Anyone who would choose Funfetti over chocolate deserves to be left behind as Zombie-fodder anyway.Besides, Im pretry sure she'd just slow them a down.
Don't think it was staged, she just was a bit groggy, tired, and suddenly had a bunch of things thrown at her. This mystery sets out as a routine blackmail, but turns into a thriller involving the government and those that want to get rich quick.
Local private eye Charlie Paczynski (Greg Stuhr) has been scamming the well healed businessmen with the help of his shill Kat (Kelsey Siepser), a stripper. The Next day he gets a visit from a woman calling herself Kikki Meeker and asks Charlie if he’ll do a job for her for a large sum of money. The film spools out from there involving a number of suspects and a plot to recover the Nikola Tesla diagrams for the use of his experimental energy as weapons and teleporting. The performance by lead actor Greg Stuhr is convincing as a guy who’s lead into a sinister plot with the persons pulling the strings grasping for straws.
However, beyond the performance by Stuhr there’s very little in the support acting department to provide any real praise.

The American Side has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains violence, sexuality and language. FINAL ANALYSIS: The gumshoe has been missing from the big screen for some time so The American Side may be a good filler for those who crave suspense. The American Side opens at: IFC Center an Art House Movie Theater in Greenwich Village, New York City, located at 323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd St. She has her cat in her lap well before she is asked which pet to save.Yeah, I think Wheaties don't taste very good with piss either. Then again it might be expected of Cabot Philips (one of the brothers) who has appeared several times on Fox as a Hilary hating, gun loving, anti-woman and anti-Liberal opinionator.
One night while taking pictures of Kat in a car with a mark he hears a gun shot and sees the car speeding away. Much like Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers, Director Jenna Ricker takes her audience on one wild goose chase after another, twisting her tale into an intriguing story of deception and misconception. Not a lot of passion with their delivery or development in their character over the course of the film, the support stars seem like they are walking through a haze rather than pushing the envelope.

Be cautious when deciding to allow immature children see the film as it does have some scenes that are inappropriate for adolescents. At the Falls Soberin gives him the slip showing up later in a body bag and listed as a suicide. She’s very cunning in her suspenseful script never giving up too much to her audience and making them wait till the last tantalizing scene.
Ok, cool, whatever you say, I'm tired."Her mental acuity was such that she knew her brothers were being irrational and idiotic, so not a very funny prank imo.
Gittes in Chinatown with the same kind of pace and impression, The American Side becomes compelling and intriguing.
Hoping that he’ll find a clue at the club where Kat works, he runs into a woman coming out of an ally asking him for help.

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