For this listener and avid audience member, it doesna€™t hurt that theya€™re both at home with a retro a€™50s appearance.
Rebecca had continued to play guitar and write all the way through college and played her first gigs every two months at a coffee shop in Providence.
Rebecca just liked making music and didna€™t know what she wanted yet, so she performed in all sorts of bands, including funk bands and a Bulgarian choir. Apparently, they were sensible about getting serious, so it wasna€™t until the summer of 2012 that they got married.
When Rebecca explained Richa€™s influences to me, it became clearer why I was so besotted with the soundscapes he creates. Rebeccaa€™s education seems to have allowed her to approach her songwriting and playing in a manner less inhibited than most of her contemporaries. Likewise, shea€™ll take her guitar and put it in a strange tuning to move herself outside of her comfort zone. In 2007 she released her first full-length album, Departures & Arrivals with Nine Mile Records, and began touring seriously. Rebecca plans to get back to touring in late spring, doing local and regional shows and a U.K. I can go online today and use technology to help me find anything from the closest place for a mani-pedi, to my perfect match soul-mate. Admittedly, it’s been a few years since I was in the stage of my life where I was a student and subject to the whims of a student housing coordinator that always seemed to have a personal vendetta against me. About Coby RichCoby is the Director of Marketing for Entrata, father of 4 boys and avid life enthusiast. I have been in property management for the past 7 years and not much really ever scared me. ABOUTRentSauce is a multifamily news forum for industry professionals with a serious appetite for breakthrough technology and online marketing, with dash of geekery and a punch of originality.
Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at her birth in 1992 in Fuyang city, East China's Anhui province, Wang has written fairy tales, novels and more than 4,000 poems.
She published her first book, an anthology of her poems, in 2012, and her first fairy tale in the Chinese journal Fairy Tale World last year. Wang overcame both a physical disability, a movement disorder that affects a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture, and a lack of literary training. After learning to read, she was "deeply attracted to literature" and her shelves are full of books bought by her parents or given by others as presents. She started typing on a secondhand computer, which was much easier for her than writing with pens and paper. She publishes her work, "one or two poems every day", on her networking website and micro blog. Local media reports about Wang have brought her opportunities to make speeches at schools and government offices.
In the wake of the role Wang has played in encouraging people, the country's Communist Youth League granted Wang the National Youth Award on Tuesday, the eve of Chinese Youth Day. A Zhengzhou man lost his money and a new car after meeting a woman online and going gambling with her on a date.
A man, surnamed Sun, was detained by police after being accused of stopping his car by the roadside to take methamphetamine in Yantai on April 21.
A female driver in Chengdu mistook the accelerator for the brake, crashed into two trees and rolled her car, injuring three other occupants.
Traffic police in Yichang found a man and woman having sex in a car that was parked in an expressway tunnel at about 2:10 am on April 23.
A female driver in Huangpi who wrongly parked her car at a shopping mall found a sanitary towel on her windshield when she returned to retrieve the vehicle. A passenger found mushrooms growing inside two buses in Wuhan and posted photos of the fungi online.
A married man in Liuzhou was accused of assaulting a hotel receptionist because he couldn't provide enough condoms. Four women traveling from Shuozhou to Taiyuan complained that the duty manager of their hotel entered their room when they were naked and chatting.
A man and his friend were found asleep in a police car after drinking and stealing the car in Zhaotong. A man, surnamed Li, and two of his friends were detained by police for throwing firecrackers at the house of a man suspected of luring away Li's girlfriend in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province. A woman who was hospitalized thought her husband wasn't visiting her because he was having an affair, but it turned out that he was playing a different sort of game. A driver who covered part of his car license plate with a magnetized piece of metal was fined 3,500 yuan ($540) and had 12 penalty points added to his license. A factory worker in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, was rescued after driving his forklift into a ditch, but then was killed when the truck overturned after it was removed from the ditch. A gang that used an online app to solicit clients for its prostitution business was busted by police on April 27. A woman in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, has offered 50,000 yuan as a reward to anyone who can reunite her with her dog, which went missing after it helped to save her life.
A company in the capital of Shandong province was once famous for its "hot metal", but the decline of the local industry poses a dilemma for younger employees.
Jinan Steel, known as Jigang by its employees, has lost nearly 4 billion yuan ($616 million) since 2012. Most of the company's older workers, those within five years of retirement age, can opt to retire and receive their pensions immediately.
Du was born into a Jigang workers' family and grew up in the workers' community, which is home to 40,000 employees and 60,000 immediate family members.
Du Peng's hesitation over quitting his job stems from the difficulties he encountered 10 years ago when he tried to obtain an "iron-rice-bowl", a job for life, at Jigang.
After graduating from a vocational school run by the company, he discovered that his childhood friends had become his rivals in the search for work. Du Peng thought a government rescue package was unlikely because the company's products and technology have long lagged behind the market.
In March, the central government announced that it had set aside 100 bill-ion yuan to help workers laid off in the coal and steel industries this year.
Decline is inevitable and the company is the architect of its own failure, according to Du Peng. Jigang mainly produces steel plates, deformed steel bars for the construction industry and screw-thread bars which are used to reinforce small ships.
Its annual output of crude steel rose from about 7 million metric tons in 2000 to more than 12 million tons in 2007, when the government paid special attention to expanding the production capacities of a number of industries. It has imported advanced equipment from Italy to produce special steel that can be used in the aerospace and aviation industries and in the construction of expressways. Rigang has a geographical advantage, too, because it is located near Rizhao Port, a large coal and iron harbor on the Yellow Sea. In 1958, the Qingdao Railway Bureau transferred his grandparents from Qingdao to help construct the steel mill. That history is the reason Jigang workers speak in their own distinctive accent, a combination of the accents of Jinan and wider Northeast China. Another uncle, Du Zuguo, was a music teacher at the Jigang Middle School, which is owned by the company. Zhang Zhongfa, deputy director of the Jigang Hospital, said outsourcing its services has saved the hospital: "After 2011, the subsidy paid to the group declined rapidly.
