To find the lowest available airfare, select "All Fares" and you will get results for both kinds of airfare. Each of these fare types has its own set of restrictions which cover changes, cancellations, fuel surcharges, etc. Best Value - A maximum of ONE connection with a lay-over of no more than a 4.5 hours in either direction. Best Price - A maximum of THREE connections, with each lay-over of no more than 6 hours in either direction. Participate in one of the most amazing eco- tourist expeditions: snorkeling, walking and swimming through stunning places. In some cases, these fares may be displayed as Jet Set Vacations Airfare with Instant Purchase Requirement.

With its powder white sand beaches and crystal clear water, its no wonder its one of the world's most popular vacation spots. We will board the Caribbean Cabaret (a double decker Catamaran) and enjoy a beautiful sunset with Caribbean rhythms. You will be taken to three ecologically protected zones, where you will experience the natural wonder and hospitality of the Maya world. Its sophisticated resorts offer a variety of creature comforts and diverse amenities, sure to satisfy even the most discerning traveler.
Cancun is a shopper's delight with colorful street markets and luxury boutiques just steps away from the hotels. A tremendous variety of restaurants, from American favorites and local cantinas to Five Diamond award winners, the culinary options available in Cancun are endless.

First thing first, this is the first time I’ve been to a Mexican restaurant where My coworker decided to take me out to her favorite Mexican restaurant. You can enjoy a round on one of the many top flight golf courses or marvel at the undersea world snorkeling or diving on one of the pristine reefs nearby.
Try a zip line excursion, deep sea fishing or explore an underground river, one of the unique ecological features that makes Cancun such an attractive destination.

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