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Once you get the idea of this, you can do this trick with any way of coding a bunch of symbols into a bunch of similar symbols. While it may be easy to choose the length of a sleeve, it can be difficult to come up with inspiration for the actual tattoos.  Below we will discuss some starting points that can help you gain ideas for your own tattoo sleeve. Tribute sleeve tattoos come into the list as one of the coolest tattoos to honor someone or something in your life. One woman placed names in a heart on her shoulder then asked for butterflies flying down the length of her arm. Along the same line of Japanese culture is the koi tattoo sleeve – these majestic fish are often added to the Japanese sleeve as part of the design. Like other traditional tattoo designs, traditional snake tattoos are made with multicolored ink and have a vibrant appearance. Snakes are one of the most revered reptiles in the Japanese culture with snake tattoos commonly standing for the healing or regenerative qualities of life. Snake tattoos are very popular among girls and women with the shoulder, foot, back and waist being the most common spots to get these tattoos.
The skull and snake tattoos carry similar meaning like other skull tattoo designs as they often stand for danger, death and decay. A snake coiled around a dagger is an ancient symbol with the tattoo representing the fighting spirit and agility of the wearer.

In addition to the earlier mentioned meanings, a rattle snake tattoo may symbolize death and transformation. They are being spotted in every walk of life.  No longer is the tattoo associated with being a criminal or looking for trouble. Half sleeves cover only the upper bicep area and quarter sleeves cover a quarter of the arm.
This beautiful tattoo is usually red, black and yellow in color with the natural skin tone poking through for contrast. A gentleman created a full sleeve tattoo to honor his grandfather who was in the Navy.He included a lighthouse in the clouds on his shoulder, a picture of his grandfather, his grandfather’s name and an image of the boat on which his grandfather served.
Many sleeve tattoo artists present the idea of tattoo sleeve ideas built around a tribute to someone and will work with you to help you create your perfect tribute sleeve. Many women will ask their artist for butterflies, flowers, or hearts for their sleeve options.
As the popularity of the Japanese culture grows, so does the interest in Japanese body art. The reptiles are believed to be sacred in a number of ancient cultures, such as the Africans and Native Americans.
This mark was faked on later wares made in the Sevres factory and also on modern pieces made elsewhere. Tattoos express who we are as individuals and give the world a glimpse into our deepest interests.

The Phoenix is the bird born of fire, so flames adorn the background and smoke wraps around the tail. As a woman’s skin is typically softer than a man’s, the skin provides the perfect background for these softer images. Other ideas include vines of flowers, flying hearts and angels on clouds spread up the arm length.
Tattoo artists will work with customers to design the perfect Japanese tattoo sleeve with old fashioned houses, native Japanese plants and traditional geisha’s.
A professional artist will be able to design, draw and apply a Japanese sleeve tattoo to your specifications.
Snake tattoos can stand for anything starting from evil, danger and cruelty to knowledge, wisdom, patience and fertility. These tattoos can be sported by both men and women as they have various masculine as well as feminine qualities.

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