Since 2011, the hospital has formed partnerships with 15 clinics in nearby townships, and in 2012 it began offering first-aid services in more than 30 local towns. Six years ago, the company gave the hospital a subsidy of 40 million yuan, but last year the flow of funds dried up completely. In 2012, the operating revenue generated by these new activities accounted for about 29 percent of the group's total, but now they account for more than 50 percent, according to Jigang's information office. Gao Xiang, head of the company's property management department, told Shandong Business News the new activities will play a major role in the company's future development: "During the planned economy, we used them to save money. According to Gao, the forced transformation of Jigang's industrial structure will have a beneficial effect on the environment, because as the city's largest coal burner and user of industrial water, the company has long been the largest polluter in the city. Three years ago, the provincial government announced plans to relocate Jigang to Laiwu, a town to the southeast of Jinan that is home to the Laiwu Steel Group, despite opposition from the employees. Lin and Du Peng have been friends and neighbors since childhood and they often discuss their futures. In an inconspicuous courtyard in Beijing's suburban Tongzhou district, 44 dogs have been working hard to learn a range of skills and hone their ability to quickly identify a wide selection of smells.
They are put through their paces from Monday to Friday, normally from 9 am to 5 pm, and, despite their heavy workload, keep fit, thanks to an exercise regime that includes stints on a treadmill.
The most difficult part lies in teaching the animals to identify the many smells they will encounter, he said. The number of inspection dogs being trained at the base, which occupies a 0.67-hectare site and is the only such facility in China, fluctuates because some of them fail to complete the program, he said. Since the first four trained labradors started working at Beijing Capital International Airport in 2002, the bureau has trained and put into service 129 inspection dogs. In Beijing alone, during the first quarter of the year, the inspection dogs helped intercept 3,287 shipments that should not have been brought into China.
Among the items intercepted by the dogs in Beijing during the past 15 years were invasive animal and plant species that could have seriously damaged agricultural production. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is investing in better detecting equipment, including CT scanners, and is planning to build two national centers, one in Beijing and the other possibly in Guangdong province, to breed and train inspection dogs so it can keep up with increased pressure on entry and exit points. Zhao Zenglian, deputy head of the Department of Supervision on Animal and Plant Quarantine under the administration, said the dogs are a great resource because they are more versatile and approachable than traditional scanning equipment, such as X-ray machines, and are more successful as a result in sniffing out such things as harmful invasive species. Zhao said there are currently 269 inspection dogs keeping a nose on China's 280 major ports. The two centers will be finished in the next five years and house at least 200 inspection dogs each at a time, he said.
Wang Xiping, director of special inspections under the bureau, said the new national training and breeding center in Beijing is likely to be built in the southern part of the city, near the second international airport that is under construction.
Training programs start when the dogs are three to four months old and usually take around three to four months to complete, Wang said. Once dogs start working, they usually inspect parcels and packages for a day before having three days off for rest and additional training. The Tongzhou base has also successfully trained three dogs that are capable of sniffing out plant seeds, items that tend to give off little smell and are usually difficult to spot. Wang, chief of special inspections at the bureau, said the dogs work hard and are usually ready for retirement at age 8. Inspection and quarantine authorities in China intercepted more than 16,000 shipments of harmful species and stopped them from entering China in the first quarter of this year, an increase of nearly 90 percent compared with the same period last year, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
The species - found in luggage carried by passengers or mailed in parcels - were among the nearly 130,000 animals, plants and their products banned from entry into China, said Li Jing, spokeswoman for the administration.
In addition, inspection authorities intercepted 3,043 shipments of harmful species when inspecting imported agricultural products in the first quarter, she said. The species were mostly from China's main trading partners, such as the United States, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand, she said. All the parcels containing harmful species were properly treated, sent back to their original countries or destroyed to prevent the spread of disease, she said. A labrador walks on a treadmill during a training session in April at the inspection dog training base of the Beijing EntryExit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Following the new lending boom in the first quarter, the government will actively encourage commercial banks to issue credit and attract investment from the private sectors in the second and third quarters, when more construction projects are expected to start, according to a statement by the National Development and Reform Commission.
Fixed-asset investment surged 10.7 percent year-on-year during the first quarter, as government-led investment in infrastructure construction "played a vital role", the statement said.
Luo Wenbo, an analyst at Zhongtai Securities, expected that investment in infrastructure projects will continue to grow in the near future, as top leaders have pledged to roll out proactive fiscal policies.
Meanwhile, economists said that more efforts are needed to address some of the key challenges to sustain the good start to the year, as downward pressure still exists.
Chen Daofu, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, said more measures must be taken to boost investor confidence, noting that private investment growth, which accounts for 62 percent of fixed-asset investment, increased by only 5.7 percent in the first quarter.
The Finance Ministry's current priority, Lou said, is assisting China's supply-side reforms and alleviating the fallout from the painful process of shedding overcapacity and piled-up debt. Subsidies will support the restructuring of corporate debt and help train laid-off workers for new jobs as the coal and steel industries see shutdowns or shake-ups, Lou said. He said China has not subsidized coal, though it has been accused by other countries of dumping cheap steel products worldwide and disrupting the global market. Subsidies are also being provided to the country's farmers, supporting tree planting and the use of organic fertilizers to help them shift to sustainable models, he said.
China has also stopped subsidizing diesel-fueled fishing boats and public buses, instead shifting money to clean-energy vessels. Lou twice referred to Germany's successful transformation from "the sick man of Europe" to an economic powerhouse in the 2000s, to make his case that reforms incur short-term pain but reap long-term rewards.
In the early 2000s, Germany's economy had gone from being a post-World War II miracle to a laggard in Europe after its bloated social welfare programs and narrow labor rules eroded the country's competitiveness.
