I know that some rides like Star Tours, and Toy Story Mania, by necessity need to use screens as part of the ride.
In Ariel's transformation to a human, why not use an animatronic with fiber optic sparklers around her legs, or even a Pepper's Ghost trick to make it look like her fin changes into legs? And why have a screen Ariel overheard when I guess they could have built a little Ariel animatronic to make it look like the real Little Mermaid is circling above? Maybe that's a good thing as it might mean that there is some space behind these screens that they could use to put in a real scene. I just ask because the screens are very close to the ride vehicle, just figured there was a wall a foot behind them or something. I personally have no problem with the use of screens where it is appropriate, it's not like the entire Mermaid ride is nothing but screens they are only used in three place (best I can remember).
And at the risk of starting another argument, I just don't understand you deep seated hatred of this ride?
I would also say that I love the BoG restaurant area, and that 7DMT just might turn out to be a very nice ride if they had the same level of details.
What I really would like to see would be a diagram that shows the space in the Mermaid show building, as far as screens are concerned. Plus, I believe there were rumors that the old plans for FLE used some really neat magic trick where Cinderella would transform from the maid into a ball gown in front of guests eyes. I figure that a Pepper's Ghost type trick could be used to switch between two version of Ariel, perhaps masking the transition with the use of fiber optic pixie dust or something. I haven't ridden Potter or even Spiderman yet, I always just visited Disney parks in Orlando, though I am interested to see Potter in the future when I make it back out there. Maybe this diagram explains why some scenes don't have a lot of real estate to play with.
The ride would be better if they had real actresses playing every Ariel animatronic and interacting with each guest. I'm not known for giving Disney any slack, but at what point do you say people are being unreasonable. Peter Pan has the pirate ship flying to London, a nice little scene with a fiber optic (I guess) pirate boat at the end, much more whimsical than Peter Pan, Wendy, and the lost boys lining up to wave good-bye. Remember, Mermaid will be where it is for a long time, probably four decades or more, I think it is better to do it right the first time and let the quality bring people back into the parks. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White became fast friends with a little mermaid who rescued her from The Evil Queen’s knights after she jumped off a cliff.
There’s definitely a lot different about this episode from the actual story from Han Christian Anderson. The grandmother explains that humans have a much shorter lifespan than merfolks’ 300 years, but that when mermaids die they turn to sea foam and cease to exist, while humans have an eternal soul that lives on in Heaven. Drinking the potion will make her feel as if a sword is being passed through her, yet when she recovers she will have two beautiful legs, and will be able to dance like no human has ever danced before. This episode takes us back to the Enchanted Forest, where a bandit Snow White was seen running from two of the Evil Queen’s guards. Obviously, this also takes place at the same time that Regina told Rumple that Belle was dead. Sea Goddess Ursula, out of the kindness of her heart, grants mermaids the ability to walk on land during the highest tide until the next high tide. Again, what Once Upon a Time did with Ariel’s story is somewhat different from the original story by Han Christian Anderson.
When a mermaid turns 15, she is permitted to swim to the surface to watch the world above, and when the sisters become old enough, each of them visits the upper world every year.
In this version of Ariel, is she still the daughter of the Sea King, King Triton, the ruler of the underwater kingdom of the Sea of Atlantica?
Usually, the set in Once Upon a Time are a mixed of physical props and computer-generated ones.
Snow speaks so much about honesty and doing the hard thing to Ariel; being open and vulnerable to each other.
Ariel then walked to the shore to talk to Ursula, who is actually The Evil Queen posing as the mythical sea goddess. Ariel and Snow escaped but when Snow asked Ariel to still go find her prince, Ariel suddenly lose her voice. By the way, DJ Firewolf shared that Ursula was voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown, who was also in the Good Morning, Storybrooke as Goldie Locksley.
I do not think that they would show the real Ursula in this episode threatening Regina if Ursula wasn’t going to be a part of the story later on this season. Are we going to see an angry Ursula some time in the episode, to possibly seek revenge on Regina for impersonating her?
