("She's In Love").
King Triton learns that Ariel saved a human from drowning, and confronts her about what happened to her mother ("The World Above (Reprise)"). Ariel goes to Ursula, who presents a deal: whe will be turned into a human for three days, during which she has to get the kiss of true love from Eric. The next evening, after taking Ariel on a tour of the kingdom, Eric takes her on a quiet boat ride through a lagoon. King Triton arrives to confront his sister and rescue Ariel, who has returned to her mermaid form.
King Triton soon realizes that he must let Ariel go and transforms her back into a human ("If Only (Reprise)"). The musical had a pre-Broadway tryout at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' Ellie Caulkins Opera House July 26, 2007 through September 9, 2007. The musical began previews on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on November 3, 2007 and was temporarily shut down on November 10, 2007 due to the Broadway stagehand strike. The original Broadway production closed on August 30, 2009, after 50 previews and 685 performances. Direction was by Francesca Zambello, making her Broadway debut, with choreography by Stephen Mear.
To assist the performers in achieving the effect of underwater movement on stage, the actors wear wheel-heeled footwear. A regional production will take place at Music Theatre of Wichita in Wichita, KS in August 2011.
By popular demand the newly revised production will premiere as a return engagement at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre as part the 2014 season. An Israeli production of the musical run across Israel starring Rinat Gabai as Ariel and Guy Zu-Aretz as Prince Arik. Philippine-based Atlantis Productions has secured the rights to the musical and will stage it in Manila from November 18 to December 11, 2011.
T4F, the largest company responsible for bringing Broadway musicals to Brazil is building another theatre and The Little Mermaid will be the opening show. The Joop van den Ende division of Stage Entertainment will host a new production of the show.
A replica of the European production will open in Tokyo Japan on April 7, 2013 as part of Disney's partnership with the Shiki Theatre Company.
Ariel (portrayed by Sierra Boggess) - The beautiful, adventurous, independent, determined, stubborn, and headstrong protagonist of the musical, dreaming of life on land instead of living under the sea. Ursula (portrayed by Sherie Rene Scott) - Sea Witch - The musical's sinister and cunning primary antagonist.

King Triton (portrayed by Norm Lewis) - The strict but caring father of Ariel, and ruler over Atlantica.
Sebastian (portrayed by Tituss Burgess) - Crab - Ariel's musical and practical guardian, King Triton's faithful court composer. Scuttle (portrayed by Eddie Korbich) - Seagull - He believes he is an expert on human artifacts, although he is mainly incorrect, and is often consulted by Ariel for information on her discovered "treasures". Chef Louis (portrayed by John Treacy Egan])- The castle chef, who tries to capture Sebastian and cook him for dinner. Carlotta (portrayed by Heidi Blickenstaff) - Seemingly the castle's primary maid and housekeeper.
The shark chase sequence that introduces Ariel and Flounder has been removed and replaced with "The World Above". Ursula's magic shell is just a large nautilus shell, whereas in the 1989 film she wears it as a necklace. Ursula and Triton are equal, and upon the death of their father, Poseidon, she received the magic shell while he received the trident.
The "Under the Sea" sequence has been moved to after King Triton destroys Ariel's collection of human treasures rather than before. The magic shell allows Ursula to spy on people, so she does not "use" Flotsam and Jetsam's eyes as in the film. Ursula's alter ego, Vanessa, is not included thereby omitting the subplot of Eric's brainwashing by her as well as the subsequent end. There was originally going to be a scene in the demo featuring Vanessa, where Ursula transformed solely to be cruel rather than out of desperation, also using a recording of Ariel's voice to hypnotize Eric, but it was cut alongside the intended song "All Good Things Must End" because Ursula's actress in the final version, Sherie Rene Scott, felt this was out of character for what she envisioned of her, and was instead replaced by "I Want The Good Times Back".
In the musical, Ariel does not get her voice back until after she is turned back into a mermaid. In the film, Flotsam and Jetsam are killed when Ursula accidentally zaps them with the trident. Ursula is destroyed simply by breaking the magic shell, as staging her becoming a giant and subsequent impalement on a ship would be too complicated and expensive to stage. In the European and Sacramento productions Ariel and King Triton learn during the last confrontation that Ursula killed Ariel's mother. Scuttle sings in the musical, while in the film he only hums after Ariel and Flounder escape from the shark and before and during "Kiss the Girl", he sings a very bad squawking sound. To make room for the musical Disney closed "Beauty and the Beast" on July 29, 2007 due to fears that the audience and tourists would fight over them. Like many of Disney's more modern evil women, she is represented as overweight and powerful.
Not since Sleeping Beauty in 1959 had there been a traditional story reworked in the Disney formula. However her plans are nearly thwarted by Ursula who poses as a beautiful princess with Ariels voice.
In high school in order to be a member of the Thespians we had to spend a day doing vulnerable and embarrassing things like acting like cows eating grass at lunch. In order to do good work you have to be ok with doing TERRIBLE work and falling on your face from time to time.