In Lou's view, Germany's reform of its social welfare system and improvements in the flexibility of its labor market laid the foundation for the nation's resilience in the face of the global financial crisis. Wei Shangjin, chief economist of the ADB, agreed that money should not be used to shore up unprofitable companies in industries plagued by overcapacity, but rather should facilitate the formation of a "new economy" that includes channeling laid-off workers into other jobs.
The top legislature announced a nationwide plan on Wednesday to inspect the enforcement of China's water conservation laws. The Mountaineering Association of Peking University on Wednesday announced an ambitious expedition to climb the world's highest peak, Qomolangma, as part of the celebration of the renowned university's 120-year anniversary in 2018.
An exhibition of Buddhist art from the world-renowned Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes will open this week in the United States, according to the Dunhuang Academy.
Taiwan's forestry and police authorities are investigating the apparent poisoning of six protected indigenous macaques, including two that were pregnant.
The alleged murder of a young woman by a Didi taxi driver on Monday evening triggered public concern over the safety and supervision of online car-hailing services.
The Transport Commission of Shenzhen on Wednesday told China Daily it will release detailed supervision measures after the Ministry of Transportation launches the regulation for online car-hailing services later this month.
Local police said that the 24-year-old woman was murdered by a Didi driver in Shenzhen on May 2. The woman, surnamed Zhong, was an English teacher at a primary school in Shajing, Baoan district. Shenzhen police on Tuesday evening announced that the driver, surnamed Pan, was arrested and Zhong's body had been found.
Pan, 24, admitted picking up Zhong at about 9 pm and taking her to a remote road, where he forced Zhong to hand over valuables with a knife and then murdered her.
Didi also disclosed the suspect did not have a criminal record and was reviewed by his previous 18 passengers as "a qualified driver with no record of complaints".
The killing made a splash on local media and triggered calls for more attention to be paid to the safety of online car-hailing services. Tang Yi, a Didi driver in Shenzhen, said the company told drivers to ensure that their information is complete.
But Tang said drivers can start to take passengers without the information being double checked. He added that some drivers even use photo editing software to change the car license and suggested Didi set up an offline verification system. Last July, a driver who registered on Didi with car information he found online raped a female passenger in Beijing. In March, the Shenzhen transportation bureau had a meeting with major service providers in the city and asked them to provide driver information, but Zhai Yuhui from the bureau said only partial information was handed in.
Didi states it checks driver registration information with the criminal record database approved by law enforcement agencies and driving record data from the Department of Vehicle Administration.
The company said it will launch an in-app 110 police number to further enhance safety protection. I take online-hailed rides between home and the office on a daily basis with little worry because the drivers are usually the same folks.
I took a online-hailed ride to Beijing to attend the annual Strawberry Music Festival last week.
I have been using the online-hailing app and find it very convenient, even when I'm on a business trip in a strange city. A private car is seized by transport authorities in February because its driver offered rides for payment and failed to provide the required licenses in Beijing. The achievement reflects China's growing reputation for quality teaching and research that is attracting more students from abroad. The 2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed Tsinghua University in 18th place, just behind Cornell in the United States and ahead of renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins and the London School of Economics. Peking University rose to 21st from 32nd place last year, and for the first time Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University entered the top 100. Phil Baty, editor of the rankings, said leading academics increasingly view China's leading universities as being among the world's best. According to the Ministry of Education, China received more than 377,000 students from 203 countries in 2014. Rapidly improving standards and the benefits of a Chinese university degree for students' prospects have prompted foreign governments to encourage study in China. The British Council's Generation UK campaign, launched in 2013, aims to increase the number of British students taking part in studies or internships in China to 80,000 by 2020. Lukas Thibaut, spokesman for the education division of the British Council in China, said China offers British students fantastic opportunities to develop their cultural awareness and international outlook. Kate Smith, 29, an Australian in the first year of a PhD in environmental science and engineering at Tsinghua University, said Chinese universities' high rankings play a big role in students' choice of where to study.

Smith decided to study at Tsinghua after receiving a scholarship from a foundation that supports between 10 and 20 students annually in pursuing postgraduate studies abroad. The rankings give an overall score to universities based on a wide-ranging survey of scholars. The regulation, which aims to integrate online car-hailing services into the taxi management system and raise the access threshold for drivers, is expected to be issued this month. But how effective it will be and how practical it will be in reducing problems is hard to estimate, said Zhu Wei, an associate professor of law at China University of Political Science and Law. He made the comment on Wednesday after a driver registered on Didi Chuxing, a leading online hailing service, allegedly robbed and killed a woman in the Baoan district of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, on Monday night. Zhu said the tragedy was an isolated case and that "similar incidents also happen in the taxi industry". Industry rules currently require ride-hailing service platforms to review the qualifications of drivers and their cars - including years of driving experience and whether a driver's license and vehicle license are valid. The draft regulation issued by the Ministry of Transport in October said that drivers of private cars who fail to obtain a required license are banned from offering rides for payment through car-hailing apps.
According to the Shenzhen Transportation Commission, 1,425 drivers were found to have taken drugs and another 1,661 had "serious" criminal records before starting work with online ride-hailing companies. Zhu added that some of the companies recognize the problems and began on their own to review whether a registered driver has a criminal record.
Wang Weiwei, a lawyer at Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm who has watched the progress of the regulation, said he agrees with raising the threshold for drivers "because the increasingly popular way to get around is closely related to the interests and safety of users".
Wang suggested that car-hailing services cooperate with public security bodies for more and stricter reviews of car and driver registrations.
When a crime is committed by a registered driver, the legal liability of the company is likely to turn on whether a mistake was made in the company's review process, said Qin Xudong, an internet specialist in Beijing. At her trial, she admitted the December 2014 killing of a 70-year-old woman she was supposed to have cared for.
The caregiver said at an earlier trial she had killed the woman, her employer, because she wanted to get her monthly pay in advance. She also claimed to have killed another seven elderly people and said she had attempted to kill two more between June 2013 and December 2014, although prosecutors did not charge her with any of those possible crimes because of a lack of evidence.
