In a recent post, I spoke about how fixing your credit report can be an important New Year’s resolution, and how you can do so by getting your free annual credit report.
Even for someone like myself who has learned (often the hard way through trial and error) about credit scores and what they mean, it is still difficult to know exactly how much that your score is being or will be affected by a certain action. In addition to that, they also have a really fun and useful feature that can predict what your credit score may be if you, let’s say, add a credit card or loan, or have a lender pull your credit. We have been working on our credit faithfully for months now, and on one of our scores, we have managed to raise it 92 points since April 2011.
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Should you have any questions in regards to this disclaimer or terms of use, feel free to contact author directly. After my post on how I got two free tickets to Alaska, I had some friends ask how credit card applications affected one’s credit score. By this point, we all know it’s time to get our finances on track and start saving for those big goals.
If you’re just waking up to the fact that you managed to destroy your credit in your 20s, remember this – there is hope.
Keep in mind the score range in Canada is from 300 to 900 and that a good credit score is 760 or higher.
This seems like a no-brainier, but making even one day late payments takes a toll on our credit score. Not only will exceeding your limit allow your credit card company to charge you a large fee, going even $1 over your limit will hurt your credit score every single time it happens. While making your mortgage payment is important, it is generally not reported on the Canadian credit report. While you may not see the point in having multiple credit cards, the fact is, having a zero balance card that you use sporadically and always pay off on time will help improve a low credit score. While it might be tempting to sign up for one just to get that sweet discount they’re offering, the credit bureaus look at those super high interest cards very poorly, and that will reflect in your score.
The credit gatekeepers will deem a person with two cards at half capacity much more favourably than the same person with one card that is almost maxed out. While you can check your own score without suffering any penalty, they will dock you on pre-approvals from lenders before you’re ready to buy. About The AuthorLisa Lagace Lisa Lagace is a Toronto-based freelance writer and blogger obsessed with finding the best sights and sounds of the city. To ensure that you don’t become the next victim of identity theft, follow these 9 tips to keep your identity from being stolen. Due to the rash of identity theft crimes, the government now allows you to check your credit report for free every twelve months.
This is a good idea if you already have a car and a house, don’t plan on opening a new credit card and have no plans to ask for a loan anytime soon. It is imperative that you hide (or lock up) your social security card, tax forms and travel documents.
Thieves love the anonymity the online world gives them because it reduces the chances of being caught stealing. Before you sell your tablet, smartphone, computer or an old hard drive, completely wipe it clean. Get Edwin’s Money NewsletterSubscribe to Edwin's exclusive MONEY newsletter and join the 451 other people getting MONEY advice in their inbox weekly.

Subscribe my MONEY newsletter and get exclusive money tips from my blog network every week! Discover the Secrets to How I Beat Bill Collectors from LVNV Funding LLC, Erased Them From my Credit Reports, and Raised my Credit Score to 763! If LVNV is calling you, they’re not just collecting for Sears or another one of their clients – they may have bought your debt and now own rights to it! This was a huge mistake and I learned that putting your demands in writing is the only way to get any results.
In fact, I discovered that Lexington has removed thousands of LVNV Funding collection and charge offs items on behalf of their clients. A TOTAL of 1,493 LVNV Funding related collection items deleted in the first quarter (Q1) of 2008! A TOTAL of 2,690 LVNV Funding related collection items deleted in the second quarter (Q2) of 2008! A TOTAL of 2,209 LVNV Funding related collection items deleted in the third quarter (Q3) of 2008! A TOTAL of 1,314 LVNV Funding related collection items deleted in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2008!
I’m proud to report that Lexington Law deleted all my LVNV collections and charge offs too! Lexington Law has experience deleting all types of questionable bad credit items including charge offs, collections, bankruptcy, judgments, repossessions, late payments, and more. I have also spoken in previous posts about free ways to monitor your credit score, as well as why it is so vital to do so. If that one number so defines us, it seems logical to know what goes into making up that number. Too many people are spooked by their credit score instead of being knowledgeable about what it all means.
Not only can you get your credit score for free, but their Credit Report Card will explain the various components that make up your credit score, give you a letter grade on each, and put them in order according to importance.
Their Credit Score Simulator can help to foster wise decision-making in order to achieve positive results and avoid negative implications. We have used a number of techniques to accomplish this, and there are some things that only time can heal, but the point is that with a little hard work, research, determination, and intentional behavior, you can improve your financial outlook.
And in those discussions, they relayed that if they were completely honest, they had no idea how a credit score worked.
We know it affects our car loans and mortgage rates but we don’t fully understand it.
Here I share stories & pictures from my adventures as well as tips & advice to make money, save time, & challenge yourself to be your best.
Here is how you can start quickly and easily repairing that all important credit score (so you can one day get a mortgage rate that isn’t particularly awful). You can request a free credit report here and here, and they will provide your credit score for an extra fee.
So if something has to be paid late, it’s better that than your credit card, lease, or loan payments – all of which are included. Remember the percentage of credit you’re using on a monthly basis is what affects your score. She believes in trying anything once, travelling whenever life throws a curveball, and that dogs are the answer to everything. So never give out your info to anyone who initiates contact with you because you never know who they truly are.

Make sure the page you’re inputting your credit card information says https in the address bar, so you know your information is being sent encrypted.
You can make it a habit to check it every year after the new year or after you file your taxes. Not only do you prevent neighbors from leeching off your internet but hackers can get into your network and steal your valuable data. Since starting this blog in 2010 I've posted hundreds of simple ways to save money and I've got hundreds more up my sleeve. I learned (much too late) that you have a limited time window to ask and receive debt validation. With their help, you’ll discover ways to Erase LVNV Funding Collections from your credit too.
In fact, in order to really fix your credit score, you need to know what impacts it both positively and negatively, so that you can take desired actions, and avoid harmful ones. So based on those talks and thinking it might be helpful to some, I put together a very basic primer on your credit score and what’s important to know about it. And even today the credit bureaus don’t provide exact details on the formulas they use. There are actually three different credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion who all have a different score. In the next post I’ll go over a brief summary of the five categories that affect your credit score and how to improve each one. If you find a really good deal at an unknown website that may seem fishy to you, use your PayPal account to pay. Then months (or years) later you’ll apply for credit and be denied because of these delinquent accounts. If you haven’t already been a victim of identity theft, there is a small charge for this.
Sometimes the answer to those questions can really depend on your own personal circumstances.
A few google searches will give you some good knowledge of the topic, though you could probably spend all day learning the ins and outs. I know very well-to-do people with, good jobs, good savings, and no history of bad debt or late payments who have never broken 800. So other than prestige, a score of 750 vs a score of 760 will probably yield you the same results.
But if you get your identity stolen it can wreak havoc on your score. Just one incident of a compromised identity can erase years of hard work. If a business asks you for your SSN to do a credit check and you don’t want to furnish it, you can instead choose to place a deposit on your account.
For thieves, it’s easier to sell your information than it is to sell or pawn your goods. To thwart them, use a password that includes at least 3 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
For example, if a single questionable negative item is removed from all three credit reports, it is counted as three separate removals. Some credit cards are starting include reports with your score for free, but it’s not typically all three scores.

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