A variety of surveys are carried out into where people are happiest across the country and Stockport tends to come out pretty high on them. In the latest RightMove Happy at Home survey, Stockport residents were happiest of any of the 14 towns and cities surveyed across the North West and fourth happiest across the whole country. I wanted to dig down a bit further and see what makes us so much happier than our neighbours, in particular those areas that the Council has a real impact on. Overall, the survey found that people in the North tend to be happier than those in the South. No need to chuck in personal insults like regarding my reasons for being happy as delusional. Robert Taggarts grumbles make me smile every week and I think it probably makes him happy to post them.
Having lived in Manchester and Stockport I can honestly say that Stockport is one of the worst towns I have ever seen. Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal believes his side can still improve despite Sunday's 4-0 Premier League victory over QPR.

And although Van Gaal was impressed with the manner in which QPR were dispatched, he remains keen to see more from a United side that has been rebuilt following a disappointing seventh-place finish last season. In some fans’ and pundits’ opinion, Manchester City appears to be the team best equipped to challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title. Are residents saying that Lib Dem Stockport does a better job than Labour Manchester, for example? We’re all capable of being nice and polite at times and rude at others and strong communities help our friendly sides to come out more. This was a measure Stockport did less well on, but still came ahead of Manchester, and that’s something I think we need to look at. Published & promoted by Tim Gordon on behalf of the Liberal Democrats all at 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE.
Proof of that were both of Wolves’ goals as first Jarvis and then Hunt had enough time and space to have tea and biscuits before providing the delivery.
As a City supporter it was frightening to watch Jarvis rip Micah Richards apart time after time.

Even in these times of reduced budgets the Lib Dems have worked hard to maintain amenities and it’s good to see that work being recognised in this poll. Stockport came 3rd in the North West and 21st across the UK on this measure, with Manchester being 13th out of 14 in the North West and 87th of 111 nationwide. I suspect I would be less happy than I am if lived in Benchill, or Brinnington, and saw little prospect of moving to nicer areas. Abebayor and Balotelli were not on the same wavelength for the match, running into same areas and not appearing to show a partnership together, City’s can only hope that Tevez’s return is speedy as otherwise this minor dip in form could have disastrous concequences. Yes Manchester has its bad areas but it is also one of the leading cities in the country and attracts people from all over unlike Stockport.

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