Hating someone is not a good thing, but in life there are always such moments come when you are unable to provide love to your loved one because of some reason and as a result this create distance between your relation and thus you starts to hate that person. When you hate someone, as a positive person you should remember the time when your relation was good and how you provide proper care to each other without having any relationship problem, this will help you in molding your heart to stay positive and cool about your loved one. Wise people always looks the root cause which effect their relation and thus because of happiness and loved between them as a life partner they always give proper care and love to each other.
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Provide a safe environment where he is able to openly speak about what he is feeling or experiencing.
It may be natural for you to get together with your girlfriends to talk about what is going on as a way of dealing with it, but this may well not be his style. Take the initiative to take care of the things that he is not able to focus on right now without taking over for what he can and wants to do.
Small gestures in his life may not generate a comment back from him but they can make a real difference. Depending on how he is being affected by his grandmother's dying, many areas of your relationship may slip through the cracks. Instead, realize that among all the ways you support him, the greatest is simply being there. At times this will be awkward for you -- for instance, if you didn't know his grandmother -- but having you at his side is tremendously supportive. Grandsons often have a hard time crying in front of people, including people close to them, so he may need some space just to cry.

Consider that both support and allowing space can be delicate, but it is very important to find the balance.
If he starts to isolate and show other depressive symptoms, try and work out if this is normal for him or something to be concerned about. Each person's response to grief is different and this response will vary from one situation to another.
Being genuine and sensitive with him will give him the safe space that he needs to process the emotions he is dealing with as he works through the grief of losing a significant relationship in his life.

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