As Mulligan writes, Facebook likely does this by analyzing recent social actions, like writing on a friend's Timeline, or liking a friend's post or photo. Some Quora users speculate that it might have to do with who you chat or message with the most. Highlight and copy all of the numbers after the first quotation mark and before the last one. Paste those numbers into the text box at Mulligan's page about the list to see your prioritzed list of friends on Facebook. It’s beginning to annoy me so much that I've decided to set up an account as a coat hanger, add the unborn child and poke them. Now, stalking your friends on Facebook just got taken to the next level – Zuckerberg and Co.
Facebook went public today – trading on the NASDAQ for the first time under the Stock ticker FB and while the social network company priced its IPO at $38 a share, it actually opened at around $42. Online Privacy: The term is very broad and includes issues concerning your private personal information, browser history, surfing habits, purchases, digital footprint and much much more. Facebook announced that they would be holding an event on the 18th of January in San Francisco, specifically at Twenty-Five Lust (Restaurant).
Skype for mac 5.4 beta has been released today, bring with it minor UI tweaks, a few bug fixes and some small new features such as answering calls with the option of video or just audio. Meet & Seat is what KLM is calling their new social seat picking feature, which will let people link their social media profiles to their check in information. The new commenting product is a significantly deeper expansion of this, according to sources.
Well worth the read if you want a peek into the future that involves Facebook doing everything for you, from waking you up in the morning to flushing the toilet to rubbing your back after a hard day at work (in which you spent most of the time on Facebook). Job search engine Simply Hired has integrated with Facebook to help job seekers discover new, more relevant positions via their social network. Users who log in to Simply Hired with their Facebook accounts can now search for jobs at their friends' companies and send private messages to inquire about openings on the site. SimplyHired also pulls profile data about current and previous work titles, location and interests (including companies users "Like") to make more personalized job recommendations. The integration helps Simply Hired move a step closer to the services provided by LinkedIn, which helps users organize and leverage their professional networks to make connections and obtain referrals while job hunting, among other things.
In its current state, Facebook is not optimally designed for professional networking; the site does not offer a job board nor does its search engine help users easily identify individuals based on workplace.
Facebook rolled out a new feature over the weekend designed to help you make friends with the people around you. The feature, originally called Friendshake, was developed by the team behind Glancee, an app that helped users connect with the people around them. Tapping that takes you to basically the same screen you see if you use the mobile website instead.

While a lot of the apps out there for locating friends or getting in touch with the people around you can seem a little stalker-y, this one is actually pretty handy. Well, there was an equally mythical Facebook phone rumor going around for about 2 years now and today, it became reality but not like you’d expect. Now, if someone was to ask you for your personal information (full name, age,sex,address,etc) in real life (in person), you might not be so inclined to just hand it over – but what if it’s being taken online, without your direct knowledge?
Regardless, now the app is live, so go out and start stalking your high school sweetheart, whether she wants it or not or whether your current parole officer knows it or not.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Today, Facebook filed its paperwork with the Securities & Exchange Commission - its first step to going public and raising $5 billion+. Timeline is a new way of displaying your information and a new way for people to get to know you – more image based. For a quick recap, Path is like Twitter and Instagram mixted together  - allowing a small group (no more than 150) friends to share images and info about each other.
No, Zuck doesn’t want to be our friend but Facebook wants to share its vast data center knowledge with the world, siting its Oregon data center as an example of efficiency. WarnerBros and Facebook have teamed up to offer Batman: The Dark Knight as VOD, straight from your favorite social media site. However, Facebook has a great deal of valuable data about users' connections, data that SimplyHired can effectively leverage to help users find relevant jobs and obtain referrals for those jobs.
Can Simply Hired use Facebook data to effectively replicate some of the functionality of LinkedIn? Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
The new Find Friends Nearby feature went live first as a mobile web page, but was quickly rolled out to the iOS and Android versions of Facebook's mobile app. When Glancee was bought by Facebook, the app's three developers went to work for Facebook and shut down Glancee.
It sounds an awful lot like a feature Facebook already has - the ability to see who's checked in near you - combined with a feature Apple rolled out with iOS 5 last year - the Find My Friends app.
While you're there you discover that your friend has pretty good taste in friends, and you'd like to connect with some of the people you've met.
Which means that until Facebook streamlines the feature a little, the only reason to use the mobile app instead of the webpage would be if you're not signed into Facebook on your phone's browser. Rumors have the social network going public within weeks, with an initial stock price of $28-$35. Structured chronologically and somewhat organized by you, Timeline lets people see your whole Facebook life – from start to finish. This 150 person limit allows the group to be very personal and connected – something that Facebook has destroyed.

That’s right, the vast Prineville complex, built in cooperation with many  silicon valley tech giants, has increased energy efficiency by 38 percent and at the same time, lowering cost by 24 percent.
Sure, I understand the advantage of  having someone else build the infustructure, find the right business model, do the hard work and then just copy it – but what is taking so long? By integrating with Facebook, Simply Hired is bringing this to life online and helping users tap into their social connections to personalize the job search process," he explained.
Find Friends Nearby isn't about helping you find the people you're already friends with, though.
Usually that involves having each of them tell you their name (and, if they're anything like me, spell it for you) and sending friend requests one by one. In that case, navigating through the menus to get to Find Friends Nearby might be more convenient than typing in your password, especially if your password is long and complicated.
If you missed out on Apple, Google, Ebay, Amazon and all other great IPOs, here is your chance to get in on the biggest public offering in some time – you might just make some cash.
Keep in mind, that with all things Facebook, privacy is a main concern – so make sure you understand what your signing up for. While Mark states that he is not in direct competition with Amazon and Apple, since Facebook is a service on the devices they build – it is very clear that Facebook is and will continue to move aggressively into the services that both Apple and Amazon provide.
Well, movies are rented with Facebook credits and in this case, Batman costs 30 FB credits or $3, for a 48 hour rental window.
Click here to check out FB’s Batman page and see the full press release after the break. It looks like the acquisition was for software and the team behind the app, so this could be a hint as to future social group messaging features Facebook might be looking into.
While these new people you've met might be cool, they may not be cool enough to be worth all the hassle.
You should have two options - Find Friends on Your Phone and Other Tools - above a list of people you may know. Also, take advantage of the 7 day trial period and really look over the info that will eventually go public.
Essentially, this is a very similar model to Apple or Amazon and the lot of companies that offer VOD  - and while WB state that this is a trial or test project, Facebook might just turn into the biggest video site on the net (500+ million users). This is an IPO that is going to make those already invested in FB extremely rich – the rest of us can just continue giving our private info to Facebook. There you'll see a whole lot of ways to find new friends - your city, your home towm, your workplace, and so on.

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