Li Shaomei, former vice-chairwoman of the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions and a provincial political adviser, pointed out that the case triggered a crisis of confidence in the housekeeping industry. Instead, many housekeepers and caregivers are freelancers and seek jobs through agencies, which are supposed to carry out background checks before recommending them to households. A manager at an agency in Guangzhou, who gave her surname as Chen said she asks for would-be workers' identity cards and checks out where they have worked before.
Three years ago, when her 2-year-old son had a fever that sent his temperature soaring to 39 C, Zou Fang rushed more than 100 km to the hospital in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The moment she entered the ward, though, her son, named Xuanxuan, said he didn't want to see her and asked her to leave. Then 32, Zou immediately quit her job as second-in-command at the South China office of an advertising agency and moved back to Shenzhen to repair the breach with Xuanxuan, who had lived with her mother since he was born. Zou said it was the hardest decision of her life, but in retrospect, it was the wisest she ever made.
The months she spent with Xuanxuan also gave Zou time to think about the things she valued most in life. After making the momentous decision to give up her career and care for her son, Zou was faced with another dilemma-where should he be educated?
The couple was shocked by the other parents' enthusiasm and the preparations they had made for the vigil. It was worth the effort, though; although there were more than 2,000 applicants, Xuanxuan was one of just 200 children admitted to the kindergarten that year.
Zou's son was one of more than 24,990 children who commuted between Shenzhen and Hong Kong during the 2014-15 school year, a huge rise from 9,899 in 2010-11, according to the latest data from the Hong Kong Education Bureau. In light of the rise in numbers, several proposals have been put forward, including suggestions that Shenzhen's public schools should be opened to cross-border students with permanent residence in Hong Kong. Back in 2013, lawmaker Ip Kwok-him, a Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress, took the issue further by proposing that not only should those students be accepted at Shenzhen's public schools, but that Hong Kong-style schools should be built in the city to offer the Hong Kong curriculum and better cater to their needs. However, the proposals seem far from realistic because the Hong Kong education system can't be imported to the mainland exactly as it is, which would compromise the wishes of parents to choose it rather than schools across the border, according to Jeff Leung Pingkin, a spokesperson for the Concern Group on Policies for Cross-border Students, an NGO in Hong Kong which monitors cross-border education. In 2013, the Hong Kong government introduced a "zero delivery quota", to redress the balance after a 2001 ruling by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal granted permanent residence to all infants born in the city. More than 202,300 non-local children had been born in Hong Kong by the time the ban was imposed. The number of children crossing the border for schooling will peak in the 2018-19 school year, before gradually decreasing, according to the Hong Kong Education Bureau, inane-mailed reply to questions from China Daily.
The bureau said the government has no plans to build Hong Kong-style schools on the other side of the boundary, saying the surge in demand for cross-border school places is "transient". The bureau has encouraged Hong Kong-born children who live in Shenzhen to attend primary schools in the mainland city, as provided by the Classes for Hong Kong Students Program, which make provisions for children born in the city to be educated in Shenzhen. In 2013, the program was extended to children whose parents are not permanent residents of Hong Kong, and this academic year has seen 3,100 Hong Kong-born students in Shenzhen being taught in privately operated establishments known as "Minban" schools.
Although she agreed that more options in Shenzhen would help the children, Zou won't let her son attend a public school in the city. Leung said many parents made a conscious decision to give birth in Hong Kong because they want the next generation of their family to be educated in the city's more cosmopolitan, international environment.
Some of the parents regret having no option but to send their children to Hong Kong, according to Leung, who is assisting several cross-border students. The roundtrip takes more than four hours, but "it doesn't matter", according to Pi, who said the schools inHong Kong will give her granddaughter "a better education and, therefore, a better future". Speaking with a strong northeastern accent, Pi said she doesn't understand Cantonese, the dominant language in Hong Kong, but her granddaughter speaks it "very well".
Zhou Jianfeng, the founder of Siyuan, an educational NGO in Shenzhen that helps cross-border students, said quality of education, rather than cost, is the main reason parents' choose to send their children to Hong Kong schools. He said grade three, primary school students in Hong Kong have a vocabulary equal to that of students in Shenzhen's middle high schools.
Another factor is that children educated in Hong Kong have a far higher chance of being admitted to the city's universities than children at the same level who were educated on the mainland, he said. As long as these fundamental factors remain, parents will not change their preferences, Zhou said, adding that some parents are even willing to let their children attend schools near the Hong Kong airport, about 50 minutes from the border.
Echoing Zhou, Leung said the fact that Hong Kong's education system is recognized and respected overseas, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia, is one of the biggest incentives for the long years of commuting across the border. He said most cross-border students will eventually reside in Hong Kong, because they were born there. As the number of cross-border students is likely to stabilize in three years time, support for them will inevitably weaken as well, he said, noting that the problem will have to be resolved by the governments of both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
In just a few years, questions about the children's education will cease to be pertinent, but other problems will remain, such as whether there will be enough housing to accommodate them when they are ready to move to Hong Kong and if there are enough measures to keep them in the city and contribute as they are expected to.
Zhou, from Siyuan, believes that both the mainland and Hong Kong should pay more attention to the conditions in which the children live and are educated because they can play an important role in promoting integration.
Zou, whose son will start primary school in about 18 months, has already prepared for another battle ahead.
Children prepare to enter Hong Kong at Futian Port in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, on April 14.
Editor's Note: The government has taken measures to improve infrastructure in the countryside to boost economic growth and its agricultural policies have helped continuously increase crop yields.
The central government's decision to improve the transportation network in impoverished rural areas is expected to boost local economies and raise living standards by broadening sales channels for agricultural goods and creating job opportunities. The State Council, China's cabinet, is pooling investments nationwide to build 1 million km of highways in these areas and start 100 projects by 2020 to build and expand expressways, railways and airports to connect the far-flung regions, especially in ethnic and border areas, according to a statement from the cabinet's executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on April 20.