I am in a zone staring into the lights catching glimpses of serious faces in the front row. Out of the corner of my eye I see the actor playing The Prince madly flipping through the script trying to remember his lines. I try a scene about a woman who speaks so much baby talk to her dog that it literally kills the dog. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I know that there are screens used extensively in Mermaid, but I guess I just chalked it up to limited space, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe this is why it is hard (at least for me) to get into the magic of the ride as you switch between screens and animatronics and nothing feels like it is connected. The screens are just another tool in the imgineers toolbox, I see not reasonnot to use them.
You can't deny it, this is the second thread you have started to criticize elements of the ride, not to mention discussions in other threads. I can't imagine disliking a ride SO much that I would feel the need to continually post about it on a website. I really think the animated effect for the transformation works better than any animitronic would. Toad where Toad winds up in hell and the ride ends, which I think kind of works as it is part of the story, and is a neat scene visually.
In which case, the problem must be that Ariel doesn’t understand how dingle-whozits (translation: pens) work.
In the comments of both, fans have tried to justify Ariel’s behavior, saying that not revealing the bargain with Ursula may have been a clause in the contract, or Ariel knew saying a sea witch stole her voice would make her look completely insane. It closed on August 30, 2009 after 50 previews and 685 performances and since, various tours have begun. King Triton's court composer, Sebastian, has composed a song for the girls to perform ("King Triton's Daughters").
She explains that she was banished from the palace because she used black magic, and tells her minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, to keep an eye on her lovely young niece, whom she thinks will be the key to getting the crown and trident ("I Want the Good Times Back").
She rushes off, upset, and King Triton assigns Sebastian, whom Ariel made a laughing stock because of her absence at the concert, to watch over her and make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. Grimsby tries to reason with Eric telling him he must find a bride and take his place as king.
Back on land, Eric is determined to the find the woman who saved his life, but the only clue he has is ("Her Voice"). Scuttle and the seagulls give her a pep talk to bring her spirits up and get her used to her new legs ("Positoovity").
All of the foreign princesses sing to Eric to the tune of "Part of Your World" to see if he can recognize the girl for whom he is looking ("The Contest"). He agrees to take her place, and Ursula celebrates her victory as she claims the trident and declares herself queen ("Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)").
That ended on November 28, 2007 and the show resumed previews the next day and the official opening date was postponed from the previously planned December 6, 2007 to January 10, 2008. Thomas Schumacher, producer and president of Disney Theatrical Productions said "it would be fiscally irresponsible to our shareholders to risk operating losses with such a big show in the historically challenging fall months. Scenic design was by George Tsypin, costume design by Tatiana Noginova and lighting design by Natasha Katz.
The best female singer in the Philippines named Rachelle Ann Go will star as Ariel and Erik Santos will appear as Prince Eric. The auditions may occur by the end of 2011 and the idea is to bring new names to the Brazilian musical theatre. It will be directed by Glenn Casal with costumes by Bob Crowley and open May 12, 2012 at Martini Plaza in Groningen. She tricks Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of human legs in order to hopefully win Prince Eric's heart, only to attempt to take advantage of Ariel's naivety. He originally hates humans, due to the loss of his wife, causing him to commonly reprimand Ariel for her constant human explorations, but eventually realizes it is best to let her follow her dreams.
He is destined to recover the girl that saved him from drowning, ignorant to the fact that it is Ariel, with whom he eventually falls in love with. He serves as the musical's primary comic relief, and reluctantly assists Ariel in her efforts to charm Prince Eric.

Seemingly a close friend of Eric's late father, his main initiative is to ensure that Eric marries a princess to maintain his promise to the deceased king. Despite the remarks of her fellow maids and servants, she is exceptionally kind to Ariel and does her best to make her feel comfortable.
Each ruled half the oceans, until her cruelty and use of black magic led to him deposing her and assuming full reign over the entire ocean world.
In some new productions outside of Broadway, however, it is back to where it was in the film. In place of it, there is a contest with foreign princesses singing songs to see if Eric can recognize any of them to have Ariel's voice. In the musical they swim away after Ariel takes Ursula's magic shell and their fate is unknown after that. Singleton were the original Flounder, but had to leave the show shortly after opening because they had grown taller than Sierra Boggess.
When Ariel seeks her help she informs Ariel that it will cost her her voice then and that to 'get your man' you dont need a voice. Perhaps the fact that The Little Mermaid was a box office hit encouraged Disney's consequent string of traditional stories such as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. At this point other cast members have pooled at the stage entrance to see what’s making the theater so quiet. Of the three uses in Mermaid the I like the overhead one the best, I don't thing they could have gotten anywhere near the same effect if they had used animatronics. However, the youngest, Ariel, is not there for her solo, bringing the concert to a grinding halt. She sits alone in her grotto, which contains her collection of human things, and sings about how she does not believe humans are so bad ("Part of Your World").
