Before you begin, you must measure your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline to its widest point with a measuring tape. You have a a DIAMOND FACE, if your cheekbones measure wider than your forehead and jawline. You have a HEART FACE, if your forehead is wider and narrower at the jawline giving or appearing a pointed chin. Looking to find the right style (cut) that suits you best?  Your hairstyle should be a direct reflection of your lifestyle, not the number of candles on your birthday cake. Experiment with bangs.  Ladies with heart-shaped faces—as the name implies, your face is wider at the top, coming to a point at the chin.
To make it hip to be square if you have a wide face and angular features, specifically jaw line, you qualify—go for a cut that is both soft and layered.
Hope this helps, and for a more personal approach, stop by Architeqt to have a consultation with me or the rest of the staff.
About SalonArchiteqt Salon and Gallery features the best hairstylists in Philadelphia , specializing in Dry-Cutting, Balayage color, extensions, keratin treatments, editorial worthy evening looks and make-up. Yet finding good eats while traveling is arguably one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding aspects of travel. Time and time again I’ll say that I don’t mind spending a little extra on food…as long as it’s good. To ensure you’re experiencing the most amazing eats your destination has to offer, check out the  tips below on how to find the best food while traveling! While most people’s first instinct is to head to Tripadvisor, I’m actually quite skeptical of the reviews, because what do your fellow tourists really know about authentic local cuisine?
Searching on Pinterest is a great way to find articles, blog posts, and even entire boards dedicated to a city or country of interest. Honestly, Twitter is great if you’re connected to a lot of people in the travel sphere. Most cities offer amazing and comprehensive food tours complete with enough food to put you into a food coma.
I’ve definitely been guilty of waiting to find good food until I arrive at a new city and am sufficiently hungry hangry. Most taxi drivers know the city like the back of their hands and can give you great insight on local hole-in-the-wall places.
And when none of the above options work, just go find a place that looks crowded or has a long line. Great tips – I think the key to reviews is finding reviewers you trust and have similar tastes.
I travel in search of good, independent, affordable food and find ideas in Yelp, TripAdvisor and other online sleuthing. Next measure the length of your face by measuring from your hairline to the edge of your chin. Your best HAIRSTYLES are anything with bangs.This helps hide long face from looking longer by hiding your forehead and giving the appearance of an oval shape face.
You should consider your hair type and facial features when deciding on a hairstyle, and also choose a style that reflects the way you dress or one that’s best suited for your job or profession. If you’ve got wide cheeks and soft, non-angular features—aka a round face—longer, layered cuts look best.  Although a bob can work, the length should be slightly A-line. If you choose bangs, create movement in a sweeping effect or definitely round the corners.  Shapes that have lots of layers accentuate the movement.

From trunk shows, pop-up shops, gallery openings and fashion shows to educational workshops and private cocktail parties. All you have to do is take a quick peek at the Enticing Eats section to know that I’m a firm believer that food is a crucial aspect of cultural exploration – and the best way to discover a new city. You’d think it would be straightforward, but if you don’t do your research, you may find yourself eating at the country’s equivalent of McDonald’s (or worse, an actual McDonald’s) or eating sub par and overpriced food catered towards tourists.
Nothing makes me angrier on my travels than being forced into a terrible tourist restaurant with bad food.
Simply post asking about the best places to eat in a certain city, and you’ll likely get tons of responses. I just got a few great recommendations for an upcoming trip and was referred to a country-specific blogger via Twitter. Oftentimes, these sites have accompanying blogs with recommendations for good eats in the city….who better to trust for recommendations than a food tour guide? The team contributes food photos, blog posts, and general information for local eats worldwide.
The trick is finding travel bloggers that are based in the country you’re traveling to (or have spent a significant amount of time there). This procrastination actually led me to eat some subpar meals on a recent trip so I’m definitely doing a little more planning for my next adventure. I love going to local grocery stores and wandering aisle by aisle, picking up snacks and other things that catch my eye. Your best resource is the people at your accommodation: meaning your Airbnb host or the people working at the hotel. Just make sure you emphasize that you want them to take you to their favorites spots, not the spots they think you’ll like.
A lot of these I had never thought of or heard of as options for finding great food in new cities.
And I agree with you – asking the locals where they eat rather than where they think you should eat makes all the difference! Some people think great food is a huge bowl of pasta while others may like a nice big steak cooked medium rare. I would say one of the best ways is to make friends with some locals and then they would take you out to reasonable places with delectable food. There have been so many times that we’ve taken a cab from the airport to where we’re staying and we get so many good recommendations from the driver!!
I agree that Airbnb hosts are also really knowledgeable (just one more reason to stay in an Airbnb and not a hotel). Style that have a strong middle or side part, hair that fall on the jawline, pixie cuts, shorter styles, long soft layers are keepers.
Those with a heart-shaped face, regardless of whether the rest of the hair is long or short, can carry off full bangs that are cut straight across the face.  Longer side-swept bangs and layers that fall around the cheeks also work wonders on heart-shape faced ladies. I like Girls Love Travel, but Nomads, Travel Addiction, and Travel Destinations are also great resources.
Since it’s so visually focused, you can see what sort of meals you’ll be encountering as well! However, success is pretty hit and miss, depending on how often you use Twitter for travel-related items. Use the country forums to ask for “local advice” and get recommendations straight from the locals!

I’m biased since I’m Yelp Elite, but I do find that most reviews are high-quality and accurate. It’s an interesting way to see what sort of spices and foods locals love, and who doesn’t love trying new snacks?
I’ve had great success with this in both Indonesia and Egypt and ate at spots I would have never found otherwise. I should be surprised that you are a Yelp elite ha ha – I love using Yelp to find great places to eat.
Hairstyles that you should avoid are wider blunt bangs or blunt bobs giving your features a sharper angular look which will make you look unapproachable (similar to square face shape).
With long hair, make sure that you angle the front, as one-length hair is too severe and can accentuate the roundness of the face.
The only place oval-face gals don’t want width, or any kind of volume for that matter, is on top of the head. But if you’re traveling independently, then don’t fall prey to the tourist restaurants…sometimes these experiences can make or break your trip.
They have a very comprehensive quiz about your travel style in a bunch of categories like accommodation, interests, budget, and most importantly, food.
I’m pretty sure this habit is the reason my cupboards at home are filled with chocolate digestives (UK), stroop wafels (Netherlands), sambal (Indonesia) and more. For example, I learned that oysters are a specialty in Hiroshima, so I made sure to find a good oyster restaurant when I was there. There’s always a huge collection of options and a lot of times they include the best eats from the city. Each of our facial structure will tell the most flattering styles and haircuts that are applied to our own hair. Avoid harsh styles such as too much bulk on top of short hairstyles because this will take away from your look.
While some places don’t have enough reviews to help you form a solid opinion, it is generally a great resource to find options quickly.
I also use my TripAdvisor app a lot for lunch because I can just find a random place near where I am when I get hungry. The trick is to ask where THEY would eat because some of them will give you recommendations based on what they think you would like to eat. The best part is that you’re able to “pick your hero” so you know there’s a real person behind your trip guide. I’ve never had much luck with suggestions from the front desk, but it’s always worth a shot if you’re desperate. Although they’ve just launched with Cuba at the moment, they’ll be expanding to a bunch of cool places like Costa Rica, New Zealand, Japan and more. I’m hoping to get to Cuba next year, and with all the comprehensive information on their site, Viahero will be my one and only stop for all things Cuba.

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