My husband and I agreed early on in my first pregnancy that we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby.
Let me be perfectly clear, if you choose to find out the sex, I will support and cheer you all the way. But if you think there may be a small chance you’re able to hold out for nine months, I’ve got a few good reasons why I think you should.
If you’re like me, when you’re headed to a baby shower and it’s a gonna be a girl, you go shopping for hair bows, matching socks, ruffle bottomed diaper covers, and tiny jewel studded sandals they will never wear. It’s like training for when you have a 2-year-old, and you need to learn how to be comfortable with (and stay sane with) the fact there is not one drop of patience left in your body, and you have zero control over the situation. In a 2007 Gallup Poll, it was determined a majority of younger parents prefer to know their baby’s gender before birth. I had a horrible delivery experience, with my daughter being rushed off to the NICU after 28 hours of labour, me hemorrhaging on the bed, and my husband frantically trying to decide which way to go. Way back when I was having kids we didn’t know until the moment they came out, it was a rush to look at them and go well Hello (insert name here) welcome to the world. Today it seems like everyone wants to map everything out even before they meet their little one(s). That’s cool too, but for me the best moment was meeting who had been living in my body for months.
LOL Yes, it’s amazing how mad people got about not knowing what we were having with our first–particularly our immediate families! I disagree with the notion that all you will get is gender specific clothes for your shower if you reveal the gender before the baby is born. We found out what it was for both, and I don’t recall exactly our reasoning except that we wanted to know.
The 99 is fairly basic transportation and as an GL model it’s not nearly as hot as the Turbo, but for a charming Sunday driver, this Swedish coupe is an appealing choice. If you are a planner and the logistics of not knowing will send you over the maternal edge, then find the hell out what you’re having. You’re gonna hear, “What do you mean you don’t know if you’re having a boy or girl?” every single day. All that waiting, anticipation, and unproductive guessing that has been building up inside may just help you forget about the pain. It seems older parents may be more keen on not caring either way, or being older, they may simply have more patience to wait nine months for surprise. Fenton is a mom to 4 sons, cookbook hoarder, yarn bomber, wannabe pastry chef and carb lover, mother runner, adjunct librarian, sometimes a humor writer. Except when you’re convinced that #2 is a boy because the pregnancy #1 with a girl was so different.

As it turns out I had horrific labors and deliveries so adding any more information to my brain at that point would have put me over the edge and I was glad to know ahead of time. Our daughter LITERALLY shoved her cord between her legs, flipped us off, and turned her back on us.
I have absolutely no delayed gratification abilities and I’ll be the first to admit it. But one day, about a month before my daughter was born, I looked at myself in the mirror, saw how haggard I looked, and decided yep, it was definitely a girl because she’d stolen any beauty I had!
During labor, all the nurses and the doctor even said it had to be a boy, because only boys caused that much trouble (I was in labor 27 hours and wouldn’t dilate). We don’t buy into any of the gender stereotypes, so we bought everything neutral colors even though we were having a girl.
Although I couldn’t bare not knowing, i think I will find out and then tell people that I don’t know, so I can drive them crazy and make them give me really useful gifts!!
We actually decided that, for our next baby, we’re not telling the gender for reason #3 precisely. Then I went on to get pregnant three more times and still never found out the baby’s gender.
It’s actually kinda funny that people now feel like they get to know every single detail of your life every single second it happens (thanks, Facebook). OK, maybe not, but there were more than a few moments during my C-section where my fear was replaced with the thrilling thought of “We finally get to see what the baby is!” Your angry and exhausted pushes may be accompanied by screams of “What the hell are you baby?!” and just strong enough to do the job and finally find out! Either way, whether you find out at week 18 or week 40, it’s still a surprise and a choice that belongs solely to the parents as to whether they want to know or not. Do me a favor and go ahead and have your spouse bolt out of the delivery room and announce to family and friends the opposite of what baby really is, if only for getting both a big “Ohhh! I think we’d be alright not knowing for the pregnancy, but I worry a little about the delivery.
When I bought something I was always asked what if its a (put the opposite sex of the item I was buying) I always to them it was ok for him or her to play with whatever they wanted.
The seller claims that when searching for a solitary oil drip, he ended up going through the entire engine to sort out any leaks.
I will be the first to arrive at your gender reveal party, I will fully enjoy inhaling my plate of pink or blue cake, and I will not for one second question your decision to do so. I had a co-worker who didn’t want to know the gender but knew we all did so she brought in the ultrasound in a sealed envelope so we could see it. My husband almost passed out the first time and everything went smoothly and just like expected. As for surprises in life… ha ha, once you have children it’s a surprise a day!!

Not writing it off when we get pregnant again, but at this point leaning toward leaving it a surprise. My husband thought we were having a girl throughout my entire first pregnancy, and was the one most surprised when our son was born. We just decided each time to take the old fashioned route and wait roughy 40 weeks for the big reveal, never thinking for a minute that nowadays it’s almost unheard of to not find out the sex of your baby. It will be a celebration of your baby’s life, boy or girl, the same way it is when that celebration happens in a delivery room. I felt so connected to her already before she was born because I knew a little bit more about who she was! We all knew she was having a boy, no one slipped and told her and she found out when she gave birth.
The interior certainly showcases this low use with clean seating surfaces, but the rest of the photos are tough to view given their size.
With the exception of a CD player, most of the interior remains as-delivered and blissfully simple.The seller has addressed several maintenance-related items, including new tie rod ends, a rebuilt steering rack, fuel system cleaning and coolant flush, as well as replacement shocks and an aftermarket ignition.
I was appreciative for every item I got for either of them including the 20 packs of diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bigger clothes that were bought on clearance at the end of a season. No matter what, this Saab may not be a rocketship but appears to be a great way to ease into the enthusiast lifestyle. BTW my kids now 25 and 18 are very satisfied with the simple things in life like, home, family, quality and family time and are not impressed with name brands of things including clothes, cars, cell phones and such. Unfortunately the fuel injection broke 400 miles from home, also 400 miles from the nearest Saab dealer.
In short, Dudley Moore is an advertising exec, that goes off his nut, and commits himself to an institution. There’s all kinds of misfits, but one guy in particular, is infatuated with the 1977 Saab 99 and walks around mumbling facts about it. The mental patients turn out to be expert ad makers, and Dudley Moore makes a ton of money. In appreciation, he buys all the patients the car of their dreams, to drive around the grounds. Finally, all the patients take off in their cars, and the guy in the Saab is so excited, he turns the key, the starter spins and spins,,,nothing.

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