The statement said roads leading to villages will be rebuilt with concrete or asphalt in the next five years, and all villages will have access to regular buses so travel will be more convenient for tourists.
To achieve the goals, more favorable fiscal and taxation policies will be enacted by the central and local governments.
The meeting was convened to work out specific measures to realize targets Premier Li announced in his Government Work Report in March, which said investments will be made to build railways and highways in the central and western regions this year. Experts said rural areas will be the next target for the country's infrastructure investment, which is expected to expand the market for agricultural goods and tourism, boost domestic demand and create more jobs. Impoverished rural areas will definitely benefit from the plan, said Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Rural Development Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Across the country, many places still have the slogan "Build roads before making wealth" painted on walls, which indicates the importance of transportation networks in rural areas. According to Li Guoxiang's research, a large number of villages still rely on dirt roads to reach the outside world and have difficulties when rainy season landslides occur.
The weak transportation system has stunted the development of rural areas, said Dang Guoying, another researcher in rural development at the think tank. Upgraded highways will help farmers sell their produce and bridge the economic gap between cities and villages in the long run, Dang said. Amid reduced economic growth, the plan will boost domestic demand as more consumption is forecast for concrete, iron and steel, and other construction materials, Li Guoxiang said. China has forsaken massive stimulus and started focusing on targeted infrastructure investments.
The plan also matches the trend of the country's manufacturing sector, which is moving toward the less developed central and western parts of China.
Improved transportation in rural areas will play an essential role in the country's economic restructuring and balance among regions, Li Guoxiang said.
The old practice of funding local development with fiscal revenue from land auctions for housing projects, which people call "land-sale finance", still continues in many cities.
Nurturing new growth industries and building new growth drivers, what the central government has envisaged, is happening in only a few cities. Industry experts argue that much of their land-sale finance is unhealthy and unsustainable.
Gao Huiqing, an economist with the State Information Center, commenting on the ongoing economic slowdown, said it is difficult for local governments to generate higher income from land sales. An official from the Liaoning provincial development and reform commission said that for northeastern provinces, economic transition is by no means easy.
In contrast, cities such as Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, have less difficulty in earning sustainable tax revenue thanks to their larger diversity of industries and stronger innovative power.
Xu Shuang, CEO of Shenzhen-based Acumen Robot Intelligence, said the city has for many years provided financial support and a good environment for startups and not many cities in China can offer the same level of benefits to entrepreneurs.
The analysis was included in an annual report, the Green Book of Rural Areas 2016, which was issued recently by the Rural Development Institute at the China Academy of Social Sciences.
According to the report, which analyzes and forecasts China's rural economy, the country's overall crop output is estimated to be 630 million metric tons this year, and follows a historical high of 621.44 million tons last year. China plans to reduce corn planting on 10 million hectares through favorable policies in the sickle-shape major corn areas in the north, northeast, northwest and southwest. If crop yields are reduced in some areas by weather or other natural calamities, there should still be a 1.5 percent increase in the year's crop output, considering the stable national crop purchasing price, low-cost agricultural production and a survey of farmers' planting attitudes.
Despite the consecutive years of increasing domestic crop outputs, the trade deficit for China's agricultural products has continuously increased from 2006 to 2013, excepting the period of global financial crisis in 2009. In the past 10 years, the average annual import growth of China's agricultural products has been about 20 percent, and the average export growth of China's agricultural products has been about 12 percent, said Xu Hongyuan, deputy director of the Center for the Promotion of Agricultural Trade at the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the report, China's international agricultural trade volume actually increased last year, even though the overall value declined. Therefore, as long as the global and domestic agricultural product market remains basically stable, the trade deficit of China's agricultural products will continue. The major motivation for agricultural imports is the price gap between imported and domestic products. The gloomy global economy has led to price declines for foreign agricultural products, while the price of domestic agricultural products has continuously increased. As China's agricultural market becomes more and more open, the domestic agricultural industry will be more seriously affected and even challenged by the international agricultural market. Since their "engagement" with the erratic domestic stock market, Chinese women have become increasingly independent, resolute and less lonely, satirizes an article on the bwchinese website.
Since becoming stock investors, Chinese women are no longer so immersed in love and family affairs; instead, they have shown more interest in major State affairs and dress themselves up as economists. No longer are they addicted to going shopping since they have found that a bar of Dove chocolate costs more than two shares of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
The trials brought on by drastic fluctuations in share prices also have enabled them to more easily withstand the psychological trauma of such setbacks as breaking up with their boyfriends. For Chinese women who have increasingly become financially independent and self-reliant, earning a profit of a few thousand yuan from the stock market brings a sense of accomplishment and security, or at least a sense of entertainment.
The national environmental protection inspection team said on Tuesday that former top leaders in Hebei province, through a pattern of loose supervision, had neglected their duty to curb pollution. Efforts by the provincial government have a long way to go in meeting the expectations of the central government and the public, inspectors said in a report released on Tuesday. Among a series of problems exposed, the leaders failed to take environmental protection work seriously, despite requirements laid down by the central government from 2013 and reiterated many times over two years. Inspectors said they also found many illegal projects that had been approved, even though they violated national and provincial restrictions to cut emissions in some industries, such as iron and steel.
In the feedback to Hebei, the team spoke of problems that have drawn public attention beginning in 2013 and ending in July.
Hebei may not be not alone, as problems may exist in many provinces, so direct exposure serves as a warning from the central government, reminding other provinces to pay sufficient attention to curbing pollution, he said. The team spoke highly of the province's performance under new leadership headed by Party chief Zhao Kezhi, saying environmental quality has seen clear improvement and many policies to reduce pollution have now been put in place. Many projects were approved and launched despite laws and regulations that made them illegal.
