You have just gone through an awful break up with someone who meant the world to you, but you still want them as a friend in your life and you’re confused as to what you should do? Usually when couples break up they never want to see or hear from each other again as they feel that is the only way they will ever be able to move on with their life, but is that really necessary? When you commit yourself to someone you share very important moments of your life with them. Your partner was not only someone you shared your love with but maybe also your best friend. To be friends with your ex may be a little difficult but keeping in mind a few rules makes it quite possible. Know your limitations: keep it strictly non physical, no holding hands, no kissing, strictly no flirting, and no physical contact whatsoever! Do not bring up your past: do not talk about when you were in a relationship, or share your views regarding deep and touchy topics as it risks developing a strong emotional bond and one thing always leads to another.
Some safety measures: try to become friends only after you both have committed yourself to a new partner. Make Sure that You Both Want to Continue a Friendly Relationship - Can You Remain Friends with Your Ex? You are usually linked together by mutual friends and when you come face to face with each other after the breakup it creates an aura of awkwardness.

Just because of some personal differences that you both were unable to resolve, is it worth letting the pure and supreme bond of friendship be forgotten and washed away? You don’t always have to live with the regret of losing someone who meant such a great deal to you and just because you are no longer romantically involved does not mean you cannot be friends. Don’t expect it to happen all of a sudden, it may take months and at times even years but you have to be patient.
You don’t want to get back into something you walked out of for a good enough reason do you? Once you know that there are no feelings of jealousy from either side you know it is safe to go ahead with it. Dona€™t let them gossip about your relationship, because it can make things more complicated. Some people are worth keeping in your life as friends and this applies only to those who haven’t committed atrocious and inexcusable crimes against your heart.
You had shared all your sorrows and moments of happiness with each other; you cried together and laughed together, did things together almost as if you are a part of each other.
Do you feel it is advisable to reconnect as friends or should there be no contact what so ever? It will only be wise to reconnect with each other as friends after you both have completely gotten over each other as partners.

If you do, it is likely that you won’t make it as friends but will most probably end up in a relationship all over again. It is likely that when you feel differently that your moral ethics will restrict you and help you stay focused on maintaining a strictly companionable relationship with your ex.
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