Still in his good firm, Hook told David and Mary Margaret that Neal is alive, an honorable thing to do definitely. I might be over thinking it but, when Emma decided to rescue Neal first it was definitely the last straw for Regina. Tired of waiting around, Regina finally bailed the Charmings and Hook to try to save Henry on her own.
As Rumpelstiltskin tries to see the future, Pan interrupted him by handing him is favorite meal—eggs in a basket. My question is whether Rumple and Peter Pan are connected so if one dies, the other dies too.
Rumplestiltskin came to Neverland positive that he would have to die in order to save Hennry. Are they connected just like how Harry and Voldemort were — neither can live while the other survives? In the Lost Girl episode, Belle kept telling Rumple to do the right thing; to not abandon his grandson just like he did his son, Baelfire.
As Emma, Snow, Hook and David followed the tracks to the Echo Cave, Emma confessed to her mother about her kissing Hook. Regina and Rumple plans to defeat Pan by containing him into a fate worse than death using something that can be found in Mr. Now that Rumple knows Neal is still alive, he no longer has the guilt and now his nasty habit of self-preservation.
Regina also told Rumple that they are the two most powerful practitioners of magic who have ever lived.
Hook thought that he’d never be capable of letting go of his first love, Milah, that he could never find someone else aside from Milah. I do know that Snow has felt this regret for so long about giving up Emma and not being able to raise her. Now that David can’t leave Neverland, can Snow and David become parents to the Lost Boys? So relieved Charming’s secret is out though, seeing Snow being honest about wanting a real chance to be a family and for him to crush it broke my heart.
Lastly, while Emma admitted that she never stopped Neal, she was somehow wishing that tracking Neal in the Echo Cave was just a trick; that he was dead because it would be easier for her to love and lose Neal than to face the pain all over again.

Would it be better if they face it together than pushing all the pain behind by herself, though?
Outside the cave, Neal shared his own secret to Emma that he’s never going to stop fighting for her. I think now that Ariel is in the picture, that this may set up the story for all the characters to travel back into the Enchanted Forest.
With Tinkerbell in Neverland, and Ariel now on her way to Storybrooke, how are they going to work together?
Emma and Neal aren’t married, so there is no reason to force Emma to work anything out with Neal. I am really sorry for what you have been through, and I do understand how difficult it must be for children who grow up in fractured families.
You’re also reading your own views too much into the relationship between Emma and Neil. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word baelfire means an outdoor fire often used as a signal fire. Mary reasons that, because Ariel was a princess, she surely had to learn to be literate at some point in her life. So why does Ariel waste all her time playing charades with Prince Eric, instead of slipping him a post-it note with “MERMAID.
The Huffington Post originally shared the post from Mary’s Facebook, and Buzzfeed picked it up from there.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I know that there are screens used extensively in Mermaid, but I guess I just chalked it up to limited space, but now I'm not so sure.
Maybe this is why it is hard (at least for me) to get into the magic of the ride as you switch between screens and animatronics and nothing feels like it is connected. The screens are just another tool in the imgineers toolbox, I see not reasonnot to use them. You can't deny it, this is the second thread you have started to criticize elements of the ride, not to mention discussions in other threads. I can't imagine disliking a ride SO much that I would feel the need to continually post about it on a website. I really think the animated effect for the transformation works better than any animitronic would. Toad where Toad winds up in hell and the ride ends, which I think kind of works as it is part of the story, and is a neat scene visually.
One night, a terrible storm swept across the sea.Ariel and Flounder watched as a prince fell off a huge ship. In Neverland, Emma, Hook, David, and Mary Margaret went to save Neal by spilling their deepest darkest secrets. However, it will constantly feel like she is walking on glass hard enough to make her feet bleed most terribly.