Many initiatives aimed at reducing the number of iron - and steel-producing projects and cutting the use of low-grade coal were implemented more slowly than planned. Construction of the new system has been completed, according to an announcement on the first anniversary of the magnitude-7.8 Nepal earthquake that killed 8,699 people on April 25, 2015. The early-warning mechanism, which cost $3 million, covers one-third of the geographic territory of Nepal and half of its population, according to Wang Tun, founder of the Institute of Care-Life and the creator of the system. According to Suresh Kumar Dhungel, chief of the technology faculty at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, 39 sensors have been installed around Kathmandu and an earthquake early-warning center has been established in his academy. John Galetzka, a project manager with the University NAVSTAR Consortium in the United States, said: "According to our GPS station data, the Kathmandu valley moved south by about 2 meters during the Gorhka earthquake in 2015.
The epicenter of last year's earthquake was about 90 kilometers from Kathmandu, the country's capital. If an early-warning system had been in place, people in the capital would have known about the quake 18 seconds before it hit, and thousands of lives might have been saved, according to Jiba Raj Pokharel, an official at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. A real-time system that provides warnings seconds after an earthquake can save lives because the warnings are transmitted via radio waves, which travel faster than seismic waves through the ground.
A couple from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, have found a novel way to educate their son about the dangers of in-app payments.
Xiao Hao, 12, became obsessed with a mobile game in April and played it on his mother's mobile phone on an almost daily basis for several weeks.
His parents didn't pay much attention until one day his mother found unexplained charges on her credit card bill amounting to 9,000 yuan ($1,390). The money had been spent on virtual equipment for the mobile game through Alipay, a payment platform owned by Alibaba Group. Xiao's father, surnamed Yang, who declined to provide his full name, said he saw this as an opportunity to educate his son rather than punish him.
This arrangement sees Xiao pay back the debt by "earning" 10 yuan every time he washes the dishes, 20 yuan every time he cleans the floors and 100 yuan for getting a higher-than-95 score in a math test. Yang, who estimates it will take his son two years to pay back the 9,000 yuan, said it was too easy for children to get hold of phones and rack up huge debts on similar games. He said the authorities should enforce stricter requirements on game companies to improve the entire payment system.
Sun Kaite, a lawyer from Zhejiang Pinhe Law Firm, said minors should get consent from their guardians when they make purchases involving large amounts of money.
If the parents can provide evidence that the son made the payments without their knowledge, the company should return part of the money - but the parents are still partially responsible, Sun said. Her parents arena€™t musically inclined, so shea€™s not sure where her musicality comes from. One of the ways this manifested itself was that her voice teacher, in addition to instruction and exercises, spent hours a€?hanging outa€? and listening to music, exposing Rebecca to the singing styles of people like Bonnie Raitt and Leon Russell, analyzing not only featured players, but albums of supporting players. The overall spirit of Early Hours is decidedly far jazzier than anything else Ia€™ve heard from her. She released her second full-length album, Viewfinder, and made successful tours in the U.K. I’ve spoken with several companies over the past few months that either exclusively handle student properties or at least have several student properties in their portfolio. I have now ventured into student housing for the first time and we are coming upon our turn season.
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The poetry anthology resulted in stories about her in the local media, which in turn brought the young poet more fans.
Among the earliest literary works she read were Nicolai Ostrovsky's How the Steel Was Tempered and poems by some of the great Chinese poets. Then, in 2008, Wang's grandmother bought her a new computer, as she had completely lost the ability to control her hand.
She also enjoys talking to her friends and fans on QQ, a Chinese instant-messaging service.

The man, surnamed He, became drunk during dinner with his date, who then took him gambling.
The man told police that he felt tired and wanted to reinvigorate himself before continuing the drive. The 27-year-old, surnamed Wei, checked into the hotel on the night of April 23 after drinking with friends. They reported the incident to the receptionist and a check of the hotel surveillance video identified the man.
The driver said he got in the police car to park it better while the officer was dealing with an accident, then decided to drive away as a joke.
Li, 34, and his friends were accused of throwing more than 20 firecrackers at the house on two occasions in April.
The woman left the hospital on Saturday thinking she would catch her husband in an act of adultery, but she found him playing mahjong instead. In truth, he has nothing to do at work but sit and chat because since 2013, Shandong's largest steel producer has intermittently suspended production. If he had been born several years earlier, he could have taken a job in the steel mill once his mother or father retired, but the company decided to only employ college graduates, meaning there was no work for him. However, before he could start work, Jigang reversed its employment policy and began hiring non-graduates. According to Yin Weimin, the minister of human resources and social security, about 1.3 million coal workers and 500,000 steel workers will lose their jobs. It just expanded its production capacity as fast as possible, just as long as its products made money," Du Zufeng said.
The company, also known as Rigang and located in Shandong's Rizhao city, is much smaller than Jigang, but far more profitable.
By contrast, Jigang is 300 km from the nearest port and 90 percent of its iron ore is imported by ship.
Once they arrived in Jinan, they joined tens of thousands of workers from around the country, including a large group from the Anshan Steel Group in Liaoning province, founded in the 1920s by Japanese forces who occupied Northeast China at the end of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). Now, his daughter is a lawyer in Jigang's legal department and his son-in-law is employed by the company as a civil engineer. Despite that, the hospital's operating revenue rose to more than 200 million yuan last year from 80 million yuan in 2011. They include energy resources, natural resources, new materials, engineering technology, information technology, logistics, real estate, modern service sectors and agriculture. The main target of their sensitive noses are fruit, meat, dairy products and aquatics products hidden in luggage, Wang said. He said many carry on living at the training center after they retire but some get new homes and owners. The association, better known as Shan Ying She, or a group of mountain eagles in Chinese, will recruit an amateur team of students and experienced alumni to train rigorously over the next two years for the campaign to summit Qomolangma, known as Mount Everest in the West. The show - to be relaunched by Hunan Satellite TV, in Changsha - is similar to American Idol in the United States and among the earliest contests in China offering ordinary people a chance at stardom. An adult female macaque was found dead on March 20 in a mountainous area of Changhua county by a team of researchers conducting a survey on the protected species.
