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True Love And Loyal Friends Are Two Of The Hardest Things To Find Pinterest Pictures, True Love And Loyal Friends Are Two Of The Hardest Things To Find Facebook Images, True Love And Loyal Friends Are Two Of The Hardest Things To Find Photos for Tumblr. Kevin Hart, indeed, finally reached stardom and he's paying a price for it as more and more people are hurling insults against him and his new girlfriend Eniko Parrish. This "Think Like a Man" comedian has been hearing too many negative feedback regarding his relationship with the aspiring Jamaican model as fans brand her as a gold digger following his separation from his wife, "Atlanta Exes" star Torrei Hart.

But the comedian isn't taking any bad comments about Parrish, whom he refers to as his "Rib" in his social media posts. Referring to the follower's comments about Hart not receiving the same attention from Parrish if he was a regular Wal-Mart employee, he wrote, "Well, we will never know the answer to that because I don't work at Walmart (sic). Earlier, Parrish also received backlash when she posted a picture of Hart and the cute famous Pomeranian, Jig. Hart's ex-wife, Torrei has since been very vocal about her estranged husband's alleged cheating with Parrish when they were still married.

When an Instagram follower had some words about Parrish in a Instagram post Hart made a month ago, the "Ride Along 2" star decided that it was time to educate the follower and several others who have bad impressions about his girlfriend, KPopStarz noted. However, the reality star has since shut down the "bitter ex-wife" label with Madam Noire in an interview.

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