Virgin Blue is (was) an Australian budget airline and yet another in the huge range of Virgin businesses around the world. As you can see above, Virgin had gotten itself into rather a bit of a pickle, brand wise, in the Asia Pacific region. Intended to roll out by the end of the year, the renaming and consolidation of the branding is welcome, and smart. The new brand was designed to reposition the airline away from a low cost carrier and reflect a modern, professional and business-like airline that appealed to not only the leisure traveler but the corporate market. Arguments over authorship and who made what first where and for who aside, the overall outcome for Virgin Australia is a definite improvement, given the new strategic direction for the airline.
Richard Branson flew in to help relaunch the new brand, John Borghetti, CEO and Hans Hulsbosch, Creative Director, can be seen to the left (red t-shirt is Hans). Comparing whether Virgin Australia or Virgin Atlantic are better is probably a pointless (although understandable) exercise.
Pre-sale ticket prices for the Brand New Conference in Nashville on September 15 a€“ 16 available until early May.
Brand New, is a division of UnderConsideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely, on corporate and brand identity work. UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. OkCupid, the Social Network for Singles have come up with a fantastic way of marketing themselves. I played and got 66%, performed good at finding male virgins by scoring 78% in the category.
After the moms and dads flooded in Facebook, people are searching for new places for online fun and dating. IntroductionThe first time you step on board a Virgin America plane, you get the distinct impression you're walking into a giant flying iPod. Everyone knows that American domestic airlines are renowned for many things (destroying your luggage, going bankrupt midflight, etc) but service is not one of them.
The on-board experience of Virgin America is like no other airline I've flown on -- even Virgin Blue looks positively dowdy in comparison. Virgin Australia is rolling out a new check-in system this week, in a move designed to streamline the travel process and make the most of its investment in the SabreSonic booking system. In addition to a simplified design, the check-in screens also show the weather at your destination.
Desktop users will be able to generate an SMS or email boarding pass, something which until now has been an exclusive perk of mobile check-in, and also purchase additional baggage and extra leg-room. Travellers can already select and pay for an exit row seat when booking a Virgin Australia flight, but can also nab one of these prized seats for free at the airport if they haven't all been snapped up.

A Virgin Australia spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that there are no changes to this process, but that the new online check-in option will give travellers one last chance to lock-in that roomy seat before they're made available at no charge.
And, if you're in control of a group travel booking, there's also the facility to check-in the entire group before everyone arrives at the airport.
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. Seems VA is more interested in keeping travel agents happy than the premium FFers who upgrade using points.
I heard that this is a custom built product that VA has done themselves, has nothing to do with Sabre.
Heading across the Tasman with Air New Zealand or Pacific Blue, Virgin Australia's NZ subsidary? Following the appointment of John Borghetti as Virgin Blue’s new CEO, Hans Hulsbosch, of the eponymous Hulsbosch Design, was named Creative Director for the airline. This work was previously reviewed here by Christian Palino for Brand New, and we’ll get to that, I promise, but first let me explain why it looks the way it does.
The size of each of these individual markets is rather small (especially when considered against the European or US aviation industry) and servicing each market with such a diffuse portfolio of brands would have been costly, not to mention confusing for the consumer: a visitor to Fiji from NYC had the rather silly and scattered experience of hopping on Virgin America to LA, then V Australia to Sydney, to Virgin Blue for Cairns, and finally a Pacific Blue to the capital, Suva. Undoubtably one airline stood out above the rest, johnson banks’ work for Virgin Atlantic. Whereas Virgin Blue was a cheeky, irreverent price-fighting, unapologetic budget airline, Virgin Australia is now a more grown-up, full-service alternative, allowing them to chase the lucrative business traveller market. Both work, one is probably better than the other, and one came first and the other came second. Following the appointment of John Borghetti as Virgin Blue's new CEO, Hans Hulsbosch, of the eponymous Hulsbosch Design, was named Creative Director for the airline. They have build a game that shows two pictures of man or woman, and ask the player to identify the virgin.
I know it makes no sense to judge people on the basis of their sexuality and it is almost impossible to guess it by looking at their picture. There are no dowdy fabric curtains -- instead, there's glossy perspex dividers, tinted with purple and pink mood lighting. As I said earlier, seat backs are in glossy iPod-style white plastic, mood lighting is violet and pink, and the seats are black leather in economy, or white leather in first class.
This looks like a massive step up from the existing Sabre webcheck product that used to be on offer. Virgin Blue also started naming its sister airlines servicing the pacific islands as Blues. It does irritate me that the Virgin logo on the plane’s tail and the plane tail in the logo are different.

Thus began a 12-month transformation process away from budget and towards a \"full-service\" airline, culminating in new branding and the rename to Virgin Australia.
The result gives the accuracy percentage along with the demographic where one performed good. The site offers free online dating and encourages only singles to join, while others can join too.
That being said, the fees are pretty reasonable -- especially if you need to take a lot of stuff with you. In the past when this happened the Travel Agent lost control of the booking so now the ticket is no longer is reissued, which means you cannot check in on line and the reissue occurs at the airport. The other issue I have seen pop up a number of times is the bottom side of the tail device has no line or shadow to define its edge — meaning often it appears that the horizontal version of the logo has been cropped ever so slightly. So it truly does give the possibility that no matter where you go, all over the world, every Virgin is always real Virgin. It's $25 per bag, with the first bag being able to weigh 32KG, and further bags weighing 23KG.
I learned after booking that the other American carriers now offer it too -- but not on all their flights. But any day another of those weird roundy swirl thingys from the Virgin Blue logo dies a well deserved death is a great day for graphic design.
It's done via the GoGo system, which is rather incredible -- a grid of ground base stations dotted right across the American continent provide internet to the plane, and then it's rebroadcast within the plane via WiFi. However, because security lines at US airports can be ridiculously long and slow-moving, Virgin recommends you get there 90 minutes early. I felt like I might have been in legally risky territory when I was chatting to a girl on the plane and she revealed to me that she was nine years' old.
Fortunately her dad was with her chatting too.Oh, and the inflight map is Google Maps, and you can play classic games like Doom on your seat-back -- when did chairs get this much computing power?!
If Google founders Larry and Sergei Brin didn't have their own private party-equipped 747, this would be the airline they fly. The flight attendants were young and friendly, and put up with working in incredibly cramped confines -- there's no galley or meal carts on these planes, just some cupboards and a tiny bench at the front of the plane where the flight attendants retrieve food from.

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