She hailed a Didi taxi from her home near the Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park to go back to school on Monday evening. Some drivers use one car to register with two different, even fictitious, license plate numbers, so that they can receive more orders. He added that these companies also need to make sure drivers use the registered car and license plate to take passengers.
As a female passenger, I normally don't take the front seat and would take notes of the car's plate and the driver's telephone number in case I have any complaints. Since the campaign began, the number of British students going to China annually has increased by more than 40 percent, reaching 7,900 last year. She had put sleeping pills and poisonous chemicals in the victim's soup and had injected the liquid into the victim's buttocks and belly. She was overwhelmed with guilt at not being there for her son and realized she had to make a choice between her work and family commitments. She took him to the park every day and spoke with him at length to improve his language skills, which were extremely poor, and far worse than those of children of the same age in Shenzhen and neighboring Hong Kong, where her son was born and her husband has permanent residence. Because Xuanxuan has permanent residency status in the city of his birth, he was eligible to be educated in Hong Kong, so Zou spent six months researching schools and preparing her son for school at a well-respected kindergarten. She and her husband had to line up all night just to get an application form for the Fung Kai Kindergarten, a top institution in Hong Kong's North District. Many arrived equipped with sleeping bags and other items to help them endure the long night, while Zou and her husband only brought one portable chair. Most of them have mainland parents, who have no right to reside in Hong Kong, but the others are the children of people from Hong Kong who live and work on the mainland. The ruling led to an influx of non-locals who wanted their children to be born in the city. They have permanent residence, but their parents, who are mostly from the mainland, don't, so the children live in Shenzhen and cross the border every day to go to school. It also cited regulatory and operational difficulties, and the financial implications for publicly funded schools outside Hong Kong.
The children are not allowed to study at public schools in Shenzhen, which have a limited number of places for children with hukou, or residency permits, so the only alternatives are private or international schools, which are far beyond the price range of most families. However, the process is problematic, with a long commute, eating on the move, less sleep and, for many children, no after school activities. The woman, who only gave her surname as Pi, said neither her daughter nor her son-in-law is a Hong Kong resident. Unlike many of her mainland peers, the 4-year-old attends several after school activities."So she can establish close relationships with local children," Pi said. However, without a sustainable system to support them and provide a proper education, they may not be suited to joining the labor force, which was the primary aim of the city government when it granted permanent residence to children born to non-residents, and could even put great strain on the social welfare safety net. When Xuanxuan started at kindergarten, she and her husband started their own jewelry company to ensure they will have more time to devote to him.
Additionally, all county seats will be connected with high-quality highways, and railway and expressway networks will incorporate all government seats of cities or prefectures across the country.
Both researchers said factories in the east saw a decline in the new migrant workers recruited from the central and western regions last year, the first time in the past 30 years. There hasn't been a meaningful replacement of the source of local revenue in many cities even though land-sale finance no longer generates as much funds in these times of economic slowdown.
Last year's data show some of the most financially powerful cities continue to rely on land-sale finance for more than half of their revenues, as they did in the years immediately following the 2008 global financial crisis when housing development was a speculative game and housing prices were rising rapidly.
The practice may cause more harm than good, according to Hu Zhigang, deputy head of China Real Estate Association.
In 2013, a sample survey by the National Audit Office showed it can cover only about 37 percent of the total debts incurred by the local governments. But governments of other cities should respond more actively to the central government's favorable policies by creating new growth industries.
If it is made into a law, it will allow local governments to have a recurrent source of revenue, instead of one-time income from land sales. The estimate is based on the current crop planting structure, the influence of agricultural policies and farmers' response to the market. Even if the regulatory policies work completely, it seems unlikely to change the overall pattern of China's crop output considering the 1.7 billion hectare crop planting area nationwide.
It was also noticeable that the volume of imported grain grew 67.6 percent year-on-year in 2015, despite the continuing growth in crop yields. This is mainly due to low levels of scale and increasing costs of labor and land as China urbanizes. Inspectors are to examine the environmental performance of officials nationwide over the next two years.
For example, the province's Development and Reform Commission and other related authorities did not strictly monitor oil production quality and did not reduce the number of outdated iron and steel projects. For example, 151 villas were built in protected zones after 2012 along the Hutuo River and the Gangnan Reservoir, major water sources for Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital.
For example, three iron and steel projects in Tangshan and Handan continued to produce, despite national guidelines calling for such outdated production to be halted.
For example, four rivers - including the Liaojiawa and Chahe rivers in Cangzhou - were found to be heavily polluted, with average concentrations of pollutants up 30 percent in 2015 in comparison to 2013. The city, known for its highly polluting industries, such as steel, is facing an industrial transformation.
It means the south part of Nepal has accumulated lots of energy underground and is potentially an area where there could be a big earthquake. People who live in nearby areas may be able to escape before the seismic waves arrive," said Chen Huizhong, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Geophysics under the China Earthquake Administration. However, the excessively easy payment procedure provided by the game company and payment provider are also responsible for what happened," Yang said.
Anna€™s in Brooklyn, was Montessori-like in allowing students to select and control their own curriculum. A key factor in her partnership with Rich is that he will follow her and work out on guitar (or piano) what will work with her composition. She played Celtic Connections, a winter music festival in Glasgow, Scotland, which features artists from around the globe alongside the best Scottish talent. He said he did not know a police car was behind him when he parked his car in Nanhong Street. Agricultural experts said the mushroom spores were likely blown into the buses and grew in the wet, warm conditions. He asked the receptionist for condoms because his girlfriend was coming to stay, but was told there was only one left. Doctors recommended that surgeons remove the extra digits before the boy reaches his first birthday. Police said the gang, which stayed in a luxury apartment, hired a 19-year-old woman to lure clients to the business.
When she fell sick on April 24, she couldn't reach her phone to call for help, so the dog pushed it to her. In 2005, Du Peng passed an entrance exam Jigang arranged for the children of its employees.
