I feel like one of the things they don’t tell you, when you are starting to get interested in dating, is that you will have a lot of breakups. Obviously the initial period after a breakup, or divorce, is super intense and almost unbearable. If you can convince yourself to get out of bed, try to seek out the company of your most optimistic friends.
It is super tempting to neglect absolutely everything that doesn’t involve epic bed fortresses and cake eating contests with yourself.
Exercise will release a shot of endorphins that right now, will act like natural anti-depressives.
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Face-to-face breakups are hard to do, but it gets much more messy when your relationship has become part of everyone's social media newsfeed.
Couples in long-term relationships can keep the spark alive by following some simple steps and committing to them. The truth is, it's easy to fall in love but hard to get over a breakup; and such emotional breakup quotes basically do nothing good, rather make really impossible to let things go. Gone are those days when the person used to spend days and nights crying and remembering those beautiful and loving memories. Speaking about her shock split from the fashion boss at the start of the year for the first time, the 27-year-old British star said: ‘It was a wonderful time and I have nothing bad to say about it.

But the reality is, in most cases people who break up feel infuriated and downright stressed out. Most of the focus seems to be on how to deal with the relationship itself, not the end of it.
It might be tempting to commiserate with someone who is in the same boat, but this will ultimately just bring you down more. At first this may seem more like a curse than a blessing, since it gives you more time to replay everything in your head and obsess.
Breaking up is awful, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to learn to see it. Some people move on quite easily, some people dwell on it for months, some eat the entire ice cream aisle, and others yell at any happy couple they see on the street (still can't believe I got arrested for that). No doubt, this phase can be extremely painful for the couple, especially for the person who did not instigate the breakup.
I know it sounds crazy, but you have to think of yourself as your very own child, or maybe an injured animal if that appeals to you more, and nurse yourself back to health. Now, thanks to Whisper, people are able to share some of the most insane things they've done after a breakup to deal with their sadness (or get revenge).
Remember friends, breakup is just a part of life, all you need is strength and positive outlook to get out of it.
Call them up and let them know what happened and see if they can hang out to do something other than talk about your situation. Take advantage of that and you will come out on the other side as a more whole, enriched version of yourself.

It's the mature thing to do rather than finding out that you've blocked them, or removed them from your social media feeds. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try to do things to ease anxiety, like meditation or yoga. Avoid making a huge announcement via social: The main reason for this is that you don't want to make friends and family uncomfortable. There's nothing more awkward for people than for them to see your passive aggressive status updates and and oversharing.
Only time can heal your broken heart, just as time can heal his broken arms and legs." ~ Miss Piggy"You're too young for me. This isn't time to suddenly announce your single status as emotions are at an all-time high," says Spira. If you are still amicable, tell him or her it's temporary until enough time has gone by and the digital dust has settled. Unfollow and remove your ex from your friends list, or even block them, if seeing your ex's updates (and who's liking their posts) makes you angry, jealous or upset.6.
Don't be territorial: Avoid liking and commenting on your former flame's stuff online if it's over. It will accomplish nothing other than to make the other person feel that you've moved on before them," says Spira.

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