He and Grimsby come up with the idea of holding a ball where foreign princesses will sing to him in hopes that one will be the girl for whom he is looking. Ariel is unsure about this because of her father telling her that the shell was the fragile life source of Ursula's witchcraft.
Sebastian and some of the lagoon animals try to create a romantic atmosphere for him to kiss her ("Kiss the Girl").
Jodi Benson and Pat Carroll who both starred in the 1989 film as Ariel and Ursula respectively, attended the Opening Night ceremony. The original cast featured Sierra Boggess in the title role of Ariel, Sean Palmer as Prince Eric, Brian D'Addario and Trevor Braun alternate as Flounder, Norm Lewis as Triton, Rene Scott] as Ursula, Tituss Burgess as Sebastian, Tyler Maynard as Flotsam, Derrick Baskin as Jetsam, Jonathan Freeman as Grimsby, and Treacy Egan] as Chef Louis. Pop star Tessa Sunniva van Tol will star as Ariel with Tommie Christiaan as Prince Eric, Marjolijn Touw as Ursula, Roberto de Groot as King Triton and Juan Wells as Sebastian.
However, once he realizes Ariel is a princess, he is more than happy to let them wed, especially since her father is King Triton, the ruler of the sea. This is changed for the new European version and the Sacramento production, where she is his older sister and receives a magic ball (instead of shell) as a gift from their father to keep her difficult behaviour under control. Rather, she suggests that Ariel needs to remember the powerof 'body language' and that men dont 'like a lot of blabber.. It’s another to be in a VERY elaborate costume as the lead of the scene singing and it flops. I walk alone to the hallway in the back of the theater and tell myself “You can do this. Also, in DCA space was an issue, since they built Mermaid to fit into an existing space in the park, so the size and shape of the ride was constrained by the space they had to work with.
If I remember right, the top shot is not really visible for a long period of time and was more of a transition turn.
She has forgotten about it entirely, and is swimming around the surface, admiring her new found item, a fork. Just before they do so, Flotsam and Jetsam give the boat an "electric shock" and swim away gloating ("Sweet Child (Reprise)"). Eric's ship arrives and she uses the trident to raise the sea level higher, having his interference out of the way. Ursula's song "I Want the Good Times Back" has been replaced with new song written for the character called "Daddy's Little Angel". She uses it to kills her father and older sisters and rules the ocean up until the time that King Triton comes of age and takes her throne.
D'Addario was the vocalist on the original cast recording and performed on the opening night. God, take this, Universe take this and please just give me the magic it takes to do a good scene. She realizes that she is falling in love with him, and vows to somehow find a way to be with him ("Part of Your World (Reprise)"). He tries reason with her by pointing out the wonders of the undersea world ("Under the Sea").
He brings her back to his palace, where the head mistress, Carlotta, and the maids bathe and dress her nicely for her night out with him. As the second day ends, Sebastian gives Ariel a pep talk in order to help her get Eric the next day. Ursula then appears, floods the ballroom, and tells her that the sun has set and she has lost.
While she is distracted, Ariel then grabs the magic shell, regains her voice, and threatens to smash it. Unlike the Broadway production, the International productions include brand new costumes and flying stunts for Ariel, her family, Flounder, and Scuttle. After she rescues the prince and falls madly in love, her interest turns from material to romantic desire. And I have to continue speaking in that voice that apparently isn’t very funny anymore.
I know it is post-wedding for Ariel, but she got married on a ship, and the scene looks very cramped. Together with her best friend, Flounder, she visits Scuttle and his fellow seagulls to ask about the human things she's collected, and he explains them somewhat erroneously ("Human Stuff"). She is fascinated by the human world she finds herself in and the maids wonder why Eric would bring such a girl to the palace ("Beyond My Wildest Dreams"). Carlotta arrives to get her ready for bed and tells her about the singing contest which is to be held the next day.
In the end of the story, with no real cost to herself Ariel gets her man and everything else she 'wants' too. As she wishes she could tell Eric everything King Triton worries about where she has gone, Sebastian is concerned for her since her time as a human is almost up, and Eric still dreams of finding the girl who saved him even though he does not want to lose Ariel ("If Only (Quartet)"). Ursula begins to sweet talk her, saying she can turn her into a human again and reunite her with Eric. Disney turned the story from a 'meditation on spiritual values into a much more conventional tale in which the heroine is rewarded at the end with a marriage- an ending that Andersen specifically rejects’ (Hastings 2004). Afterwards, Sebastian returns to the sea and rehearses his apology and explanation to King Triton.
Believing the shell is within her grasp, Ursula tells her that since they have proven she was not a "daddy's girl" anymore, King Triton will rot on the ocean floor forever and she will trust her instead.
Meanwhile, Ursula is anxiously waiting for the three days to end and sends Flotsam and Jetsam to hurry things along ("I Want The Good Times Back (Reprise)").

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