Instead, he was assigned to work as a doctor in Linyi county in Dezhou, Shandong, during the "educated youths" campaign of the 1970s, when students were sent to "learn from the peasants", as Mao Zedong put it.
Eighty of them are in service outside the capital, at ports throughout China, according to the bureau.
The inspection team should focus on facilities and promote water-saving irrigation technology, said Ji Bingxuan, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. More than 40 relics found at the No 17 cave in 1900 - books, manuscripts, silk paintings and embroideries - will go on display, said Wang Xudong, president of the academy. About 610,000 people have registered to enter the contest, according to a news conference held on Tuesday. High levels of pesticide residue were found in the animal's stomach, tests by Pingtung University of Science and Technology found. Such cities include Nanjing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Foshan, Haikou, Jinan, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changzhou and Shijiazhuang.
The provincial funds allocated for curbing air pollution accounted for only 15.5 percent of money provided by the central government from 2013 to 2015, the report said. In addition, Tangshan city approved and launched four projects that produced iron alloy, despite the province already having excess capacity. The province hit only 20 percent of its annual targets last year related to the use of high-grade coal. Also, among 632 mines with plans in place to improve their impact on the environment, only around 80 managed to successfully complete the work.
She said: a€?I try to write without anything in mind and then I see what comes out a€¦ songs are a bit like dreams. While the vocals are a bit more controlled and perhaps a little purer, it seems, to these ears, to lose nothing in terms of style, so this is apparently a jump further past her a€?post-collegea€? phase.
Ia€™ve listened to all of Viewfinder and find that its bigger sound and spaciousness with guitar reverb could have added to the tendency to erroneously lump her in the country mold. In the summer, she and Rich played in the Emerging Artists Showcase at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Therea€™s a cool video of her song a€?Better That Waya€? (see still above) and youa€™ll also be able to find out when and where shea€™ll be appearing next. If someone could come up with some program to help with this it would make life so much easier. The inspections will start this month in Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan provinces, and in the Guangxi Zhuang and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions. The Shenzhen incident, sad as it is, doesn't have to cancel all the convenience such an app-enabled service has brought. Bodega owners in her neighborhood of Park Slope called her a€?the whistling baby.a€? In school, she sang in choir.
She owned two books of Beatles sheet music for each of their compilation CDs (1962-1966, the Red Album and 1967-1970, the Blue Album) and put in many hours transforming the complex chord structures into simpler versions she could sing along with. She had done a lot of musical theater in high school, but found it mannered and boring by the time she moved on.
One critic said about Frisell, a€?there was this odd whiff of country music in his improvising. You make them and then you interpret them, but where they came from is a bit of a mystery and I wouldna€™t want it any other way. The lead track in particular, a€?Hard Times,a€? reminds me of Nancy Sinatraa€™s country hit a€?These Boots Are Made for Walkina€™.a€? However, there are other tracks which show a breadth of expression. Du Peng's 62-year-old mother spent her entire working life as a sales assistant in a shop owned by the steel mill.
So far, I haven't encountered any trouble taking these rides, but I believe the company should require all drivers offering such rides to install real-time surveillance cameras. A lot of folks embraced the musical style of Chris Isaak, who turned up the reverb and recycled the a€™50s sound in 1984.
Her music teacher told her parents (paraphrasing here), a€?This little girl has a big voice. She also found an online website that transcribed Jonia€™s songs, complete with the various tunings that Joni used. In her junior year, the elite members of the school choir, including Rebecca, traveled to Austria and Hungary to perform. She also played numerous shows at many other venues, some long-disappeared, like Bar B and Kavehaz. His most imitated stuff a€” the volume-pedaled notes swelling up from silence, his whammy-bar bent tones and his slow drowsy vibrato a€” conjured pedal steel guitar.a€? This explains why some people think Rebecca and Rich are heavily influenced by country music.
Ia€™m better off just seeing what comes out of my brain when I have an instrument nearby, just singing melodies and words and seeing what happens. It would not only save countless headaches for overworked student property staff, but potentially lower turnover by placing the right roommates together from day one. Over the span of eight years together, the couplea€™s sound has evolved into something similar, with the added kick of Rebeccaa€™s dreamy, enigmatic songwriting.
She should get training.a€? Thus began a nearly continuous stretch of vocal training that began when she was 8 years old and lasted through college and a bit beyond. For six years, from the end of high school through college, Rebecca swung back and forth changing her guitar from standard tuning for Beatles material to alternate tunings for Joni songs.
In fact, Rebecca, Brooklyn-raised, and Rich, from Staten Island, had never listened to country. An example of Richa€™s skill in accommodation occurred at the 2013 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference. She also attended The National Guitar Workshop (now defunct), a summer guitar camp in New Milford, Conn., for four years. It was only after people made comparisons that they did some investigating and found it appealing.
Considering portability, Rebecca brought her tenor guitar for its small size and Rich brought an acoustic guitar, leaving his electric at home.
Rebeccaa€™s cats-eye horn-rimmed glasses would look right at home in my high school yearbook and I fought off the temptation to scan and Photoshop it into existence. She was a student for the first two summers a€” two weeks each time a€” and an employee for the second two years, taking classes as well. In their late-night Acoustic Live guerrilla set, Rich fingerpicked melody patterns in harmony with the songs Rebecca sang. In 2008 and 2009 she and Rich solidified the band lineup and toured a€?a ton.a€? In 2010,they embarked upon their first United Kingdom and European tour. The lead track on Only Daughter, a€?Rise Up,a€? urges the listener to shake off the restrictions that hold them down: What was it you used to be living for? As they left the room after their set, I overheard WFUV DJ John Platt compliment Rich on his choice of accompaniment. The lead track on Only Daughter, a€?Rise Up,a€? urges the listener to shake off the restrictions that hold them down:A  What was it you used to be living for?
Sometimes an idea is really great but ita€™s just not linking up with anything else and I need to let go of trying to control that as soon as I can.

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