As each of them returns, the Little Mermaid listens longingly to their various descriptions of the surface and of human beings. The show may be reusing sets, but is the Phoenix-shaped bird somehow symbolic or is it just another prop that they are reusing? Lana Parrilla, by the way, did a great job of seeming like the Ursula we know from Disney’s the Little Mermaid. But just as The Evil Queen was choking Snow, Ariel attacked the Evil Queen using the fork she took from the ball. Ursula did warn Regina that the next time she claims to be her, she’ll find out what it really feels like to be her, after all. Is Neal too much for her to handle, that’s why she left them and decided to go on her own way? This has been mentioned again and again and I can’t help but wonder if there is deeper meaning to this. He also keeps suggesting for Rumple to leave Neverland, go back to Storybrooke and start a new life with Belle.
However, in this episode, Belle encouraged Rumple to come home with her to Storybrooke and start a family with her.
Pan said that he is in tune with every grain of sand on the island, and we saw that Greg and Tamara’s batteries have been turned to sand.
Perhaps the Shadow represents Pan’s own “shadow of a doubt.” For example, the more disbelief takes hold of Pan, the more powerful that Shadow becomes.
When Snow revealed in the Echo Caves that she wanted another child, and then subsequently found out that David has to stay in Neverland, I immediately thought that maybe she will stay behind to parent the Lost Boys.
Maybe the events at the end of the Neverland arc will show that Neverland is going to cease to exist sometime in the future, and so Snow takes it upon herself to raise the Lost Boys before sending them off to live the rest of their lives. David, on the other hand, finally admitted that he got hit by the dreamshade, almost died because of the poison, was saved by Hook, and that he can’t leave Neverland anymore.
It was definitely Prince Charming-like; it takes one person to have a hope and stick-through to make the relationship work.
Is he going to hold on to his love to Emma, be willing to sacrifice himself so that Emma can have her own happy ending? She said that she would rather that Neal is really dead, but is she really ready to put her past behind to be with her future, which is Hook? This is now annoying me since as far as we know she was not affected by the curse, was in Neverland or is like Rumple.
Regina then handed Ariel her bracelet back to allow her to walk again, this time taking control of it on her own, and go back to Storybrooke to retrieve something that can help enact Rumple and Regina’s plan. We now have 2 characters who have the ability to travel between realms: Ariel and Tinkerbell.
In which case, the problem must be that Ariel doesn’t understand how dingle-whozits (translation: pens) work. In the comments of both, fans have tried to justify Ariel’s behavior, saying that not revealing the bargain with Ursula may have been a clause in the contract, or Ariel knew saying a sea witch stole her voice would make her look completely insane.
Of the three uses in Mermaid the I like the overhead one the best, I don't thing they could have gotten anywhere near the same effect if they had used animatronics.
In addition, she will only obtain a soul if she finds true love’s kiss and if the prince loves her and marries her, for then a part of his soul will flow into her. During one of her interviews during the San Diego Comic Con, Lana Parrilla bluntly admitted how she loved Ursula and how she somehow wanted to play her. Did the dingelhopper hindered her magical ability that’s why she wasn’t able to fight back?
Or is she really just being a mother to Henry who wanted to get her son back as soon as  possible?
Pan knew about Hook kissing Emma, about the prophesy concerning Rumple, and about Henry’s dream of adventure). This could be an intresting complication and dark magic similar to this has been used before such as the candle trading ones life for another and Snow seeing and feeling what Regina felt trough a teardrop.

If it wasn’t the real Belle that Rumple talks to all this time, was it also the Shadow telling him those things about breaking his nasty habits? Also, another interesting fact it’s hypothesized that the Sandman legend has its origins in Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams. Also, the fact that it has been perpetually dark in NL for over a week makes me think that a shadow has quite literally fallen over the island. Hook told them that the only way to get inside is by revealing a secret; spill your guts, deepest darkest secrets, ones that you will never admit to anyone. Hook also indicated that this is one of Pan’s games, that he thought their secrets will weaken them. I think they showed us Snow’s big secret in wanting another child not just to further her progression towards a happy ending, but to hint at the future of the Lost Boys once the Neverland story is done. Although,I firmly believe Charming will get off the island and they will have a baby I’m glad she is angry. Emma would have to abandon her family to be with Hook but I don’t see it that way at all.
