Calum Bennie, savings expert at Scottish Friendly, believes a stocks and shares ISA may be the answer but consumer confidence is key.
Fidelity’s Maike Currie said the jury is still out on whether central banks’ experimentation with negative interest rates will enhance or constrain economic growth. The Share Centre’s Helal Miah comes down in favour of equities: “Inflation will still remain below 1% for the remainder of the year and therefore the Bank of England will not be in any rush to raise interest rates just yet. Clear, sunny days, palms with lazy sway, wind-swept ocean spray–what more could somebody want in Thailand’s idyllic settings?
I then started receiving a deluge of emails from men abroad looking to find a wife in Thailand. Banker in the Sun is definitely not a dating site, but I still answered their questions as best as I could. Most of the questions centered on the best cities in Thailand to find decent women.  After much going back and forth, I caved in and and thought it best to answer the questions in a post. As the Bangkok banker mentioned in his previous interview, some of the most wonderful women in Thailand may not speak good English. The object of hatred and name-calling for many an expat, Bangkok is the penultimate city in Thailand to find decent women. Many women from provinces all over Thailand come to Bangkok looking for work, making it a meeting hotspot. It is the dream of many a girl from the poorer Northeast province to find a good man who can take care of her. They are eager to converse, online especially, and have a solid presence on many social media apps. To ignore Phuket and the nearby islands is to ignore a swathe of Thai women who speak good English.
Contrary to every article you’ve read about Pattaya, it remains one of the best cities in Thailand to find decent women. Pattaya bar girls, and the expats who frequent these bars, have given the whole place a bad rep. The unfortunate part of trying to find women in Pattaya is the preponderance of sex tourists that jade some of the better women. As the Bangkok banker in a former interview said, there truly aren’t best cities in Thailand to find decent women. Still, I’ve found the above cities more active on social media and their women quite open to meeting decent men. Lastly, as Thailand’s middle class strengthens and wages rise, women are also looking more and more for men of class.
SUBSCRIBE now and get instant access to my FREE 52 page preview of "QUIT YOUR JOB AND MOVE TO S.E. Like anywhere, it best to introduce yourself in person, or have someone recommend you who has good influence in the community.
Having a home or business in Thailand should make a better case to find a decent Thai woman, just as it would in your foreign country. If you know anything about Thailand, you would know, its hard to start any business which goes against Thai culture. Personally, I would like to see businesses selling foreign cloths, with foreign sizes as Thai business models egnore them. Read my Drop Ship Lifestyle story and learn how I launched several successful drop-ship stores!
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So what should they do to try and get decent returns from their money in this period of low inflation, low confidence and high volatility? Before I begin, let me say this: the best cities in Thailand to find decent women are based on my personal experiences, some of which have been bad. Furthermore, not only women can be found in these cities, naturally, good Thai men can be found too. Thai women are very forgiving, well-tempered, and go above and beyond for their significant other. The entire area used to be the ancient Lanna Kingdom, a people who prided themselves on a unique culture and skin fairer than your typical Thai. Many establishments recruit ladies that are bi-linguial to cater to the tourist horde which invade Phuket and the nearby islands every year.

Job seekers from all over Thailand come looking for a career at the area’s many prestigious hotels and resorts.
I recommend staying away from the red light districts and finding a decent woman in Pattaya’s numerous tourist venues, restaurants, and hotels.
I also highly recommend ThaiFriendly as a fast and efficient way to meet ladies, although I found them to be on the younger side.
What are some of the best cities in Thailand to find decent women, according to your experience? 7-11 24 hour stores are a few exceptions which are popular throughout Thailand as their cool drinks, and well lit stores are a novelty compared to the poorly lit convience stores which sell a few items, as they cannot shelf, chocolate or other products needed refigeration. It can hardly be ignored and I do agree that introducing yourself politely is one of the best ways to go at it, but many Thai men and ladies may be a little shy.
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Because of this characteristic of the internet, although Shanghai Expat will take reasonable measures to protect the privacy and intellectual property of its members, the site can assume no liability for third-party reproduction, misuse, or commercial use of any information posted by members on this site. Member information collected at time of registration may be used only for the administration of this site and its activities, but will not be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties without the member’s prior written consent, except where required by law. Regardless of how semi-fluent some of the Thai women are, the biggest challenge you may experience is having a deeply intellectual conversation. Naturally, some do have money in mind, since their society’s social security system is poorly developed. Its sheer population size lends itself well to many dating and social apps, such as Skout, Tinder, ThaiCupid, and many more. It’s comes as no surprise that top universities in Thailand also place their interns and new graduates in cities such as Phuket.
The online presence of Phuket is somewhat limited due its size, but when you include nearby Surat Thani, Koh Samui, and other resort areas into the mix, you have yourself a decent place to find good women. Most expats feel Pattaya may have some of the worst women due to the abundance of prostitution. The sunny kingdom is packed full of romantic promise, and these are the best cities in Thailand to find good women.  I recently interviewed a Bangkok banker, who shared some dating tips and the story of how he found his beautiful fiancee in Thailand. Decent women and men from all parts of Thailand come to Bangkok seeking work, and these are good people trying to make ends meet. With an abundance of cafes and pubs frequented by locals from decent and well-to-do families, your likelihood of meeting a good woman in Chiang Mai is quite high. And with Chiang Rai‘s reknown beauties several hours drive away, Chiang Mai is solidly one of the best places in Thailand to find decent women. Despite the area being mostly a farming and agricultural part of Thailand, I’ve found that many of the younger generation speak decent English.
But if you take it into the context of the entire Chonburi province, which is where Pattaya is located, you will find that it offers an abundance of very good women too. However, we do not confuse the free flow of debates with the unrestricted right to say anything about anybody.
This site does not support expressions that encourage racism, hate, violence, illegal activity, or harassment. If you turn a blind eye to the red-light districts and focus on Pattaya’s prettier face, the one where good ladies try to earn a respectable living, you may just be surprised at what you find there.

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