Apparently, she still hasn’t got her voice back since her last encounter with the Evil Queen. I guess the whole frozen time concept is just starting to confuse me since I would have thought Ariel would have aged.
I am wondering if Ariel’s legs will only last a certain amount of time in StoryBrooke or Ariel will be reunited with Eric, but be forced to use his ship to get back to Neverland.
I believe at some point of the show, that these two will work together and get the residents of Storybrooke back home. Sure, it’s possible to have healthy relationships between children and separated parents, but the odds are against it. He obviously did not have a good childhood in Regina’s custody, and is only just now starting to come around to trusting her. As for baggage, family relationships, and relationships in general, will always have baggage.
Also, in DCA space was an issue, since they built Mermaid to fit into an existing space in the park, so the size and shape of the ride was constrained by the space they had to work with. If I remember right, the top shot is not really visible for a long period of time and was more of a transition turn. Otherwise, at dawn on the first day after he marries another woman, the Little Mermaid will die brokenhearted and disintegrate into sea foam. But since Rumple refused to help her, I assume that regina then went to Maleficent for help. Regina isn’t really an outright liar, is she somehow referring to herself when she said that to Ariel? If Regina teaches Emma the concept of dark magic, and Rumpel wasn’t around to teach her about good magic, who would teach her?
If no one can’t see the future in Neverland, how did Pan know about Henry being the truest believer? If you recall from 2?21, the only thing that truly frightens the Shadow is light, just as the Wraith was afraid of light in 2?1.
Snow also told her that she deserves a happy ending, and that happy endings always start with hope. Aside from Pan, Rumple and Neal, no one else knows about the prophecy and with Rumple’s shadow in possession of the Dark One’s dagger, what else could kill Rumpelstiltskin?
Or is Regina referring to them being two of the most powerful practitioners of magic because it’s the Evil Queen and The Dark One joining forces?
I don’t know what happens to David in my theory in terms of whether he stays with her or goes back to Storybrooke somehow. Emma and Neal haven’t been together for eleven years, and there is too much baggage and water under the bridge. Its really not about choosing parents selfish desires over a child’s emotional development. I rewatched that episode and in the scene where young Cora meets young Eva, I saw the same symbol, with a Phoenix-shaped bird. And in a way, Regina is imitating Ursula again [in Neverland] without knowing it, and so Ursula will get her revenge. Two people are linked together, or a person is linked to an object, such that whatever happens to one also happens to the other. For example, when Baelfire used a match against the Shadow, it recoiled from the flame and dropped Baelfire into the ocean surrounding NL. Emma says it was just a kiss, but now that she finds out that Neal could be alive, is Emma confused about her feelings? He risked his life to come to Neverland, risked it again to defy Pan and save David, did the honest thing and told everyone that Neal was alive and was instrumental in saving him from the Echo caves. I know it is post-wedding for Ariel, but she got married on a ship, and the scene looks very cramped. Also, the name BaelFIRE (which is simply the Old English word for bonfire) reaffirms that Neal knows how to fight the Shadow with fire. He did the right thing by having Emma reunite with Neal but at the same time letting his feelings for her be known. Now that the Shadow has grown more powerful, it is perpetually night in NL so that the Shadow can always roam the island being in complete control. I don’t think forcing a relationship between his biological parents is the only way to ensure his well being. And having a lot of people who love and support him is not the same thing as having a stable family to grow up in. Its called growing pains, we’re all going to need alot of those to stomach the world. And it would make sense if Neverland were actually just a land made out of sand, the sand of the Sandman, which can be formed by the heart of the truest believer.
And a stable family is exactly what Henry has not had at any point that we’ve seen yet. They each have definite and strong ties to the others, ties that would be extremely selfish to ignore now that they have, for the first time, a chance to honor and fulfil. If your family wasn’t broken up over a divorce they it would eventually be broken up over death. What I loved about both Hook and Emma’s secrets were that they echoed the same desires.

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